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The King’s Property?
His Slave?

chapter 17

By; Chinaza Godwin


She only had her panties on. She ran her hands on his back, she brought them to his chest. Her boobs were pressing on his back. He turned to his right, she smiled and place her jaw on his right shoulder. She planted a kiss on his earlobe. Neck and cheek. She stopped and focused on his face. He was also staring at her. But her eyes were on his eyes and lips. She went for his lips, he opened up for her. She broke the kiss and smiled at him.

“You didn’t tell me about the tattoo. Anyways i love it” She said, smiling. He smiled and looked away. ” Do you want it?” She whispered softly to his ears. He gave her a sharp look, she was still smiling.

“Come. Come sit here” He muttered, touching his thighs. She came out of the bed and sat on his thighs. She was facing him. She used her natural fingers to brush his wet hair. He place his hands on her waist, he pressed them softly, she gave a sigh of relief as he pressed them.

“What do you want your highness?” She asked, her eyes were on him. She kissed his lips slightly. He sighed softly.

“I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to rest”

“Is that all you want” She muttered. He stared at her eyes and sighed again. He wants her but he want her to rest. He has stressed her enough. He quickly remembered what she did. He carried her and lay her down on his king size bed. She kept smiling at him. If only she knows what’s on his mind. He lay close to her.

“Where did you go?” He asked.

“Uhm! I went down street with Maya” She replied.

“Why didn’t you go with the guards” He asked.

“Maya was with me” She replied

“Alright. why didn’t you tell me before leaving? You sneak out of the palace, leaving my window broken” He said. Amelia quickly apologized immediately.

“Am sorry your highness. I didn’t want to bother you. We were busy with your cabinets and about the guards i don’t want to go out with them…it’s just a walk nothing else” She said, she was telling the truth.

“That’s why you didn’t go out with your phone. I kept calling you. I was very worried about you and angry with the guards too. Not knowing that you left your phone I’m your room” He said.

“I’m sorry…..i forgot to carry my phone along. I promise it won’t happen again, i will always go with my phone.” She said and kiss his cheek. He smiled. “That’s the reason why you’re trying to seduce me” He said, staring at her. She smiled. “Not really” She replied.

“Tell me why you did it” He said. “Because it’s been a long time since you asked for it. So i think it’s right for me to give it to you” She said with a smile. “I must confess you turned me on. But you need rest” He said and kissed her lips slightly.

“So tell me is it out there” Henderson said.

“Oh my goodness. You need to see it, it was really nice. You some times i disguise as an ordinary person just to leave the palace, when my dad was alive. And even when i was with Grayson” She said, as if he hasn’t been there before.

“Really? No wonder you tricked my guards with a stone. You broke my glass window” He said smiling.

“Am sorry. Okay i will pay when i start working. Okay” She said.

“No it’s okay” He said.

“Please your highness. Let me handle the bills, even if you work it i will still pay you” She said, smiling.

“Please…..” She added. “Whatever you say” He replied, smiling.

“And yes i met someone, he said we were in the same college. He knows me and Maya but i didn’t recognize him. Kept yelling Your highness. Your highness…but we were scared to look back because of what will did. But he asked for a pics which i gave in. We took pictures together” She said. He was lost staring at her while she was talking, even when she was done talking, his mind is not done thinking. His lips were smiling at her. She stopped smiling and touched his arms slightly, he then realized himself.

“Are you okay?” She asked, staring at him.

“Yes. I’m okay. Any problem” He said, he didn’t know that he was smiling all these while. Even she was done talking, he was still smiling.

“You were smiling” She said. “Oh! I just remembered something” He defended. “Something like?” She asked, looking at his face as if the answers do wells there. He glance at the picture of his parents. “My parents” He said. “Lie” She said and lay down, looking at the ceiling, with her arms been folded. He tried to touch her, she looked away and sighed softly.

“Hey! I’m sorry” He muttered. She looked at him and wanted to look away, he stopped her by releasing her arms which were folded. “I was thinking about you. I don’t want ever hurt you again. When you find out that am not good for you, you can leave. But i promise i will do everything to make you happy and to keep you by my side” He said, staring at her.

“Your highness. I love you. And am glad that i have you” She said kissed him, she placed her head on his chest, while he stocked her hair until she slept off.

The next morning, Saanvi was Amelia as she was coming out of the king’s room. She eyed her and walked passed her. Amelia didn’t talk to her to avoid any problems. She was heading to his bedroom since the king no longer invite her to his bedroom. She wants to know, where the Amelia went yesterday with her maid. “Good morning my lord” She greeted with a smile written all over her face. “Good morning Saanvi how was your night” He asked, smiling. “It was good and yours” She said. “Mine was great. I’ve never felt this way before. I love this feelings” He said, smiling. She knew he was talking about Amelia. Of course she made his night great, even though they didn’t have séx it was the best feelings ever, spending time with the one you love. “Am sure she told you were she went to with her maid” Saanvi said. “Yeah. She went for a walk” He replied. “With her maid?” She questioned.

“Yes!” He replied. “Then who is this?” Saanvi asked, showing him the pictures of her and a young guy. “Oh this. Don’t worry about that. She told me about it. How did you get the pictures” He said. “He is siding her. He loves her” She thought and stormed out of his room in anger. He was surprised at her sudden behavior towards Amelia. It’s true that she is his whore, but he has no feelings for her. It’s true that she has helped him in many ways, by giving him her body. He asked for her body without knowing if she is happy or not. She gave him her body, even when he needed her the most. She quenched his argue.

“I’ve made a very big mistake” He said to himself.

“I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have turned her this way, it’s true that i met her in a hotel” He muttered to himself.

“A lot of things in my head, I’ve hurt a lot of people. Now they asking for a queen. Am just confused” He thought and sat on his bed.

Saanvi left the palace, she went to a cool place to get her head straight and to forget about Henderson but it’s not easy for her. She spent most of her time and body with him, despite the fact that he fúçk her like a slave, she still love him. “He doesn’t care about me. They keep hurting me. Why? Why? Why is my life like this” She thought and shed more tears. Raj walked to her, he has already seen her from a far distance. He place his hands on her shoulders, she looked up and saw that he was the one, she smiled at him and wiped her tears. “You are crying because of the princess. She hurts you again” He said with a smirk on his face. “She has hurt you a lot. She is of no use” He said, convincing her.

“Am not crying because of her” Saanvi said, snapped.

“Oh I see then it’s because of the king. She is the reason why he left you. Can’t you see” He said. She looked at him, he had a silly smile on his face.

“Please Raj i don’t have time for this. I didn’t come here for this, i only came to clear my head, please i just want to be alone” She said.

“I know Saanvi i just want you to remember that i can be of help, you know. We could help each other like i said the other day” He said. She glanced at him and picked up her bag and left. Raj gave a silly smile and shook his head, though she doesn’t know what his plans are all about.

“You are so dumb Saanvi” He said and wore his sunglass and left.

Is the Do You Want For Me?
Amelia has spoiled o Henderson is responsible for it.

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