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{ Fated to love }


BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Exposed




Hani slowly closed her eyes, awaiting the next clash as his face drew closer towards her.

Suddenly, their lips met but nothing happened. He wasn’t doing anything and it was making hani’s heart race even more.

He slowly pulled away and she opened her eyes, staring at him fondly.

” I’m sorry” He said as the ball on his throat moved nervously. ” I didn’t mean to behave that way. I’m___really sorry” He said, staring at her curious eyes before he laid back on the grass, his hand behind his head.

Hani didn’t say anything. She had no idea what he was trying to do, but she knew her heart wasn’t at peace either.

Ian stared at the night sky as he formed a funny smirk on his face.

” What’s wrong with my head. She’s just my friend, why can’t my brain understand that” His subconscious thought.

He slowly turned his head and looked at her unaware.

” I hope she doesn’t start to overthink the issue” He thought, letting out a sigh.

” Hey, You there!!!” A masculine voice uttered.

Hani was the first to sit up and Ian slowly joined her, both of them searching from where the voice came from.

She faced him.

” Ian. I think someone is watching us. You have to go back to your camp now” She said.

” My camp?. But, I can’t leave you here all alone” He said.

” I’ll…I’ll be fine” She said, covering up herself with his robe.

” No, No. It’s dark. I can’t leave you here hani.”

” What If the king is the one coming?. What if he punish us?” She asked and Ian silently looked at her.

He could see the fear in her face and realised she looked really adorable when she was trying to be scared.

The grasses began to move and she knew the person was coming closer.

” Just Go, Ian. I’ll be fine. Go, Go!!” She ordered and Ian got up on his feet.

He looked at her for a few minutes before turning his back and moving away quickly.

One of the guards jumped into the field and met her there. She quickly stood up, letting the robe fall.

” Where’s Ian, your partner!. I thought he left the camp with you a while ago!!” He spat.

” No, You’re mistakened. I wasn’t with anyone” She said, shaking her head.

” Stop lying to me, idiot. I was there at the camp gate when he walked off with you so you don’t have to lie!!” He yelled

” I swear I wasn’t with anyone. Please” She said, crying with her tiny voice.

” How’d you explain the robe with you!!. Isn’t this Ian’s outer robe!!” He yelled. ” Answer me!!” He raised his hand to smack her

A hand quickly grabbed his wrist from going further and He looked up to find Ian there.

” I’m right here!” Ian scoffed bitterly.

” You both are breaking the King’s rule for the second time. I can’t wait to see how the king punishes you both tomorrow” He smirked and Ian threw him a strong punch on his face.

The guard fell off his feet in pain.

” I didn’t ask for your intervention. Afterall, you know the reason why I left my camp just to stay with her!” Ian scoffed and picked up his robe.

He turned to hani and took her away quickly, leaving the guard there.



Ian removed the robe from above Hani’s head gently.

He had earlier covered her entire body with the robe and cos she was small, the other boys didn’t get suspicious.

He took his robe and placed it over his linen.

Hani stepped in and looked around excitedly.

” This is Your room?.” She asked.

” Yes but, Shh, Lower your voice” He hushed her and she suddenly hugged his chest.

” Thanks for letting me in here. It’s so much warmer now. Thank you, Thank you!” She whispered excitedly.

” It’s fine. Let’s just hope no one find out you’re here or we’ll be in a bigger mess”

” You mean we’re taking a risk?” She looked at him, her hand still around his figure.

” I just can’t let you stay outside alone that’s why I brought you here” He said and she let out a frown.

She left hold of him and returned to seat on the bed and Ian joined her, turning to look at her.

” Hey, I’ll let you sleep here tonight and we’ll get up as early as daybreak so you can leave, okay?”

” Okay!” She nodded. ” Can I stay next to you?”

” Why not” He said and she laid her head on his shoulder, falling asleep that way.

After a while, Ian placed her back on the bed and made a pillow below her head.

His palm was still on the bed as he kept staring at her pretty face.

” I can still remember when we met and we fell into that hot, bowl of the King’s Bathing water. I’m sure there’s more to us meeting that day” He said with a smile.

He laid on the floor, closing up his eyes slowly before drifting off as well.



Aurora stared at the mirror as she removed the makeup on her face with her wet napkin.

She realised that the red mark on her neck was only getting more visible.

” So many hickeys” She cried. ” I’m glad I woke up from my hallucination before he could even go further” She said.

She stood up angrily and started moving around her room, to and fro.

” All my plans have been running down the drain. Ian is not loving me, I was busy loving that Bag of horse head!” She spat.

” Salome will surely pay for ruining everything!. She messed up my whole day. I feel so worthless” She said and sat back on the bed, hugging her pillow to her chest.

” And Hani has been getting what she wants. As far as she has Ian, i feel like she has everything!. Why me!!” She screamed.

There was a knock on the door and she went to open it. She met a guard standing there.

The same guard who was punched earlier and was already bleeding from his nose.

” My princess” He bowed.

” What do you want?” Aurora spat.

” Ian had me punched on my face just this night”

” So??. You need breast milk to feel calm?” She scoffed.

” No, my princess. He was caught with hani again. This time they were alone in the garden” He said and her eyes widened through her socket.

” Wait. Really????” She asked carefully.

The guard suddenly felt bitter.

