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{ Fated to love }


BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Changes




Hani received a soft tap on her arm and she slowly rose up from the floor to find salome, standing there.

” Hani. All the girls are at the stream to have their bath and you’re still here. Did you leave to bed late?” She asked.

Hani looked around the room indifferently and salome followed her line of sight until she returned to stare at her.

” Are you okay, hani?. Is there something?” She asked.

” Papa?” She called.

” Papa?. What do you mean?. Are we playing a game or what?” She scoffed.

” My Papa” Hani cried as her brows thickened with lines on her forehead.

” Are you serious right now?. What’s the meaning of this kdrama early this morning?” She spat, holding her waist.

Hani palmed her face as she sobbed further.

” He vanished. He vanished before I could even hold him in my arms. He left me so soon. I’m still young to loose my only world” She cried bitterly.

Salome sat down next to her and placed her arm around her.

” Shh. It’s must have been an hallucination, hani. No one has talked about anyone being killed lately.”

” An hallucination?.” Hani blinked, raising up her already red face.

” You just woke up and perhaps it could have been a nightmare. It happens to me sometimes. You dreamt about him cos you were missing him. Don’t worry, your dad is totally fine”

” But it felt so real, his voice and everything were so clear!. I could feel the strain in my voice while crying” She said and started sobbing again.

” It’s okay, Everything will be fine. You have to stop crying before the queen comes over, Please hani. Believe me, your dad is alright” Salome said and hani wrapped her hands around her, wetting her chest.

After a while, She pulled hani up to her feet and gave her her hat.

” Your face looks red. You wouldn’t want your handsome Knight crush to see you walking with a swollen face, huh?” Salome teased and hani started blushing, adding to the redness on her cheeks.

” Stop saying that. He is not my crush!” She spat.

” Even rats will not agree to that. You guys are made to be with eachother, you’re both so cute” Salome chuckled.

” Okay, Stop now!!” Hani giggled, palming her face that was already blooming red.

” And I’m expecting a first kiss under the rain soon. Now come along let’s go to the stream.” She said and pulled clueless hani away.



Xander started walking down the corridor hastily and the maids all froze to their feet while he was passing by each of them.

The moment he was gone, they ran for their lives like he was the ‘death’ himself.

He got to the palace courtyard and met his father sitting on the royal pillow infront of his large desk, going through tons of papers.

As usual, he walked in majestically, taking a seat in one of the pillows.

” Father” He said.

” I don’t deserve a greeting? Not even a good morning?” King Luz asked

” I came to say a few things. There’s nothing good about the morning, King Luz” He spat.

” If it’s about the fact that you haven’t seen your princely hood birthmark and signs of your powers, just take the door quietly and let me be alone”

” What else would I come to ask if not those?. Do I even care if you still exist?” He spat and the king glared at him.

” Leave. Xander. I have no answers to your questions!” King luz shouted.

” You said I’m the Prince, you said I’m the heir , yet I haven’t seen signs. You’re making me hate myself and people around me because of this, and I’m going to continue being cruel until I find answers to my questions!” He yelled and without letting the king respond, he stood up on his feet and started walking out quickly.

He slammed the door and the knob broke and fell to the ground.

King Luz sighed as he shook his head tiringly before he noticed the opening of the door.

Shaman, the third Prince, walked in thereafter.

” Good morning father”

” How was your night?” King Luz asked.

” It was good but I’m not sure this morning would be. Xander is upset again. I’m not ready to go sleep in the palace farm if his volcano erupt” He said.

” Just forget about that kid, he’s useless to me now. If it was easy to trash him, I’d have done it a long time ago” He said.

Shaman sighed before looking at the papers rounded on the table.

” Can I join you?”

” Sure, Sure” The king nodded and he helped him in arranging some files together.



Ian picked up a chilled bottle of water from the table and gulped it down heavily.

He had woken up early enough to get his morning practice and now he was sweating hotly.

His fellow Knight started walking up to him.

” You are being needed in the palace, Ian” He said.

” I’m busy with some practice as you can see” Ian scoffed.

