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The King’s Property?
His Slave?

Chapter 12

By; Chinaza Godwin


“Who is responsible for it?” He asked. She looked at him and wonder why he is asking her such question.

“When I get back, you will tell me who is responsible for the pregnancy” He said, coldly and left. Amelia broke down in tears, she wasn’t expecting such news. She thought it was safe having séx unprotected séx with the king. She cried to her bedroom,she sat down on the bed. Maya walked in and saw her crying. She moved closer to her to know what happened.

“What’s the matter? Did saanvi hit?” She asked. But she didn’t respond to her, she was crying seriously. Maya became afraid and touched her arm as the tears didn’t stop dropping on her arm. She wiped her tears.

“Maya! I’m pregnant” She broke the news to her.

“What?” She yelled, she wasn’t expecting this news.

“You mean you are carrying a child. You’ve a soul inside” She questioned, pointing at her belly.

“Wait when you said that I was trying to touch what isn’t mine. Is that what you mean. Like were you pregnant then” Maya muttered, battling with her eyelashes.

“No. You were trying to touch my private parts. Because you wanted to know where i was feeling the pain” She said.

“Mayan i swear i didn’t slept with another man. He is the first. He took my virginity” She said, crying.

“Who are you talking about? Who did it?” Maya asking looking at her, she still surprised about this news.

“The king” Amelia replied, sobbing.

“The king?” She questioned. Amelia nods her head.

“Wait! You mean all those nights you spent out there and you come back smelling like him, was with the king. You opened for him” She said, staring at her. Amelia cried the more she knows that she has failed.

“I’m sorry Maya. I know that you are disappointed in me. I’ve no other choice. I tried talking to him he wasn’t ready to listen to me. Please forgive me” She pleaded with both hands together and crying.

“Your Highness. Am not mad at you. I totally understand you, am just surprised about this whole thing” She said with a little smile.

“What did you say when asked you who’s responsible for the pregnant?” Maya asked.

“I couldn’t tell him anything. I was shocked when he broke the news and asking me who’s responsible for it” Amelia said.

“I swear i didn’t have séx outside. I’m not allowed to leave this palace. Maya you’re my witness” She added.

“Your Highness, please stop crying. I bet your baby won’t be happy seeing you this way. And the king i think he is just pulling out your legs” Maya said with a smile.

“You think so?” Amelia questioned.

“He was so serious when he was saying it. You weren’t there with me you would’ve seen how serious he was” She added.

“Chill. He can’t leave his blood out there. He just joking” Maya said and consoled her, until she stopped crying.

The king rushed to the hotel, didn’t go with the bodyguards. Omega was waiting for him out side.

“You called. you said it’s urgent” Henderson said.

Yes please come this way” Omega said. They entered the elevator, they arrived at the room. His eyes fed up the room, he saw a woman sitting on the couch, he greeted her, she responded and sat down.

“What’s all this about?” Henderson asked.

“It’s about the past Your Majesty. I told you that the princess isn’t Grayson’s child” Omega said.

“Get straight to the point” He said, calmly.

“Ms Miriam here told me everything that happened in the palace. She it’s cleared that she isn’t his daughter” Omega said.

“What evidence did you have” He asked.

“Your Majesty there are many people out there, who knows the truth. Who knows that she isn’t his daughter. But they afraid to speak up” Omega said.

“There’s a tape” Omega said.

“Play the tape”Henderson said. Omega walked to his laptop and press the button, it began to play. He watched everything that Ms Miriam said from the beginning to the end. Miriam was surprised because she didn’t know that he fixed cameras around her house. He was moved. He almost broke down in tears, he quickly excused him to the washroom. He cried and lay his anger on the wall. He pouched the wall serverally. He didn’t only turn her to his slave. He slept beyond her wish. He took her virginity. He washed his face wiped the water with the handkerchief. He returned to the room.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you earlier. I hurt her severally. I don’t think she will forgive me after all the pain I’ve caused her” He said.

“Your majesty i know the princess right from her childhood. She not that kind of person. She is soft hearted. She will forgive you” She said. He nods his head.