” He was caught having a sexual activity with her. They were courting eachother right there in the garden” He spat and Aurora almost fainted.



Xander slowly stepped into the King’s chamber with no good thought.

The room was dim, allowing his dark aura fill the entire room briefly.

He was with a knife as well. Unfortunately, none of his wives were staying next to him tonight giving him the chance to evoke his wicked activity.

He slowly walked up to him towards the bedside and right then, he didn’t want to waste time but end his life.

He raised up his knife and thought for a second.

He’d kill the king.

He’d get the throne.

He’d be able to get hani to himself and marry her immediately.

He’d also be able to kill Ian as well. He’d get rich and own all the glory.

” I don’t think I should be getting a second thought of this. This is my only opportunity” He smiled

He looked at the king as he was sleeping peacefully.

” Swallow up all the air you can, Your majesty cos you’re about to breath your last. Sorry old man, but you’re old enough to go meet your ancestors” He spat and stabbed him really hard quickly.

” Ahhhhhh!!” The king screamed, blood splattering everywhere.

He threw the bloody knife on the floor and met the knob getting opened.

He quickly jumped through the window and left there immediately.

The door opened, the guards and some workers rushed in quickly to meet the king in a mess.

? Your highness!

? He’s stabbed

? Oh mY Days! Who did this!!!

? Inform the Royals!!

They spoke rascally and few minutes later, the King’s room was crowded with people.



Vivian dropped a flower on the ground where a corpse was laying beneath the grave.

She rubbed her teary cheeks and stood up.

” It’s been years now” She sighed.

She looked up and met salome walking towards her in a haste.

” Mistress. The king has died!!” She said.

” What do you mean the king has died??” Vivian askef, sparing her an irritating look.

” He was stabbed last night and the killer is still unknown!” Salome said still panicking.

Vivian jaw dropped at the news.

” Oh my God!” She palmed her lips. ” Tell me it’s a lie, Please tell me!!!” She said restlessly.

” Prince Xander is planning on a quick funeral this evening. No one is allowed into the palace until the king is buried. And…And…he’s trying to get enthroned the next day. Everything is happening too fast and no one has the right to say anything.” She said.

Vivian suddenly pushed her out of the way and started to walk towards the palace hastily.

A guard met her and stopped her on the way.

” You aren’t allowed to go in” She said.

” Please I need to see Prince xander, Queen Lisa, Prince shaman, Queen xora and all the rest of the royal family!. I need to see them!!” She said boldly.

” The Prince does not let anyone in at all cost, be it the God of the earth”

” F*ck off” She spat and pushed the guard away, running in quickly.

She stopped when she saw the entire royal monarch, all of them descending the stairs carefully.

She halted in her track and took in a deep breath as everyone stared at her.

” Who let you in?” Xander finally asked, being the first among the group.

” I forced my way into here, Prince xander.” She said.

” Funny” He grinned.

” I need to contemplate on something. Especially with the way things are going in the palace” She said and xander got scared, thinking she knew who was behind the King’s death.

” Trash your word and get lost immediately!!” He spat pointing at the door.

” The rightful heir must be on the throne!” She said.

Everyone got confused.

” Guards!” Xander ordered.

” I’m speaking the truth!!. Most of you don’t know that xander is not the heir. He only wants the throne that’s why he might have killed the king!” She yelled as the guards took her hands.

” Take her to the dungeon. Lock her up there for saying a Bitter Lie and keep her there until I want her released!” Xander spat and Vivian eyes bulged out.

” You can do this to me but I don’t care, Prince Xander!. The rightful heir is alive, he survived and Xander doesn’t deserve the authority he’s receiving!” She yelled with all her mjght.

Xander gritted his teeth as his hands folded into a strong fist. He turned to the rest of the royals.

” You all can return back to your different Chambers. I’ll be back with the funeral arrangements” He said and everyone respectfully left without saying a word.


Hani was washing her feet before looking up to see Ian lost in his thought.

He looked really calm, his hair was messy and blowing up in the wind, making him extremely attractive.

She quickly sat close to him and smiled.

” Hey, What are you thinking?” She asked, poking his head.

” Would you want to know?” He asked, staring at her fondly and she nodded.

His hands raked into her soft brown hair from behind.

” I was busy thinking of how special and important you’re to me.” He said.

” Awwn” She buried her face on his shoulders and Ian could swear she was intensely red.

He smiled and stopped, taking his hands off her hair as a weird thought crossed his mind.

” I’m sorry about last night, hani” He said

” Last….night?” She looked at him.

” A.hem. That awkward moment” He scratched his hair nervously.

” Ohh” She starts to smile redly. ” Well, I think it was really cute. And I really like you Ian. You’re just so sweet and I feel you’re just more than a friend” She said, cupping her cheeks while staring at him.

He took in a deep breath and looked at her eyes fondly, facing her.

” So much as I f*cking do too. I really like you and I couldn’t stop thinking about it last night” He said, knotting their fingers together.

She leaned up slowly and smooch his lip. He felt it.

” I’ll go back to the palace now. Bye!” She tried to stand up but Ian stopped her. Her kiss had completely intoxicated his innocent mind.

” Not yet” He said staring at her intoxicatingly.

He cupped her round face as he slowly leaned in, instantly capturing her lips while kissing her softly.

Her heart was racing. He’s was racing as well.

He trusted deeper and hani closed her eyes, submitting to the new feeling.

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