” It’s the princess’s order. I’d advise you to go meet her right away or you face the King’s punishment.” He said

Ian sighed and walked out of the field, heading straight to the princess room.

He walked in without knocking and Aurora gasped and pulled her dress to her chest level quickly.

Ian shut his eyes quickly, his balls on his throat moving desperately.

” I’m sorry for coming in at an irregular time. I’m so sorry” He said

” It’s fine. Just come in” She said with a shrill smile on her face. To her, it was an accomplishments.

” I won’t come in unless you put on clothes” He bowed.

Aurora smiled and walked up to him, rubbing his shoulder while going to his chest smoothly.

” You are a perfection, Ian. I’m sure no one has ever told you that right?.” She smiled.

” I’m sure no one has ever told you that you are the opposite” He spat and her eyes flew open but it cleared off quickly.

” Whatever. I wouldn’t dare get angry with you. I’m sure with time, we’ll get closer”

Ian tore her hands away.

” I’m trying my best not to act rude on account of the King’s rule, if not..” He said and spared her a glance before trying to turn away.

” Please Ian.” She held him quickly. ” Fine, I want us to share a bond. I..I..can’t hold it in any more, let’s just have it quickly. Even if its just for a few minutes” She said.

” I said No!!” He yelled and a force dropped her to the floor instantly.

Ian stepped back slowly and left, slamming the door real hard.

He started walking really fast, picturing what just happened a few moment ago in his head and his brain failed to understand every detail.

He collided into someone and the next thing, he heard clashing of plates.

He looked down to see Hani on the floor, rubbing her head.

” Hani?. Are you okay?” He asked, squatting to help her up.

” I’m sorry. I..I..wasn’t watching carefully” She pouted.

” It’s my fault. I was lost thinking about something else as well.” He said and picked her wrist, checking for a bruise.

” Am fine” She said.

” Are you sure?” He raised his face to look at her

” I’m fine. But the plates are not..” She shivered.

Ian looked at the plates that broke and a hot sigh left his lip.

He picked one pieces up and hani picked up the matching piece. Immediately, a force occurred and the plate met together, coming back as it was.

” Ahh!. It moved!!” Hani screamed and stood up from the ground immediately.

Ian stared at the plate in shock. He stood up and looked down at her height, placing his hand on her shoulder.

” Don’t panic, okay. Just pick the plates pieces and trash them without the royal family awareness, okay?”

” Okay!” She nodded quickly and did as he said before running out.

Ian sighed as he started to leave.

” Things are getting out of place lately. I think I need to go see my mom for clarification” He said and started to walk away quickly.



Ian had explained everything that happened to Vivian but he knew she wasn’t saying something to him.

” Is there something I should know about this new changes?” He asked.

” It could be your illusion, Ian. I don’t have any idea about it. Please don’t worry me. I’m very busy” She said.

” Fine.” He stood up. ” I’ll leave it as an illusion and just forget about it. Thanks for caring anyways” He scoffed and walked away quickly.

He went towards the stream there and sat by the rocks, giving himself a space time.

But soon, it got interrupted.

Hani was walking down the rock and she met him there, causing her smile to broaden.

” Ian!” She called and he looked at her, his brows raising up interestingly.

” Why are you here?” He asked.

” I usually come here during the end of my duty. I’m surprised to find you here as well” She smiled and sat next to him.

” We shouldn’t be here. Remember the King’s rule, right?”

” But no one can possibly find us here.” She said with a little pout.

” Not when i have people who track down my whole twenty fours hours of living here. It sucks” He sighed and she chuckled.

She rested her head on his shoulder and somehow, he felt this feeling of acceptance.

” Hey, what’s your favourite food?”

” I eat whatever I’m given” He said.

” Me too. We have no choice” She laughed.

” And What’s your hobby?” He returned back a question.

” Swimming, of course. Come, Let’s swim!” She said.

” No..No..No..!”

Before he could act further, she had pushed him into the stream along with her and they had gone down into it.

Salome stopped in her track when she saw them cos she was meant to hang out here with hani instead.

She grinned wickedly before running away, walking towards the palace official court.

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