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{ Fated to love }


BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Little gift




Ian slowly lifted half of his body above the water and his long hair fell back on his face.

Hani immediately splattered water on him playfully and he shut his eyes, feeling it drool down on his chin.

” How are you doing, cutie?” She giggled, swirling around the water playfully.

” How’d you feel comfortable playing like this in the water?” He scoffed.

” Cos it fun doing it with someone who’s not interested in playing” She laughed and gathered water in her palm, throwing it at his face.

” Hani stop!” He said.

” I can’t hear you from the fun I’m having!” She giggled and continued splattering water on all over him.

Ian watched her as she moved left and right like a little kid, until he got fed up.

” Hani!!” He yelled, grabbing her shoulders while holding her very close and hani stopped to stare into his eyes.

His lashes had fell due to the water but he was still madly cute, and the water even made him gorgeously hot.

Hani gulped down slowly.

” Are you mad at me?” She blinked.

” I’m not mad at you. I’m just hot-headed cos of your silly behaviour. C’mon, it’s driving me crazy” He said.

” I’m not silly. You are the silly one” She mumbled, lowering her chin.

He slowly released his grip from her as he looked away, turning away as well.

” Let’s swim out of here quickly before they start to search for us” He said, swimming off.

” But we just got into the water few minutes ago. We haven’t even done much” She mouthed.

” What else are we supposed to do” He sighed as he kept swimming off and hani stood there dumbfounded.

Ian suddenly stopped. His sensitivity went into action and he went towards hani, grabbing her hand while pulling her towards the base of the rock.

” Stay still” He said,hugging her body tight and her chest was meeting so close with his hard ones

” What the problem?” Hani asked.

” Shh. I feel some people are coming. Just Stay calm, okay?” He hushed her and she nodded.

They stared into eachother’s eyes and their heartbeat began to race madly inside them. They could hear it and feel it vividly.

Hani bit her lower lips shyly.

” There’s a spider on your right ear” She muttered.

” Don’t start” He said and she giggled.

He made his arms wrap around her wet but scrumptious body and pulled her to himself closer and hani felt so weird.

She knew this was much more than embracing eachother, they were so close that a kiss could easily occur without their notice.

However, Salome got back to the stream with one of the guards with her.

” Where are they?” The guard asked.

” T..they were here. I..I..saw them in the river just a while ago” She said.

” And you’re sure they didn’t disappear cos their’s no trail of their wet foot on the rock” He said.

” But I actually saw them here. I swear!” Salome said and the guard folded his arm on his chest, sighing hard.

” What are you both looking for?” Vivian scoffed, suddenly appearing out of the blue.

” Mistress” Salome bowed quickly and the guard faced her.

” Did you see Ian and Hani together in the stream today, this evening?” The guard asked.

” And What’s your business if they were together in the stream?” Vivian scoffed.

” The king already gave me orders to punish him if he was caught with her” He said.

” Well, I didn’t see them here. And even if I did, I’m just gonna pretend I don’t know the King’s order. Now, please you both should leave”

” You don’t have the right to talk to me in that manner!” He hissed, tightening his fist.

” And You can’t beat me if I do. We’re in the same rank in this Palace so let’s respect eachother” She spat.

The guard glared at her before walking past her and Vivian walked forward, stopping in front of salome.

” What was that for?” Vivian asked, glaring so hard.

” What?” Salome asked.

” Why did you have to report” She spat irritatingly.

” I’m very sorry.” She pleaded, lowering her chin.

” This is a last warning, sal. Don’t repeat what you did today or you’ll face it rawly from me next time. Go isolate yourself, Now!”

” Yes, Mistress.” She bowed and obediently walked out as well.

Vivian turned to stare at the stream and a soft smile occurred on her face.

” You both can come out now!” She said.

Hani raised her chin to look at Ian.

” Ian, Your mom” She blinked and he pulled her out of the water, taking her towards her.

They stopped in front of Vivian guiltily

” You guys suddenly forgot the King’s order?”Vivian asked.

