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Recognizing the voice, she said. ” Edward?” He left go off her and she turns to look at him. ” What the fu*k are you doing here? How did you get in here?” She asked. ” Hold on, don’t tell me you’re the new teacher.”

” Guess that’s me. ”

” Oh, now I see why every one were so desperate to see you.” She scoffed.

” What happened to me?” He asked, curiously.

” Nothing.” She didn’t want to tell him how handsome he looked at the moment, so she waved it off. ” Why are you here?”

” Ace sent me. He wants me to work as a staff to keep an eye on… ”

” Me? ” She points at herself, not waiting to hear his last word. ” He thinks I’d cheat on him? ”

” No, it’s not about keeping a close watch on you or either thinking you’d cheat in him.” He explained.

” Then why did he send you?”

” I’m here for the biology teacher. ” He completed.

” Oh. Is it because of what happened concerning the mark? ”

” Yes. ” He shifted the curtains, peeking out of the window. ” Where’s his office, I need to know what he looks like.”

” He’s at the library, he always stays there by this time of the day. But, you aren’t just gonna walk in to the library… now. ”

” Why not? ”

” It’s kinda suspicious when a new teacher walks around the school. They are all gonna think you’re up to something… Evil. ”

” After this time of the day, where else could he be? ” He asked again.

” He’s got lectures after this period. Possibly you too, right? ”

He checked on his wrist watch, ” Yes. ”

” What subject are you teaching by the way? ”

” Geography. ”

” Poor thing I don’t study geography. ” He looks out of the window again.” We have to leave this place. ”

” Yeah. See you at home. ”

” What? Aren’t you gonna drive me home? ”

” No. No one is to know we’re familiar with each other. ” She nodded. ” See you around. ” He left first, seconds later Hanley followed and they both went in different direction.


Edward tried to keep a low profile and he’d act like he doesn’t know who Hanley was whenever they met.

Though Edward’s entry into BridgeGate wasn’t so popular compared to that of Jefferson, yet he was already loved by all.

His explanation in the geography terms were so fantastic unlike the other teacher.

Because of this, the previous teacher was demoted to the jenior grade while Edward taught the senior grades.

When finally Hanley was walking along the hallway filled with few students, and Mr Jefferson had followed a different direction, his eyes focused on his book.

Fortunately, at the other direction was Edward coming. Hanley gave him a steady gaze until they were now few steps close to each other.

She followed his lane, intentionally bumping into him, letting her notes fall to the ground.

” Oh, I’m so sorry, sir. That’s my bad.” She bent to pick it up.

Edward bent to help her pick up her notes. ” Do you see the man with the notes in his hands? He’s coming towards our direction. ” Hanley whispered.

” Yes, I see him. ”

” That’s the Jefferson. ” She told him.

” Rodger that. ” She stood up, faking an appreciative smile at him, ” Thank you.” she walked away.

Edward gave him a long glare but Mr Jefferson was too busy with his notes to notice that.

But do you think he did??

The both walked passed each other, without turning back. Edward captured his scent. Indeed, he was definitely right about this.

There is a werewolf in BridgeGate…


” I told you guys, there’s a werewolf in that school. And it’s definitely Jefferson.” Edward announced.

Ace smiled in victory. ” With this, we can get to know purpose in BridgeGate.” Lunara said excitedly.

” This is just the beginning. ” Ace concluded. ” We should get some rest, tomorrow is another day.”

He went to Hanley’s room. She say in her bed, reading one of the literature novels.

She could feel her eyes heavy, but she did her best to hold herself from dozing off.

It was too much for her so she thought of washing the sleep off with a little water.

On returning to her room, she flinched frightfully as soon as she saw Ace on the single couch with the novel in his hands.

” How the fu*k did you get in here?!” She yanked.

” You left the door open.” He rose his gaze at her.

” And you forgot to knock.” She folded her arms around her chest.

” I love this book, it’s really… interesting.” He said, ignoring her words.

” Are you gonna ignore your mistake?”

He smirked. ” Aren’t you tired of hiding it?”

” Hiding what?” She asked back.

” The fact that you wanna sleep.”

” Like you just said, the book is interesting. I need to get this done with before morning.”

He drops the book on the couch, standing to his feet. ” Keeping late nights isn’t good for your health.”

” Come on, don’t lecture me.”

He walks up to her, her eyes staring as he walks close to her. ” Get some rest, tommorow is another day.” He convinced her.

” I wish you never came here.” He smiled.

She laid on her bed, covering herself with the duvet. ” Ace,” she called. ” what happens when you’re remarked by another alpha wolf?”

He sighed, sitting on the bed. ” It’s either you’re taking by the wolf or, you’re mated to two wolves.” He replied. ” Most times, when things like this happens, it means fate has changed.”

” I don’t wanna be mated to two, I’m okay having you with me.” He turns to look at her. For seconds he was staring and not ready to look away.

” Don’t let him bite me. Don’t let him take me away. Please.”

” I promise.” He bends, dropping a kiss on her forehead. ” Good night, Han.”

” Good night.”


To Be Continued…

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