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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Thirteen and Fourteen


“Busted” Rebel’s heart skipped numerous beats..

Watson on seeing that his actions might blow off Rebel’s cover decided to do something.

“I’m so sorry ma’am” he apologized…” I mistook you for someone else”.

“It’s fine” Rebel forced a smile.

“Can you let go of me now?” She added

“Sorry about that” he chuckled and released her

“It’s nice meeting you anyway” he said before excusing himself.

Nellie’s eyes caught his badge as he was about exiting the restroom.

“Watson Lightfoot” she memorised the name

“You think I’m easily fooled huh!, I’m Nellie Cyprus remember?” Nellie chuckled dryly walking up to Rebel.

“What do you mean?” Rebel’s brow knitted

“First things first, you said you don’t know president Gonzalez right?” Nellie inquired

“Yes i did” Rebel shrugged

“How then did you take a picture with someone you haven’t met before, doesn’t that sound fishy to you?” Nellie said and pointed the picture to Rebel’s face.

Rebel’s heart skipped a beat, she swallowed the lump that just formed in her throat.

“Where did you get that?” Rebel’s brows knitted

“I have my source” Nellie winked

“There’s no source b!tch, you went to my house didn’t you?” Rebel purred with flaring nostril.

“You’re a good guesser then” Nellie smirked….”so answer the damn question”.

“How dare you?” Rebel rushed to her and sent a punch across her face.

“Wtf did you do to my mother?” She roared and another punch followed….

She made to send another punch to her when Nellie grabbed her fist and push off her.

“I did to her exactly what she deserves” Nellie spat on her face

“Listen and listen carefully, i know the game you’re trying to play, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hurt a hair on Matteo’s head and you’ll get it from you” she shuttered and swayed her ass out of the restroom…

“What must she have done to mum?” Rebel was lost in thought…




“Where did you go?” Jolie asked Watson the moment he returned back to them.

“I saw Rebel, she came with the druglord” He said with a sigh

“And is that supposed to be a problem?” Jolie frowned.

” you know Rebel, she can go extra miles just to get what she wants” She added

“It’s not that” Watson rolled his eyes

“Did something happen that i am not aware of?” Jolie inquired

“Nothing happened” Watson waved it off

“I think this case will be more dangerous than we had thought” Jolie began

“What do you mean?” Watson furrowed a brow





“Is anyone here?” Jolie screamed and she entered into Mrs Vanessa’s resident to pay her a visit….Rebel had her made a promise to be checking on her mum from time to time….

“I thought we asked mum to always lock the door” she before turning on the switch…

A loud gasp escaped her lips when she saw the sight before her….the grocery bag she was holding fell from her hand and she rushed off to Mrs Vanessa who was heavily bruised and lying helplessly on the floor, her dress was covered up with her own blood….

“Holy Molly!” She gasped and rushed to her and began shaking her

“Mum! What happened?” She asked with panick evident in her voice must no words left Mrs Vanessa’s lip….

Jolie reached for her phone and dialed 991…….




“Wtf! Where’s she now?” Watson stood up from the seat quickly after Jolie was done with the narration.

“She’s at Mario Healthcare” Jolie replied

“Who do you think did that to her?” Watson inquired

“I was there when she woke up, she said two dangerous looking ladies were in her condo when she returned from work, they tried to extract informations about Rebel from her but as they couldn’t get anything from her, they beat her up until she passed out” Jolie explained

“Did you check their CCTV camera?” Mr Maverick who was also listening asked

“I did, they are no fools, they were able to clear it off” Jolie responded….

Matteo and President Gonzalez walked pass their spot that moment heading to the direction where other druglords were drinking.

“Before i forget” Watson began as he spotted them

“Isn’t the president suspicious?, why is he mingling with criminals?” Watson whispered to them.

“Criminals like who?” Jolie frowned

“Look” Watson pointed to the direction they took.

“Wow, it’s true” Jolie gasped

“Agent Zolie, make sure you look into it” Watson became official all of a sudden, he doesn’t joke with his work…

“I will” Jolie replied

“What do you say boss?, do we have the go ahead to investigate the president?” Watson turned to their boss(Maverick).

“Hmm” Maverick hummed simply

“This is why i didn’t want them to pick up this case in the first place but that headstrong Rebel will always have her way” Maverick sighed….it seems like he knows something that he isn’t saying….

“I better call and inform boss” he mused and excused himself

“I’ll be right back” he told his colleagues….

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