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The King’s Property?
His Slave?

Chapter 4

By; Chinaza Godwin?


“Your majesty……” She muttered and bow her. He looked at her, his eyes went through her night were, her thighs were exposed. He arrange the kind of clothes that she will were to his room.

“Strip and lay on the bed” He said, coldly

“What….” She yelled, surprisedly, blinking her eyelashes.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do what you want me to do” She said, moving backwards.

“I don’t like repeating myself princess” He said with a serious face. He walked passed her and went to the door. He asked the guards to leave, he returned to the room. Amelia was still standing there. He removed his shirt.

“Don’t make it hard for you” Henderson said.

“Please… …My Lord…am innocent. Please” She plead.

“Don’t make it hard for you princess” He said, coldly. She gently pulled down her gown in tears. She walked to his bed and lay down. She wept bitterly. She losing what rightfully belong her, because of Grayson. She lost her kingdom. Her people. She lost the right to see her brother. And now she’s losing her pride. Her virginity.

He stared at his bed and sighed softly. He removed his trouser and walked closer to her. He dragged the blanket she used to cover her naked body, she gasped as he removed the blanket. Her ears were filled with tears. He saw the tears. He remembered how his mother shed tears, without asking for her permission he insert his díçk in her vàginà. Her eyes opened wide, she grabbed the bedsheets immediately.

“Please….your majesty…” She cried out. He began thrusting without any sign of mercy, she tried pushing him off, but he was too strong for her.

“It will be better if you keep quite. I don’t need your moaning” He said, she nods her head, sharply.

“Please….. You’re hurting me. Please My Lord” She plead, but Henderson kept thrusting harder. She wasn’t following his instructions. He turn her to the other side. He made her knee on the bed. He resume his work on her. Thirty minutes later, he cummed on her thighs and her belly, a little in her vàginà. He left her on his bed and headed to the bathroom. He stared at his díçk, it has a stain. It’s not an ordinary stain. A blood stain. He was a bit worried about her, but he quickly waved it off. He washed himself and walked out of the bathroom naked. He went to her. He was on top of her. Her tears didn’t stop flowing.

“Please let’s do this some other time. I’m in pain” She said, sobbing.

“I want you to feel more pain. Like my mom felt in the hands of your heartless father” He yelled, she couldn’t help but cry. He had his way on her again. This time it was more painful than the first time. Despite his warning she couldn’t help but scream in pain.

She never thought losing her virginity will be this painful. Her life is now hell. She cried and cried. He pulled out and left her crying on his bed. He picked up his wears.

“Get out” He said, coldly.

“Please my lord have mercy on thy servant. I can’t move or walk” She said, crying.

“It’s non of my business princess. Leave my room” He said and walked out of the room.

Amelia get down from the bed, slowly. She managed to wear her dress in tears and walked out of the room. She on her way to her room, she met saanvi. She bow her head slowly and greeted her. But saanvi didn’t respond to her greetings, but stared at her disgustingly.

Amelia entered her room, Maya was still in her room.

“Your highness….” Maya Stuttered and held her, she was about to fall.

“What happened to you?” Maya asked.

“Nothing happened. I’m fine” She replied.

“No. you are not. Did the king…..”

“No Maya nothing happened…. I want to make use of bathroom” Amelia said, cutting her off. Maya stopped and watched her enter the bathroom. She knows that something happened, but she can’t tell exactly what happened to her.

Amelia kept crying. Today she lost her pride to him, all in the name of revenge. She wished she could take her life.

“I wish I can talk to the king. But he won’t listen to me” She thought and quickly wiped her tears, ten minutes later she came out of the bathroom. Maya placed her dress on the bed, but she wasn’t in the room. She wore her night wear, she was about to get a book that was on the table when the door opened. It was saanvi.

Amelia looked at her and then look away. She wasn’t expecting her to come to her bedroom.

“What do you want?” Amelia asked, waiting for saanvi’s reply, but it wasn’t what she got from her. She received a slap that sent her to the floor, she winced in pain.

“The next time you come close to my man. I swear I will kill you” She said and grabbed her hair.

Suddenly left her, when she heard the sound of footsteps. She left her room. Maya met her on her way to Amelia’s room. She quickly rushed to her bedroom. Amelia was sitting on the bed as if nothing happened to her.

“What happened?” Maya asked.

“Nothing happened” She lied, for the second time.

“What do you mean nothing happened. Your Highness. I met her on my way here” Maya said, looking at her.

“I have told you that nothing happened” Amelia yelled at her.

“Am sorry…your highness”Maya apologized.

” i wanna be alone” Amelia said, she bow her head and left. She cried bitterly. She didn’t mean to yell at her. She has always been by her side. She just tired of everything. She still can’t believe that a woman lay her hand on her. Something that has never happened before.

She thought of a way to talk to the king about her brother, whom she hasn’t seen for some days.

Henderson, walked back to his room, he stared at his bed. Her blood was on his bedsheets, immediately he wrapped the bedsheets and gave it to the maid. It’s one of his favorite bedsheets.


Next day, Amelia was sleeping when a maid woke her up, she was told that saanvi wants to see her right now. She nods her head and asked her to wait for her to wash face and brush her teeth. She waited for her. Two minutes later, she was done and followed her to saanvi’s room.

“Leave us” Saanvi said with a wicked smile, the maid left.

“What were you doing in the king’s chamber last night?” She asked, staring at her disgustingly.

“Nothing” she muttered, she remembered what happened in the king’s chamber.

“Seriously. What happened to legs?” Saanvi asked.

“Nothing” she replied.

“Nothing? Am asking you a question and you keep saying nothing” She said, angrily.

“Am sorry. I hurts myself while working on the field” Amelia lied, hoping that it will save her.

“Oh yeah! That reminds me. You are not done with the work” Saanvi said, smiling, evilly.

“Are you done with the work” she yelled.

“No” she muttered.

“Go to the field and finish the work” She said, Amelia was about to leave to her room, she stopped her and said.

“I observed that you don’t put some respect whenever I ask you something. I deserve some respect” She said.

“Understand” she added.

“Yes. My lady” Amelia stuttered and walked out of her room. Amelia has no other options than to do what she said. She worked through out that day. She returned to her room. Maya was waiting for her, though she wanted to go to the field, but saanvi stopped her, she decided to wait for her in her room.

“My lady…..” Maya said and walked close to her.

“Are you OK” Maya asked, looking at her.

“I’m okay…am sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I was just tired of everything” Amelia said.

“Com’on it’s alright. Am not mad at you” She replied with a smile.

“I need to freshen up. The king wants to see me” Amelia said.

“But you don’t seems okay. Just tell me what you want me to tell the king. You’re not OK” Maya said.

“Maya you don’t understand. He is the king. He doesn’t take No as answer” Amelia said.

“But …your Highness you’re just coming back from the field and that witch called saanvi i hate her so much” Maya said, looking away, Amelia smiled.

“I know you do. My hands are tied up, i can’t do anything. I’m now a slave i belong to the king. Am his property for crying out loud. I can’t save my brother. I can’t save my people. It’s just useless fighting with him. I don’t think I will win” Amelia said and went on her knees crying and fell on her knees to console her.

“Am sorry. Your Highness” Maya said

“I will be fine. We have to keep praying that God will send a helper. And i believe thar help will come” She said and looked up, her eyes met with wall clock.

“Oh my Goodness…” She mumbled.


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