” We can explain” Ian quickly guiltily.

” It’s fine. But you have to be careful cos I won’t be here to save you all the time.” She said and Ian sighed before picking up his cross bag.

” I have to go” He said and began to walk away quickly.

Vivian turned to hani.

” And You too?. Be careful around Salome. She’s a snake” She whispered and hani slowly gasped with her small lips slightly open.

” You’ll need a change of clothes. Come, Let’s head back to the palace” Vivian said and hani followed her carefully.

They walked for sometime and was now moving down the palace corridor.

Vivian realised hani had been quiet since she left the stream, and it made her feel uncomfortable.

” Hani girl, Do you like Ian?” Vivian suddenly asked and hani raised her face.

” Uh?. No, I..I..don’t!” She nervously responded and Vivian chuckled inwardly.

” But you feel excited seeing him, right?”

” Yes” Her tone got lower.

” But do you think about him?”

” Most times, when…I’m bored.” She pouted, dropping her shoulders with a sigh.

” And You always want to be with him too?”

” Always” She said and Vivian grinned softly.

” I’ll grant you permission to leave the camp every sunday night to go meet him. He’s always by the fountain, sitting alone”

” Uh?. Really?. Y..you will?” She asked.

” Of course, I will. But be careful.”

” Awnn. Thank you!. Thank you so much!” She stopped to bow appreciatively and Vivian gave out a motherly smile.

‘ You don’t have to thank me, its not my doings. It’s a fact that you both must marry and be together as soon as possible’ She thought reasonably.



The Royal family were all sitting around the large long table at the center of the palace.

Everyone, except Xander.

The king stopped eating to turn to look at their faces.

” Why aren’t you all eating?” He asked.

” Xander is not here” Aurora mumbled, resting her face on her cheeks.

” We don’t want his usual problems. So let’s quietly wait for his return” Erica said.

” It seems you guys want to wait till the end of century before you think sensibly and eat!” He scoffed.

Everyone picked up their spoons to dig in to their food, but Queen Lisa had left her food untouched.

” Aren’t you going to eat?” The king asked her.

” Not until my son comes in to join us” She said without giving him a glance and the king shook his head pitifully.

Not less than a minute, Xander broke in.

He halted in his track when he found them all eating.

” Why would you guys eat in my absence?!” He yelled.

Everyone quickly dropped their soon but the king didn’t and it grew him more upset.

Xander walked forward and picked up the table cloth, drawing it out and all the plates and drinks clashed and fell messily on to the floor

The royal family stood up in shock and the maids around were bewildered.

” Like I said, there’s won’t be peace but chaos in this Palace if no one explains to me why I haven’t seen the signs of being a crowned Prince!” He thundered.

” You don’t even deserve to be the crown Prince or even the heir!” Shaman scoffed and Xander rage hit volume.

He picked the kitchen knife in his fist and Xora’s eyes widened instantly.

” Wait!!.” Lisa walked forward, holding his wrist. ” Please, don’t do this!” She begged.

” Stay away, woman!!”

” Please, xander. Please, I beg on behalf of my womb I used to bore you!!” She begged and he made a cut at her right wrist instantly without a single thought.

” Awh!!!” She screamed and fell to the floor.

” F*ck your womb!” He scoffed.

He took the bloody knife and tried to aim it at shaman but he immediately dodged it.

Hani was standing behind him and the knife came towards her instead, luckily it fell on the floor before it could reach her.

She slowly unshielded her hands from her face and Xander realised who she was.

His eyes thinned as he slowly matched towards her like an hungry beast, seeking for revenge.

” So it’s you again!” He thundered and Vivian gasped in fear, the spoon in her hand dropping.

Hani immediately picked up the knife that had fell, stretching it with her small chubby hands.

” Don’t come close!!” She warned, shaking like a little struggling fish.

Xander throated a chuckle, still moving closer.

” You want to be behave courageous like you always did around me, huh?” He smirked

” I’ll stab you if you touch me!. I swear, I’ll stab you!” She said sobbing and tears were already leaving her eyes down her cheeks.

