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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Fifteen


Rebel didn’t utter a word throughout the ride back home, at a point Matteo began feeling bad for what he did to her….Nellie noticed the cold air between them but didn’t mind saying a word, it’s not like they were on good terms anyway…..

The moment they arrived at the clan, Rebel jumped down from the car and hurried off to her division….

“Rebel…” Matteo screamed after her, he made to run after her but Nellie pulled him back….

“What’s wrong with you Matteo? Has it gotten to the extent of chasing after her?” She scolded him

“You don’t understand Nellie” Matteo sighed

“F**k!” He cursed…he shouldn’t have forced himself on her that way, it’s just that he’s the aggressive type whenever his jealousy takes over…

“I don’t wanna know what happened” Nellie huffed

“She deserves whatever she gat so there’s no need to feel bad” she added…Matteo glared at her and her lips sealed up quickly….

“Did you enjoy the party?” Matteo asked as they began walking headed to his quarter

“Kinda” She smiled

“Heard Sammie left the party, did he fall sick or something?” Matteo inquired

Nellie’s expression changed quickly…

“When did i become Sammie’s keeper?” She frowned

“Did that dude tell you something?” She added as her heart began beating, scared that Matteo might has find out about what happened between her and Sammie, that won’t be a good thing as it would destroy her chances of having him….

“Was he supposed to tell me something?” Matteo’s brow knitted….he felt Nellie’s uneasiness….

“Nothing happened” She cut him off quickly.

“Good night” She added and ran off from his presence….

“Strange” Matteo frowned

“Maybe something happened between them, let me pork nose a little” he chuckled…

“Fetch me Sammie” he ordered one of his men.

“Yes boss” the man bowed and hurried off…


Sammie held unto the gun, he pointed it to Monarch’s head and made to pull the trigger….

“Please….” Monarch’s lips trembled

“F**k” Sammie cursed as he discovered that he has wasted the bullets and they was none left in the rifle.

Rebel opened the door and walked in, her jaws dropped instantly….

“What the f**k is going on here?” She screamed on seeing the state that the room was in….the room which was in perfect condition before she went for the party was now a complete opposite, it was nothing to write home about.

Sammie clenched his fist furiously, he threw the gun away since it was useless and rushed off pushing Rebel out of the way….He stopped when he was almost close to the door….

“Avoid me Monarch, that’s my final warning” he shuttered before turning and living completely.

“That was close” Monarch held unto her chest

“That dude is violent” Rebel purred

“Don’t say that girl, i’m completely at fault” Monarch said and stood up from the floor, she dusted off her dress….she frowned as her eyes caught Rebel’s dress…

“What happened to your dress?” She frowned

“If it isn’t Matteo then who would it be, that dude is something else” she said in between gritted teeth.

“He f**ked you right?” Monarch chuckled

“I just hate him, he always do things his own way and doesn’t care what the other person thinks which is very bad” Rebel complained

“You should consider yourself lucky Bell, i told you it’s the first time he piqued interest in someone from our division” Monarch mumbled

“Screw that shit” Rebel huffed

“By the way, where’s Celia?” Rebel asked looking round the room

“That b*tch ran at the sight of danger, she’ll get it from me when she returns” Monarch hissed

“So do you still like Sammie after what he just did ? That dude nearly killed you like damn! He was this close to ending you” Rebel demonstrated with her fingers

“My love for him still stands, it’s till death do us part” Monarch winked

“You’re something else” Rebel chuckled

“I know, it’s either i have him or nobody does, I’m now on a mission, winning Sammie is my only priority as it stands” she winked

Rebel’s heart thudded at the mention of mission, she has to find out everything she came here for as soon as possible, if only she can get a tangible evidence against him then all these will be over.

“What exactly is in the modelling company and how can i get in?” She questioned Monarch.

“Is there a problem?” Monarch’s brow furrowed

“There’s none” Rebel forced a smile

“You have interest in being in the third division right?” Monarch chuckled

“There’s only one way to go into the company and that’s through the boss” Monarch responded

“Enough with the question girl, I’ll get a bottle and we’ll celebrate, i nearly lose my life” Monarch said and hurried off towards the direction of the kitchen, where their small refrigerator is located…

“Her mission is to win Sammie’s heart, mine is to end all divisions, if only she knows” Rebel sighed…..

“Don’t tell me you’re already feeling guilty, where’s the Rebel Wright i know?” She scolded herself.


Sammie was on his way to his quarter when he met one of Matteo’s men who told him the boss was looking for him…

He changed the route he was using and headed straight to Matteo’s quarter….

