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The King’s Property?
His Slave

Chapter 2



Next Morning

Amelia woke up the next day, she stood up and walked closer to the window, she slowly open the window. She stared at the environment that she has entered. Already she knows that it’s the King’s palace. Not just a king, a heartless King. She walked back to the room, she then take a good look at the room. There was no bed or blanket, tears came down from her eyes, suddenly the door opened the guards walked in. She became scared that they might hurt her.

“What do you want? Please stay away from me” She yelled at them, but they didn’t listen to her, they have to obey the king’s order.

“Please don’t hurt me” she pleaded, immediately they grabbed her hands and took her out of the room. She kept screaming and struggling to free herself from their grips, but they were too strong for her. She gave up and they carried her to the field, which was filled with other workers. She looked at the people there, who are mostly her people. Those tears began to stream down from her eyes, the guards left her and went back to their position. She fell on her knees and cried. Soon the guards walked in and gave her some native tools. She looked at them surprisingly and looked at the tools.

“His Royal Majesty said, that you should clear the field” one of the guards said.

“All this. How on earth did he expect me to do all this” She yelled angrily. The guards didn’t say anything to her, they walked closer to the workers and asked them to leave the field, many felt sorry for her. She has always been a good woman despite the fact that her father cruel behavior, the workers left, she was the only one in the field.

“How on earth did he expect me to do all this. I haven’t done it before. Why making me go through this pain” she said to herself and stared at the hoe. She picked up the hoe and began working not as if she knows all that she is doing.

The king woke up and walked to the bathroom. He took a nice shower, ten minutes later he was done, he moved to his room, Omega was waiting patiently for him.

“Good morning My Lord” He greeted, bowing his head.

“Good morning. How is it going?” The King said, glaring at him.

“Pardon…” Omega muttered as if he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

“I hate repeating myself.. ..Omega..and you know that” Henderson said, coldly.

“I’m sorry My lord..she’s at the field right now. The cabinets are waiting for at the court room” Omega said, he was trying to avoid further questions.

“Tell them, that i will be right there” He said, coldly.

He has to address and celebrate his victory. Two hours later the court room was filled with noises. A joyful noise. They celebrate their victory and now he has to rule Amelia’s Kingdom. After the meeting and celebration the King returned back to his chamber. He remembered that Amelia was at the field, but he quickly waved it off. Since he wants her to suffer.

He quickly freshen up and get to his car and drove out of the palace, he headed to his company. He is not just a king. He is a businessman, people fear him and some calls him heartless because he doesn’t joke with his company. He fires anyone who did a mistake, i mean any slight mistakes.

Hours passed, He was done with his office work.


The king arrived at the palace, he headed to his bedroom, he saw saanvi laying on his bed. She was in her night robe. He ignored her and went to the bathroom, he freshen up. Ten minutes later he was done. He came out, she was still on his bed.

“What do you want saanvi?”

“What else.. My lord. You’re i want right now” she said with a seductive look and smiled.

He looked at her again and sighed softly. “Don’t you have something else to do” The king asked. She glanced at him, confused.

“My lord, i don’t have anything to do. I wanna spend some time with you Henderson” Saanvi muttered.

“Saanvi. I want to be alone”

“My lord… …i thought you wanted me to stay with you tonight” she said, bowing her head.

“If I had want you, i will ask the guards to call you. But right now i want to be alone” Henderson said, without sparing her a glance.

“But…your highness….Leave” Henderson said, cutting her off. She ran out of his bedroom in shame.

He sat down on his bed and suddenly stood up and walked to the window. His were fixed at the moon and stars.

“Amelia’s kingdom is mine. I will the so called princess suffer” He said to no one in particular.

Omega walked to his bedroom, Henderson turned and looked at him. Omega bowed his head.

“My lord. The lady you asked to work in the field”

“What’s wrong with her?” Henderson asked.

“She is still there. And she hasn’t tasted anything since morning” He said. Henderson looked at him with anger in his eyes. His eyes were burning like fire. Omega noticed and quickly went on his knees.

“I’m sorry. My lord..But please have mercy on her” Omega pleaded.

“Omega. I want her to suffer. Why you having such soft mind on her. Don’t you know what happened to my mother”

“Why?” He yelled.

“I’m sorry my lord” Omega apologize.

“Please leave” Henderson mumbled. He looked at the king, yes he is heartless but this time it’s something else else, he couldn’t utter a word, he only bow his head and left. Henderson angrily smashed the glass cup that was filled with wine.

Amelia fell on the floor, she couldn’t do anything again. Her life is now a hell. She wished the king would take her life, but it’s No. He wouldn’t until he is satisfied. She faced the sky and smile. She thought of her little brother and her maid. She remembered how she used to live in her Father’s palace, though it was hell for her. After she lost her father and mother at the very tender. She went through a lot. Thinking that everything will be alright, when Henderson invade their palace and killed Grayson. But no! It’s just the beginning of her suffering.

Despite the fact that Grayson is heartless, it doesn’t stop her from being good to her people. She did her best to make her people happy. She reduced the taxes he had placed on her people.


Henderson get up from his bed, he couldn’t sleep. It’s been a while since something like this happen to him. His mind wasn’t at rest. He walked out of his bedroom, his bodyguards tried to follow him he stopped them. He walked to the field gate, the guards were right there. They were fully awake and active, they bow their heads immediately they saw him approaching.

“Open the gate” He said to the guard, he quickly rushed to the gate and open it. He walked in and stared at the field and returned his gaze to the guards. Despite the fact that she hasn’t use hand tools, but she did her best. His eyes fell on the other side of the gate, their she was. She was sleeping and shivering at the same time. He felt pity on her, but he didn’t let it over take him. He removed his eyes from her.

“Take her inside” He said and left the field with his hands behind his back. He walked to his bedroom.


Maya and Richard managed to eat at least two times a day, morning and night. Richard is worried about his sister, he almost got into a fight with one of the guards, trying to bully him, but Omega managed to fixed the whole situation and warned the guards never got into a fight with him or the maid.

“When will my sister come back?” He asked.

“You told me that i will see her today. But i didn’t get to see her. Has the king done something to my sister” He added.

“No he didn’t. Maybe she is busy with some work. That’s why she didn’t come around” Maya said.

“But I want to see the King. I want to him that my sister is innocent. But that man is the wicked one” Richard said, referring to Grayson.

“Your highness. I don’t think the guards will allow you to see the king. He is a bad man” Maya said.

“Okay…” He mumbled and fall on her thigh, she sings a song for him, before he could sleep.

Next Morning, Amelia was woken up with the splash of water on her body, seen someone like her. It didn’t come to her mind that someone like this exit in this place.

Who come be this one again?

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