” Awwn. You’re crying. But I haven’t touched you yet, pretty” He smiled and without her notice, He grabbed the knife from her.

He used his other hand to grab her face along with her chin, pulling her up with it.

” I feel like squeezing out the little life left in you, hani. I feel like…” He cut off his words and smiled at her.

” Meet me at my chamber tonight. I’ll spear you if you go along with my orders” He said and turned around, leaving them there.

” Wicked Pervert!!.” Hani yelled with her tiny voice.

? Gasp !!



The door to Xander room got opened and he looked up from his sofa. Instead of seeing hani, Aurora walked in instead.

” Prince xander” She smiled, her hair packed into a bun and beautified with beads.

” Crown Prince.. ” He corrected.

” Sorry, crowned prince Xander” She sighed.

” If you are not the answers to my problem, just turn around and take the door quietly” He ordered, pointing towards the door.

” Have you forgotten we use to be paddies and talk more often at night when we were younger?” She smiled and Xander glared at her.

” I forgot we were siblings. Ew” He scoffed and she sat on his bed, facing him.

” Well, I noticed something off lately with Ian. This morning, something actually happened between us and out of anger, he threw me to the floor”

” So?. What were you expecting?. For him to pick a trash?” He asked.

” He threw me without touching me. It was like a force I felt inside my system. I’d wanted to tell father cos I was worried but i decided to ask you first” She said further.

Xander sat up and looked at her.

” And what am I supposed to do about that?. Do I look like a solution to the problem.” He spat.

” I swear, it was real. I’m not lying a bit. Ian is the only one who could do such thing. What if he has the mark. What if, there’s a story behind why you haven’t seen your powers. What if Ian is really the___

” What if you shut your trap and drive to hell!. What are you trying to spit. That because Ian performed spiritism, he’s now the crown Prince, huh?.” He spat.

” But I’m very serious”

” I don’t believe anything you say, and I’ll continue to live in that perspective!”

” Fine, I’m leaving. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!” She said before bragging out angrily.

Xander knotted his fingers as he smirked.

” I’ll just keep my finger crossed and watch his every move.” He said.


Hani stopped in her track when she met salome coming forward. She quickly turned around and started to take another direction.

” Wait, Hani!” Salome called and hani stopped in her track until she got to her.

” What is it that you want?” Hani spat.

” Look, I’m really sorry. What I did was wrong, very wrong. I know you’re very upset, but friends make up for eachother’s wrong right?. I apologise on my act”

” And what if the king had punished I and Ian severely, do you think I’d stand here to take your apology!” Hani yelled.

” But I’m sorry, I swear!” She yelled. ” Please hani, you’re the only friend I have around here, I promise not to act fishy ever again. I promise to remain faithful, I won’t do it ever again. I promise” She begged and hani took in a sigh.

” Fine” She scoffed.

” I’m forgiven?” Salome asked with brightened eyes.

” It’s okay. I’ll pardon you for just this once” She said.

” Awn. Thank you so much!” She said and hugged her, letting hold of her in the next minute.

” Where are you heading to now?” Salome asked.

” I’m going to the palace”

” Oh, I’m going to the farm to finish up my duties so I’ll see you later”

” Okay, Bye!” Hani waved.

” Bye” She smiled back and watched her retreating back.

” Such a fool. She’s already taken me back as a friend so quickly. It would’ve been too late when she realise who i am. I’d always deal with whoever choose to mess with my man, xander” She scoffed inwardly before walking away.



Ian had walked out with the other Knight in order to take his bath and prepare for the day.

Prince xander had come out earlier that day to watch them. He was watching from a distance as he paid attention to Ian.

Ian loosened up the ropes from his forehead and began to untie his robe quickly and his chest came in view.

The Prince saw the birth mark bold on his right chest, and his eyes widened at the view.

” The scar birth mark?” He gasped, his volcano ripples boiling up inside him.

He stared to rage.

” Aurora was right?. But…What????!”

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