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{ His Runaway Mate }??

By; Holland Cisca




Hanley’s two weeks in BridgeGate was a peaceful one as the Queen Lady and her crews had nothing to do with her.

Even if they had wanted to get her all bruised up again, it was only their eyes that has the chance to.

Mr Anderson has been checking on her as he had promised Lunara. Sometimes he’d come to Hanley’s class to check if she was okay.

In a day, he’d do that for about three times or more. Maybe four.

At first, Hanley didn’t notice this but when it became almost like a habit to him, she suspected there was something behind those cross checks.

Not as if to say she suspected he was checking after her. Mr Anderson was a man with a low profile, no one knows much about him except his staffs.

Since he walked into the school two years ago, the students could hardly tell about him. All they do know is, Mr Anderson Mark was there school headmaster.

Hanley sat readily for her government class but the teacher wasn’t doing any justice to his period.

He was busy making silly jokes which weren’t funny at all. Some students would only laugh not to make him feel odd or embarrassed.

But honestly, all he was talking doesn’t make a damn sense. Even a year old kid can confirm that.

Hanley stared at the teacher awkwardly, beating the tip of her pen on her desk.

” What the fu*k is this man talking about? ” One of the unserious boys whispered, and the rest of his friends laughed loudly.

So with this, the teacher had thought the laughter was due to the jokes he made. Little did he know they were only laughing at his stupidity.

It was as if time understood, the bell suddenly rang. The students didn’t even wait for the government teacher to rest his case, they stood up, walking out of the class.

He had no choice but to keep quiet and leave just like everyone else did.

Hanley went to the library, it was always her usual place whenever she was on a free period.

But then, the free period was occupied by the new biology teacher Mr Anderson had employed.

He was going to take over the previous teacher who left for no-just-cause.

” My name is Jefferson, I will be your new biology teacher as from now. ” He introduced. “All I need from you guys is your full cooperation and I promise you all, you all are gonna love my class. ”

Jefferson was a man in his early thirties. He was as tall as Ace or maybe an inche shorter than he is.

He had a mark which travelled from his right upper eyebrow down to his lower eyelashes. And a crystal blue eyes which made him look more handsome and sexy.

Hanley had taken her time to scan and examine his facial appearance. But then she found out that she wasn’t the only one doing the scanning, the other girls were.

But in the part of drooling over his unspeakable beauty, Hanley likewise found out that she was the only girl not actually… Drooling after him.

She moved her gaze around the class, except from the boys, she could see how reddened the other girl’s cheeks were.

She wondered what was going on, so did the boys. They were staring at each other.

And if thoughts could be read, they were all thinking the same thing. Was he some kinda god or what? Or was he one of those devil’s who escaped hell?

The boys were so surprised to see that Hanley was the only one who wasn’t affected by Jefferson’s beauty. She looks surprised as they were.

Hanley rested her head on her hand, listening to Jefferson as he went on with the class.

” So, is there any question?” He asked and every hands, excluding Hanley and the boys were up.

Jefferson pointed at one of the girls and she asked him a question which he politely answered her.

” Any other question?” More questions were thrown to him and he made sure he answered every questions.

” Well, let’s call it a day then.” He asked, exiting the class.

Hanley didn’t hesitate to explain every happening in details for Harmonie. Harmonie was busy laughing out her lungs.

It’s quite alright that Mr Jefferson was indeed the most handsome male in the college and it’s no student fault either for feeling this way towards him.

Some girls had gone after him to have a word or two with him. Oh geez.

When it was time for recreation to be over, Harmonie went to the art class while Hanley left to the statistics class.

As she was going, Mr Jefferson appeared from the opposite direction. He was busy with his cell phone, typing on who-knows-what.

Clearly obvious that he didn’t notice someone was walking from his other direction.

As soon as they cross paths, he stopped but Hanley kept walking, making the left turn and she was out of sight.

The sudden pause. Does he seem to know Hanley from somewhere or what? Have they met before?

He felt the aura of her scent as if he has perceived such an aura before.

She got home, still won’t stop from laughing. Edward who had caught her several times smiling, he decided to ask.

” What’s making you smile?”

” Oh, you won’t believe me if I have to tell you.” She said.

” Try me.” He insisted.

” There’s this new teacher who walked into our school today. ” She started.

” So, what’s he like?” He asked. ” Is he as handsome than I am?” He said proudly.

” Of course, he is.” She mocked and the smile on his face disappeared. ” Come on, Ed, I was just joking. Besides, who doesn’t know how handsome you are?”

He blushed.

” So, when I tell you almost every girl in BridgeGate are after him, you will not believe. ”

” After him?” He asked surprised. ” So soon? Hmm, guess he is more handsome than I thought.”

” Honestly, I do not trust this Mr Jefferson of a guy. Though he has a good teaching skills but, he’s really complicated on the other hand.”

” You didn’t drool after him?” He teased.

” Why would I ever think of doing that? At least I’m not crazy like those girls.” She scoffed.

” Don’t you think that those girls didn’t just want to drool after him?” He asked.

” How am I supposed to know?” He shrugs. ” What do you wanna hear?”

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