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{She’s on a mission}

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Chapter Eighteen


Nellie went straight to Zola’s quarter, she spotted her petite sleeping figure on the bed….she walked closer and sat by the edge of the bed….she trailed her hands around Zola’s face….

“You should have been mine” She sighed

Zola stirred on the bed and her eyes peeled open….she jumped from the bed on spotting Nellie…..

“Hmm” Nellie cleared her throat

“Your daddy asked me to come check on you bug” she mumbled

“You should have checked and leave not sitting there and watching my sleeping form” Zola huffed

“Only God knows if you weren’t even considering strangling me” she added

“I don’t have time for your blabbing bug, I’ve done what i was asked to, have a good night” Nellie said and stood to her feet heading to the exit…..

She shut the door of the room and went directly to Akantha’s room….she didn’t care to knock, she just opened the door and walked in…

“Akantha” she said in form of a whisper as she stepped in.

Akantha wasn’t in sight, Nellie made to leave but halted when she heard whimpering sound coming from the direction of the restroom….she turned and walked to the door of the restroom, she pushed it open and behold Akantha was on the floor crying out her eyes….

“Akantha?” Nellie called with furrowed brow

Akantha wiped her face and jumped up quickly…

“B-boss” she stuttered

“What happened to your face?” Nellie said walking close to her, she placed her hand on her swollen face and Akantha winced in pain….

“Ouch” She screamed and adjusted back

“Got into a fight” Akantha mumbled

“Fight? With who?” Nellie flared up

“With Monarch from the division of whores” She responded

“Wait! You mean that skinny b!tch did this to you?, it’s unbelievable” she said and cracked up in laughter….

Nellie laughed to her heart content and turned back to Akantha….

“So what led to the fight?” Nellie said composing herself

“It’s…its…..” Akantha stuttered

“Akantha, don’t lie, you always stutter when you plan on lying” Nellie pointed out

“I’m sorry for keeping it from you boss, i like Sammie” Akantha pouted

“What the heck!” Akantha gasped

“How come i didn’t notice?” She frowned

“She likes Sammie?” She mused….she suddenly became angry for no reason….

“Of all the people, why Sammie?” She shuttered

“Ion know, guess love happened” Akantha sighed

“But how is that related to that skinny b!tch from the division of whores?” She furrowed her brow

“Well, Monarch also likes Sammie, she confessed her feelings to him, i warned her to stay away from him, things took a different turn and we ended up exchanging blows” she explained……

“You said you like Sammie right?” Nellie smiled

“Yea” Akantha nodded

“Don’t worry, you’ll have him” she smiled

“For now get ready, we’ll be living for county X tomorrow” she ordered.



She kept rolling on the bed, sleep was far from him, the incident of that night keep playing in his head, the one were he made out with Nellie……..

“F**k!” He cursed and stood to his feet….

“Go away please” he tapped his head

He reached for the drawer next to his bed and brought out a sleeping pill….he stood to his feet, walked to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water and then gulped down the drugs he held in the otherhand……

He returned back to his bed, lay on it and continued tossing around until sleep finally came…



“Arise and shine for Zola is here” Zola entered Rebel’s room screaming…

“Gosh!” Rebel rolled and fell down from her bed….

“Good morning Zola” Monarch greeted, she just walked out of the kitchen, an apron was wrapped around her waist….

“Zola…” Rebel yawned

“Good morning mummy” Zola smiled

“Hmm” Rebel inhaled

“Is that sweet potato parmesan Tater Tots with sriracha ketchup I’m perceiving?” She said sniffing

“You have a good nose” Zola chuckled

“I can also perceive it” she added

“Who is putting the house on fire? Couldn’t focus on showering because my nostril was filled up with tantalizing aroma” Celia said walking out of the restroom…

“The food smells nice right?” Monarch smiled

“Yea” Rebel and Celia said in unison

“Thanks for making this, i missed it” Rebel said and jumped down from bed….

“Where are you going?” Monarch blocked Rebel.

“Who said i made it for you guys” she huffed

“What do you mean by that?” Rebel frowned

“Have you ever heard that saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach? Well, i intend of giving this to someone special, maybe, just maybe after eating this and many more, he’ll consider liking me” she made the last statement with a giggle.

“You must be kidding” Celia frowned

“You wanna give the food to Sammie?”

“Yup” Monarch replied and ran back to the kitchen, she walked out with a food flask in her hands…..

“This isn’t fair” Rebel pouted

“What then are we gonna eat?”

“There’s jam and bread in the fridge, manage that” Monarch said quickly and headed out….

“Has it gotten to that?” Celia frowned and jumped on the bed angrily…..

“This isn’t fair” Rebel pouted

“Don’t worry, I’ll have zuzu make you some when i return back from school, for now i have to leave, my phone just vibrated meaning that the driver is waiting” Zola said

“Alright bunny, see you when you return” Rebel waved at her

“I hope Sammie appreciates Monarch’s effort, it isn’t easy to make that cuisine yunno!” Rebel turned to Celia….

“Celia are you even hearing me?” She snapped her fingers before Celia’s face…..

Celia jerked out of her thought..

“Were you talking to me?

“Are you okay?” Rebel furrowed her brow

“I’m fine” Celia forced a smile


Akantha loaded the stuff they’ll be needing for the trip in the car…..

