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The King’s Property?
His Slave?

Chapter 15

By; Chinaza Godwin


“Sorry!” Amelia muttered and was about to leave, when Saanvi held her hand, Amelia looked at her and smiled at her silly behavior.

“Listen Saanvi I’m not here for your stupid conversation” Amelia muttered. But Saanvi didn’t leave or let her go, she struggled to remove her hand from her grips.

“What did you say? Stupid conversation. Huh!” Saanvi muttered. Amelia didn’t respond to her.

“Now listen to me you slave. It might be stupid like you say. But it won’t be stupid when the actions comes up. You will regret ever stepping your feet. And sleeping with my man” She said.

Amelia chuckled on the lasts words. “Did you just say your man? Saanvi or whatever you call yourself I’ve advised you. Go and look for someone else. Henderson doesn’t love you. Stop forcing yourself”

“You’re just fooling yourself. Henderson doesn’t love you” Amelia said and free herself from her grips. She managed to push her, luckily her back hit the wall. Saanvi walked away. She stood there looking at her as she leaves. She walked to her room. She lay on the bed and wipe the tears that threatened to fall. “Why’s shs threatening me? Why does she hate this much? Maybe I should just stay away from him” She thought.

“Or is there something that i don’t want? Are they lovers?” She thought.

“But Henderson hasn’t said anything like that” She said to herself. Shw picked up her phone. Henderson got her a new phone, he doesn’t want her to be phone less. Not now that he loves her.

In the court room

“Your majesty! We have waited a lot. You have to get married. We need a queen. You can’t rule the kingdom. You need a heir too. Your majesty” One of his cabinet said and bow his head. Henderson sighed softly, though he had promised his cabinets and his people that he will get married.

“I totally understand what you are saying. I ask for time to get things in order” Henderson muttered. They began whispering among themselves.

“Your Highness. You’ve been saying this is for a long time. We have waited for so long. At least you show us who she is” He said again.

“You will get your queen, when am done. Please this will be the last time. I promise you will get her” Henderson said.

“Alright. Your majesty. We have heard you and we are waiting patiently for our queen to arrive” He said.

“Thank you” Henderson muttered.

“My lady!” Maya called. Amelia sit up and smiled, seeing her. “Maya how are you doing?” Amelia said.

“I’m fine as long as you are fine” Maya said. Amelia gave her a fake smile, Maya looked at her face.

“But you don’t look happy” Maya added. “Am fine Maya. Just tired” Amelia said and sighed.

“That’s because you have been stressing yourself” Maya muttered and sat close to her, she took her hand and rub it softly.

“Maya! I think am in love” Amelia said and smiled.

“In love with the king” Maya said.

“Yes. He is not that bad as i thought” Amelia said.

“But Saanvi is telling me to stay away from him. Her man precisely” She said and sighed.

“I know that’s a reason why you are like this. What did she say? Did she touch you?”

No she didn’t touch me. She only threatened me. I guess she’s just jealous” She said.

“Threatened you? Have you told the king?” She questioned.

“No.she just angry with me” She said gave a little smile.

“Angry? Thank goodness she is not a princess or queen. Her people will suffer. She is bad and characterless”

“Maya you shouldn’t talk about a woman like that” Amelia muttered. Maya looked at her and sighed. “Then she shouldn’t talk to you like that. You’re a princess. I hate her. She always proud of herself” Maya said.

“She is not that beautiful” Maya said. Amelia hit her arm playfully, she looked at her and whispered “am sorry” holding her ears.

“You shouldn’t say that. She is beautiful. You and I knows that. And i understand her feelings, but I can’t let her take what’s mine” Amelia said.

“Let’s forget about that. How is your baby?” Maya said with a wink. Amelia looked at her, she didn’t understand what she talking about. “Baby?” She questioned, she quickly remembered that she is carrying a child.

“Oh. Baby. Baby is fine. Some times I forget that am pregnant” She said, sadly.

“Keep forgetting. Am here, i will keep remembering you” Maya said with a smile and winked at her. Amelia smiled.

“Maya!” She called, in a low tone.

“Yes” She responded.

“I wanna go outside. I want to see the city. It’s been a while” Amelia said, maya looked at her. “Why are you staring at me that way?” Amelia asked.

“Like seriously. Tell me you didn’t hear yourself”

“Wanna go outside?” She questioned, staring at her with her eyes wide opened.

“Bring your voice down. You are my best friend. Please go out. Just this time” Amelia plead with a smile and hit her arm playfully, she raised her eyebrows and tickles her.

“What if the king finds out?” Maya asked.

“He won’t find out” Amelia said.

“How sure are you?” She asked.

“Fine if he finds out, i will explain it to him. He will definitely understand” Amelia said.

“Are you sure? Maya asked.

“What if he gives you punishment?” She asked. Amelia chuckled softly.

“No one gives their lover punishment. Let’s go” Amelia said with a smile. They walked out of the room. A maid went to Saanvi’s room and informed her that princess wants to leave the palace with her maid.

“Are you sure about this information?” Saanvi asked.

“Yes my lady” She replied. “Alright thank you for this information” Saanvi said and handed her some amount of money. She thanked her and left.

Saanvi smiled wíckedly “Princess leaving the palace without telling anyone. Oh poor thing. How about getting you punished by the king” she said and laughed.

“I’m your worst nightmare. I will make your life miserable. Watch how i will turn this game” She said, laughing wíckedly. “Oh gosh what a wonderful day” She muttered and sipped from the cup.

They stared at the gate there was just one guard, she needed to distract him before they can leave the palace.

“Will have to do something” Amelia said.

“What if there’s someone at the corner?” Maya asked.

“Let’s do this. Here is a stone i got from the field. I will throw the stone then the guards will rush over that spot to see what’s happening” Amelia said.

“Nice plan” Maya muttered. Amelia throw the stone, instead of landing on the floor, it hit the window. Which is made of glass. Amelia gasped.

“I hit the glass” Amelia muttered and folded her lips, she let them out and bite it. “Am finished”

“What do we do now. The guards running to that direction” Maya said.

“Let’s run. We will talk about on our way” Amelia said, they made their way out of the palace, laughing loudly.

“Oh my goodness. This is amazing” Amelia said, laughing loudly. Maya joined her, Amelia stopped laughing.

“The window?” She questioned.

“What will we do about it? What will you tell the king, he will be so upset with us”

“Okay. If he gets upset. I will calm him down” She said with a wink. They got a particular spot.

“Oh goodness. It’s so nice out here. This is the best city I’ve seen” Amelia said as they were scrolling down the street, then a little girl waved at her. She waved at her too, she walked to her and greeted her, the little boy gave her a flower, she gladly collected the flower and thanked him. He kissed her cheek. She smiled and kissed his cheek. She waved at him and walked to Maya, she didn’t follow her to meet the little boy.

“He is so handsome” Maya said with a smile.

“Yes he is……” Amelia said. Amelia stopped walking.

“Kids these days are super amazing and talented” Amelia said.

“Yes of course” Maya said.

“What do you think?” Amelia asked, staring at her.

“I think your baby will be a boy” Maya said with a smile. “I can’t to be an aunt” she added.

“A boy? I want a boy too. What if the king doesn’t want a male child” Amelia said and sighed softly, they continued walking.

“Every king wants a male child. You don’t know what’s on his mind” Maya muttered, she shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. They continued walking and talking, when they heard a voice.

“Your highness” The voice called. Amelia and Maya exchange looks. “We are in trouble” Maya said.


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