“Thank God i didn’t hurt the little boy. He would have come back to me for revenge. I’ve stained my hands all because of revenge” He thought.

“Thank you Ms Miriam please tell me how i will repay you” Henderson said.

“Your servant will always be happy if you do the right thing. That’s all i want” She said and bow her head.

Hours passed, Henderson called one of his driver to come take her home. After the whole thing, he rented an apartment for her, while she was still in the hotel. He left the hotel with Omega, who was happy that he has succeed in making everything right.

“What would you want to give you?” Henderson asked, Omega.

“Nothing my lord” He replied with a smile, Henderson sighed softly and continued staring at the buildings. They arrived at the palace, the king headed to his room. He removed his clothes and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, the cold water touched his skin. He closed his eyes and cried. The image of those nights with her, kept coming to his head. Her scream. Her moanings. He couldn’t get over it. He couldn’t get it off his mind and head.

He took twenty minutes before he came out of the bathroom. He grabbed his night robe and stepped out of his room. He went to his special spot. The garden.

“Mom, Dad. I’ve sinned against God and man. If it were to be an ordinary person i would have sentenced him to death. I thought she was his daughter, but today i have find out the truth. Please forgive me” He said and drank from the bottle of whiskey. He was drinking the whiskey when Omega walked to him. He collected the bottle from him.

“Please don’t get yourself drunk. It won’t solve it” Omega said.

“I’m not drunk…please take me to her room” Henderson said.

“In this condition?” He questioned.

“Yes! I want to talk to her. I’m not drunk” Henderson muttered. He obeyed him and took him to her door. He bow his head and left. Henderson didn’t bother to knock on the door, he opened the door, widely. He walked in, he wasn’t drunk. Amelia opened her eyes and saw him walking close to her. She got up from the bed and greeted him. He was lost staring at her. She became uncomfortable. She looked at herself to know if there’s something wrong with her dressing, though her belly could be seen. He blinks his eyes and sat down on her bed. “Please sit” He muttered tapping the bed. She sat down.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, looking at her.

“I’m good…” She mumbled, playing with her fingers.

“About what I asked you…..My Lord i swear with my life, i didn’t sleep with any other. You’re the only one who has right on me” She said with tears. He moved to her face and use his thumb finger to wipe the tears, that didn’t stop flowing.

“I know! I was just pulling out your legs. I know that you will never do such” He said, rubbing her soft cheek.

“I’m responsible. This baby is my blood. My first i can’t leave you to go through this tough time alone” He said and smiled. He touched her belly which was visible, she placed her hand on his. They lay on the bed, he kissed her neck and rubbed her belly softly. She felt his hot breath.

“Did you take liquor?” She asked, she can pensive the smell of alcohol.

“Yes!” He muttered.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because I have just realized myself and my mistakes” He muttered.

“It’s okay. Everything will be fine” She said.

“Why is she not angry with me? I’m sorry Amelia” He said in his mind.

“I believe so” He replied. She placed her head on his chest and slept off, she didn’t know that there was a little smile left on her face. He also slept off in her bedroom.

The Next Morning, he woke up and stared at her face, as she sleeps peacefully, he doesn’t want to wake her up. He kissed her lips slightly and slowly left her room. He walked to his bedroom and quickly showered. He wore his clothes and sat down looking at his laptop, he sipped from the coffee, suddenly he was lost in thoughts.

“How will i tell her that i just found out the truth”

“Will she forgive me like Miriam said” He thought. Omega walked in with the files, which he asked for. He kept it on the table, that was what distracted him.

“You came so early?” Henderson said.

“It was the king’s orders” He replied with a smile. He has forgotten that he asked him to bring the files, early. He began to go through the files.

“Did you get to talk to her?”

“Not yet, She is pregnant” He muttered.

“Wow! It’s a good news” He said, smiling.

“We’ve to celebrate this” Omega added with a smile.

“Ethan! We can only celebrate this, if she forgives me. I will be the happiest man on earth” Henderson said.

“She will. She is not hard like you” Omega said, laughing. Henderson joined him and sipped from the coffee.


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