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{ His Runaway Mate }??

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 38&39: MR JEFFERSON.


After Donald had gone to drop Hanley to school, Ace was so worried that he wasn’t concentrating on the royal reports placed on his desk.

Lunara on the other hand was just returning from a friend’s house, when she asked for Ace when she didn’t see him.

” He is in his study room.” Replied the maid she had asked.

Lunara left to his study room. She knocked on his door, ” Ace, it’s me.”

He hesitated to let her in. ” Ace?” She called from the outside. ” Are you in there?”

” Come in.” He said from the inside.

Lunara noticed the sadness in his voice. Shutting the door after her, she asked. ” Are you alright?”

He stands up from his seat. ” I need you and Edward in my room.” He picks his phone from his pocket, dialing Edward’s number.

” Yes.” He answered.

” Come over to my room. It’s urgent.” He said, cutting the call.

” Ace, what’s wrong?” Lunara asked, from behind.

” Someone is tampering with my mark.” He angrily said, still walking ahead.

Lunara reasoned with what he had just said as she made her way behind him.

” But how is that possible?” She asked, shutting the door after him. ” You own the mark, how is it that someone would tamper with it.”

” That’s why I need you help and… ” The door opened, Edward walked in. ” his. ” He completed.

” Did some thing bad happen?” Edward asked.

” He thinks someone is tampering with his mark. Hanley must have felt the pains yesterday. ”

Edward gave him a questioning look. ” Is that true? ” He asked.

” She thinks it was I who was doing it. I haven’t tampered with it since the day I found her. How possible will she have felt the pains without my consent? ” He wondered.

” Did you ask her when she felt the pain? Who she was with and how it started? ” Asked Edward.

” No. Is that necessary?” He asked back.

” You have to.” He said.

” Do you know anything about this? ” Lunara faced Edward.

” I don’t. But there’s only one answer to that, there’s a werewolf in the school. Not just a werewolf, but an alpha wolf.”

” How certain are you? ” She asked.

” Because it is only an alpha who can trigger the effect of a mark. ” He said certainly.

” But not the mark of a different alpha. ” She defended.

” You just don’t know how much I know about wolves. The moment Ace marked her, they both automatically share the same scent. Definitely, it’s enough for another wolf to detect her.

So, if what I say is right, then it’s possible that this wolf is up to some thing in that school. But the question is, what? ”

Lunara moved her gaze to Ace who has been silent. He looked down and helpless.

” Ace, you have to do some thing fast about this or some one else takes her in your place especially now you haven’t claimed her yet. ” She told him.

” She’s just a kid, mother, and naive to the wolf life. I don’t wanna push things too further, she needs time to learn. And besides, not every councils accept for the early claiming. ”

” So what are we going to do? ” She asked, staring at the two male.

” First, we enquire who she was with when the pains started. It might be from a student or possibly one of the lecturers, no one can tell. ” Edward suggested.

” That’s a good idea. ” Lunara confirmed. ” Don’t worry Ace, we’ll get to the root of this. ”

” If someone else is able to trigger my mark, then it means whoever it is isn’t just an alpha wolf like I am. There’s more to this creature than we all know. ”


He leaned on the door, his hands crossed against his chest.” You look like you’re here to strangle me to death. Did something happen?” She asked, noticing his countenance.

” Is it about the mark? Don’t worry, I’m fine now.” She gave him an assuring smile.

” Did you felt it today?” He asked.

” Yeah, just for a short while though. ” She answered.

” Hanley, I have to tell you something, we think there’s someone more than I am in your school. I know this is gonna sound crazy but, I think it’s the only way to help. When you felt the pains yesterday, were you with anyone? ” He asked.

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