He knocked the door gently on arriving…

“Come in” Matteo’s voice could be heard

“Welcome back boss” He said with a bow

“Did something happen between you and Nellie? ” Matteo asked while taking off his clothes….

Sammie’s heart hammered against it’s ribcage on hearing the question he wanted to avoid….

“Don’t lie” Matteo said on seeing his conflicted expression

“Yes boss” Sammie sighed…..

“Wow!” Matteo chuckled,

“i can’t wait to tease Nellie by morning” he squealed

“Do you love her Sammie?, you know she’s important to me right?” Matteo questioned Sammie.

“To be sincere, i don’t feel a thing for her boss, you know we always get on eachother’s throat”

“If you don’t then how did you guys end up making out?” Matteo’s brow furrowed

“It’s complicated” Sammie bowed his head

“You may leave” He ordered

Sammie bow his head and headed for the door…..

Matteo finished taking off his clothes….his mind something traveled to Rebel, he sighed and slumped on the bed….

“Sorry Bell” He sighed before shutting his eyes….




Celia returned back to the room few hours later

“You’re a bad friend Celia, you didn’t even think of helping me, you just jumped through the window and left me to die alone” Monarch shuttered the moment Celia stepped into the room…..Rebel just watched them from the bed and burst into laughter……

“I’m sorry” Celia apologized

“I’ve being meaning to ask though, why exactly did you help her Celia, do you like Sammie as well” Rebel asked from the bed

“You like my Sammie?” Monarch’s brow arched

“That isn’t it, it’s kinda complicated”

“Good night girls” Celia said and rushed to her bed, she covered herself with her quilt and faced the direction of the wall…

“That’s strange” Monarch said to Rebel and also went to her bed….

Rebel’s mind traveled to Watson that moment…..

“The earlier you realize that what happened between us was a mistake, the better for you Watson” She said before covering up herself and drifting off to oblivion…..

Few minutes later when everyone where already asleep Celia stood from bed and headed to Monarch’s bed….

She squatted before her and traced her hands on her face…..

“I don’t love your Sammie Monarch, it’s you that i love but i just can’t say it out, I’m scared of losing you” She sighed….

She shifted close to Monarch and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Your happiness is my happiness” She whispered



Akantha went straight to Nellie’s room the moment it clocked 6, on her way, she walked past Sammie……

She stopped and stared at his back view….

“How manly” She smiled……

“When I’m done with helping my boss have master Matteo, I’ll focus on winning you over…for now, it’s just crushing from a distance” She sighed before knocking and entering into Nellie’s room….

“I was expecting you” Nellie smiled on seeing her

“I asked Leopold for help, is finding isn’t that favorable as well” Akantha said

“Leopold is the best in the whole of Denim so what do you mean by that?” Nellie arched her brow.

“Watson Lightfoot was Rebel’s coursemate in college, what he does can’t also be accessed” Akantha conveyed the news to her

“Things are getting interesting, i told you there’s a connection” Nellie smiled

“The Watson of a guy said he mistook her for someone else, i knew it was all a lie”

“What if those two are working for thesame person?” She tapped her nails against the bed stand.

“Money won’t be a problem Akantha, i want you to continue looking into the matter, tell our men to stalk this Watson of a guy if possible” She ordered


“Wake up angel” Zola sneaked into Rebel’s room….

“I said wake up” She continued tapping her

“What?” Rebel yawned and continued sleeping

“It’s Zola” She pouted

At the mention of Zola Rebel jumped from bed….

“Zola, isn’t it too early?” She smiled

“Good morning Zola” Celia and Monarch greeted in unison on returning to the room.

“Where are you girls coming from?” Rebel furrowed her brow

“Went to the main hall for training” Monarch replied

“Wren asked for you anyway” She added

“She better leave me alone” Rebel hissed

“Why didn’t you guys wake her up for the training, my angel should also keep fit yunno!” Zola pouted

“We tried to wake her up but she refused, the blame isn’t completely ours” Celia pouted

“The announcement made was that since members of the second division are still away, some members from our division will be trained so as to travel to Country R and safeguard boss containers, this one is really large and if anything happens to it, it might have an effect on the entire clan” Monarch explained….

“Where will the containers be taken to if they happen to land successfully” Rebel asked as the topic piqued her interest…..

“It’s not in our place to know” Celia replied her

“It would have been helpful if they know” Rebel said at the back of her head.

“Can you get dressed and acompany me just for today?” Zola requested

“Accompany you where?” Rebel frowned

“I need some new pajamas so I’ll be shopping for it today” Zola replied

“Alright, give me a minute to get dressed” Rebel smiled


Rebel and Zola were on their way out when Sammie stopped down…..