“You didn’t make use of an Icebag did you?” Nellie said concernly

“I didn’t boss” Akantha replied

“Why didn’t you? If Sammie sees you this way, it’s gonna be a turnoff for him” she teased…

“It’s not like i care” Akantha hissed

“Really? Isn’t that Sammie coming?” Nellie pointed to a spot….

“Where?” Akantha panicked and jumped into the car….

“Thought you said you didn’t care…” Nellie cracked up in a fit of laughter…

“But that Monarch should be thought a lesson yunno!” Nellie clicked her tongue.

“Wait in the car, i have to go see Wren”.




Nellie walked to the the division of whores, she went straight to Wren’s condo…she opened the door without knocking and went in.

“Good morning lady boss” Wren said slowly

“Holly molly!” Nellie gasped on seeing the state that Wren was in….some b!tches were helping her to treat and heavy injury on her back, her face was bruised beyond recognition….her legs were also bandaged..

“What happened to you Wren?” She frowned

“It’s nothing serious boss” Wren said wincing….

“How can you say it isn’t serious, damn! Your back look irritating” Nellie shook her head…

“I said it’s nothing serious” Wren wanted to yell at her but prevented herself from doing so….

“I’ll be going for a trip Wren, i want you to continue bombarding Rebel with chores, and that Monarch of a girl, she needs to be thought a lesson for injuring my Akantha” she ordered and turned to leave…..

“I can’t” Wren’s voice could be heard

Nellie stopped on her track and turned sharply to Wren, her glare made Wren to shudder in fear….

“Did you just say something?” She shuttered

“I s-said i c-can’t” Wren stuttered

“Wren?” Nellie couldn’t believe her ear

“You didn’t hear the news yesterday did you?” Wren said and burst into tears….

“I’m not longer the head of this division” she said sobbing….

“What? Why?” Nellie’s brow knitted…who f**king removed you from office? Is it Sammie?”

“No lady boss, it’s the master” she sniffled

“What did you do to anger the boss?”

“I was just following your orders boss, you asked me to labor Rebel so i decided to assign her with a duty, boss found out about it, he have the men torture me and then sized my position, to worsen it all, you know i hate escorting ships right? I’ve being assigned with one of such mission, as it stands, ion know what to do, can you apologize to the boss for me?” She pouted

“You didn’t tell him i sent you right?” Nellie panicked

“I didn’t” Wren said wiping her tears

“Good for you, if you aren’t the head of division any longer then you’re of no use to me, i thought a member of the first division did this to you but since it happens to be the boss, there’s nothing i can do about it, it’s not like we’re friends in the first place” Nellie huffed

“Take care anyway” she added and began walking off but halted once she was halfway….

“Blame your downfall on Rebel, she caused it” Nellie said before walking out…

“Rebel didn’t cause it, you did” Wren said with gritted teeth

“I hope you never return from this trip” she cussed


Nellie walked down the hallway that lead to the parking lot where Akantha was waiting for her….

“Nellie” A voice called behind her and began running to catch up with her

Nellie stopped as she heard him but continued as she spotted the person to be Sammie…..

“Nellie” he screamed, he increased his pace and blocked her

“What is it Sammie?” She snapped

“You want us to continue from where we stopped right? I’ll never get tired of cursing you Sammie, what angered me most was the fact that you told Matteo about it, are you that stupid?”

“I didn’t come here for that” Sammie sighed

“I know what i did was wrong, yesterday you said all sort of hurtful things to me because of it, i want you to know that i want under the influence of dr…..”

“Stop” Nellie cut him off

“I don’t need your f**king apology” she snapped

“Nellie, i know we don’t get along, but….”

“Didn’t you hear me, i said stop” she shuttered and began walking away but then stopped.

“If you want me to forgive you, you have to date Akantha, she likes you” she said and continued walking….

“Akantha? Wtf!” Sammie cursed

“Sammie…..” Someone called running to him

“Someone said they spotted you walking down here” she said panting….

“What Monarch?” He threw her a glare.

” be nice for once, i made you breakfast” she pouted and extended the flask to him….

“Go away” he hissed and made to walk pass her but she pulled him back.

“Atleast take the flask with you, what i made is really yummy” she pouted….

Sammie collected the flask for her….

“Thank you” she smiled

He opened the flask and emptied the content in it on Monarch’s head…..

“Wtf” she gasped

“I warned you but you didn’t listen, for the last time, avoid me Monarch” he warned.

Monarch stood transfixed on the spot, the fact that he poured the food on her didn’t annoy her, what annoyed her is the time that she used to prepare it…..

She balled her fist and another wave of determination flooded her…..

“I’ll continue trying Sammie, just one failed attempt won’t stop me” she screamed.




Matteo adjusted on the chair

“Today is the opening of Marco’s clubhouse right?” He asked one of his men….

” Marco’s clubhouse? Yes boss” the man replied

“Hmm” he hummed…..Marco and i are still on good page He said

“Have the most expensive gown in my mall delivered to Rebel” he ordered

“Tell her to get dressed before 12, we’ll be going to this clubhouse of his” he added…..

“Boss” one of his men ran in

“Speak” he ordered

“Nellie was spotted at the gate with Akantha, they said they’re going to Country X, should they be granted access?”

“Yes” Matteo mumbled

“I know you’re wasting your time Nellie, Rebel is clean” he said inwardly


Matteo are you sure she’s wasting her time? Hmm…..

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