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{ His Runaway Mate }??

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 43&44: TRIGGERED.


If anyone is to tell her that hell is real, she will never doubt that.

There in school, for no reason the mark began to burn. It was burning like they had just placed a hot iron on her ribs.

While the lecture was going on, she almost screamed but held herself not to.

She glued her teeth, gnashing them painfully. Harmonie noticed it, she asked. ” Hey, are you alright?” She whispered.

Hanley looked at her but didn’t say a word. She doesn’t have the mouth to as she held it firmly from yelling.

Harmonie was a bit frightened at how she was staring at her with her eyes wide open.

” Stop giving me those look, it’s scaring me. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Hanley nodded, taking her gaze off her. She sighed heavily, ” I am fine.”

As soon as the class was over, she ran into the toilet, shutting the door close not minding if someone else was gonna make use of it.

She pulled her shirt up, staring at the already red scar on her waist. ” Fu*k!” She cursed.

She just discovered that the mark wasn’t the same any more. It has already increase in size.

” No. No.. no.. no… Noo!” She cried, touching the mark at the same time hissing at the pains.

” What’s going on, what’s happening to me?” She asked herself.

” Hanley, are you alright? ” Harmonie knocked on the door, as she asked concerned. ” Open the door, Han.”

” Get out!” She yelled. ” Just leave me alone!! ”

” Hanley, what has gone over you? Please open the door and let’s talk about this, okay? ”

” I’m. Not. In. The damn. Mood. ” She grunted.

” I know. We’re friends, and friends don’t have to keep things away from each other. It’s just me alone here, please open the door. ” She pleaded

” No. ” She swallowed hard. ” You have to go. You have to get out of here because… Arrggh!!” She screamed. ” Arrggh!!”

” Hanley, are you alright?! You’ve hot to open the door please. Open it! ”

Hanley started gasping heavily. ” No. ”

” No what? Talk to me, some thing is really not good. Let me in, I’ll listen to whatever nonsense it is, okay? Just open the door, I wanna know what it is that troubles you. ” She begged.

” I do wan… want to tell you b… but I… I can’t. It’s too… dangerous. You’ll only get yourself into trouble and… ” She wept.

” I don’t want you to. You don’t have to know about this, no one has to know about this. I’m so sorry, Harmonie, I’m doing it for your own good. Aaarrrrggghhh!!! ”

” Hanley!! ” Harmonie shouted from the outside. ” No, Harmonie don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to yourself. Please let me help you. ”

” It hurts! It hurts!! ” She glared at herself at the mirror, slowly her hair was turning white and longer than her normal hair length.

” Oh, no!”

” What happened? What is it, Han? ” She asked curiously.

” No! AAARRRRGGGHHH!! ” Cracked lines appeared on the mirrors but they didn’t break.

Her echo sounded all over the school, getting everyone’s attention.

She gasped for the last time, falling to the ground – she fainted.



Every single person in the school was alerted by Hanley’s heavy scream.

Edward had already recognized the voice, he knew Mr Jefferson must have done something to her.

Quickly, he dashed out of his office, heading to the direction of the sound made.

He got there even before any other staff could. The students were restricted from leaving their classes so it was impossible for them to witness what just happened.

Edward held the door knob, and in a way no one knows, he swung the door open.

Harmonie didn’t bother getting surprised at how easy it was for him to open it, she ran towards Hanley’s body.

” Hanley!” She cried bitterly, shaking her body for any response.

” What happened?” He asked.

” I don’t know. She didn’t wanna open the door for me.” She said in a shaky voice.

Edward knew there was something behind this. Some thing that has caused her hair to turn white for the second time.

He took Hanley’s body into his arms, heading to the door when the rest of the staffs showed up.

” What happened?” One of them asked.

” Oh my goodness, what happened to her hair?” Another gasped.

” You have to take her to the school clinic.” Suggested another.

Edward indirectly searched for Jefferson among the teachers but didn’t find him.

He sternly believed that indeed, he has a hand in this. He must have gone too far to tamper with the mark, causing her hair to change its original colour.



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