“She isn’t allowed to leave the mansion Zola” Sammie blocked their path.

“What do you mean by that? She’s going out with me” Zola shuttered

“Is boss aware?” Sammie inquired

“My guards are with me so there’s no need to take permission from daddy” Nellie countered him…..Rebel just stood there watching the drama of the little girl and Sammie.

“What’s going on here?” Nellie asked walking towards them alongside with Matteo

“What does it look like?” Zola huffed.

Rebel on seeing Matteo threw away her face….she was still mad at him.

“What are you up to Zola?” Matteo questioned his daughter

“I’m going shopping with my angel” Zola replied him…

“You can leave honey but she can’t” Nellie shuttered….it isn’t allowed….

Matteo continued staring at Rebel, he wanted to apologize but he don’t know how to go about it, it’s unlike him to feel remorseful but he don’t know why he is….

“Rebel I’m…”

“Daddy can we go, can we go please?” Zola cut him off before he could complete his statement….

“Go to my mall and nowhere else Zola” Matteo replied

“But Matteo, the rules restricts our clan members from going out especially not her, she can’t be trusted” Nellie countered him

“Who made the rules Nellie?”

“You did” Nellie sighed

“But your rules aren’t flexible remember?”

“I made the rules Nellie, i can bend it to my will and who said she isn’t to be trusted? She’s one of us Nellie….” Matteo replied her making Nellie’s jaws to drop…


After Matteo gave them the approval to leave……Nellie signalled Akantha to trail behind them…..

“Which mall do you have in mind Zola, i can recommend one for you yunno!”

“They’ll be no need for that” Zola smiled

“I’ll be going to my daddy’s mall”.

“Can you do me a favor Zola?”

“Anything for you Angel” Zola smiled

“Order the driver to turn the car” Rebel requested……

Unknowing to Rebel that Akantha was following them…..

Zola made the order and the driver turned the car as she demanded..


The car stopped in front of Rebel’s house…..she stepped down from it alongside with Zola.

“Where is this place?” Zola frowned

“My mom’s house” Rebel smiled……she has being troubled since last night after Nellie told her she paid her mum a visit.

Akantha parked a good distance away watching them……

Rebel walked to the door and placed a knock on it…..

“Rebel, you’re back” her neighbor who returned from grocery shopping walked up to her

“Your mum isn’t home, she was rushed to the hospital yesterday” her neighbor informed her

“What?” Rebel felt like her world has crumbled

“Which hospital?” She panicked

“Mario’s healthcare” the neighbor replied

“Thanks Mrs Evans” Rebel screamed and ran to the car with Zola.

“Take us to Mario’s healthcare” She ordered

“Didn’t you hear her or are you deaf?” Zola snapped at the driver who was waiting for her orders…..


Rebel rushed off to a doctor the moment she entered into the hospital…..

“I’m Mrs Wright’s daughter, what ward is she? She asked impatiently

“Oh Mrs Wright! The woman who was rushed here yesterday”

“She’s in the fifth ward by your left” he replied

Rebel ran off to the described ward…..the men appointed to guard Zola remained on standby…

Akantha also entered into the hospital watching her every move, she used the cap of the black hood she was wearing to cover her head……

“Mum!” Rebel ran into the ward…..a nurse was injecting her….

“Bell?” Mrs Vanessa called

“You came”

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this mum” Rebel said and tears began streaming down her eyes

“Hi” Zola waved at Mrs Vanessa…

“Hi cutie” Mrs Vanessa smiled at her

“What exactly happened?” Rebel turned to Jolie who was present in the ward….

Jolie narrated everything Mrs Vanessa said to Rebel….

“Are you sure you’re safe there?” Jolie pouted

“I’ll be” Rebel smiled

“You won’t be going back there bell, i won’t forgive myself if anything happen to you” Mrs Vanessa whimpered

“I have to mum”




Rebel, Zola and Jolie walked out of the ward….

“Don’t worry bell, the doctor said she’ll be discharged tomorrow” Jolie patted Rebel’s shoulder…

“If the mission gets too impossible return back home, losing a case won’t stop you from being Rebel Wright yunno!”

“I’ll succeed, i must” Rebel replied

Akantha watched them from where she was, she brought out her phone and took a picture of Jolie.

“She’ll be another way to nail her” she smirked.




“What does your friend mean by if the mission gets too impossible to should return back home? What mission exactly if i may ask?” Zola asked as they were returning back to the car….

Rebel froze on her spot, she wasn’t expecting such a question from Zola…..


“Who exactly is Rebel Wright?” Zola yammered


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