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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Three

Honey….Nellie screamed running after Zola as she entered into the dungeon….

Don’t call me that….Zola snapped and continued walking…..

Zola’s voice made Matteo to drop the knife and whip he was using to torture Rebel earlier…..

Why did you guys allow her to come in? Matteo turned sharply to the door…..he hates it when his daughter witnesses his brutality.

You know how she is….she takes after you Matteo Nellie replied hesitantly

What in the name of Zeus? Zola gasped and covered her mouth in shock….since her eight years of existence, she has never seen such an ethereal beauty like damn! If there’s a word bigger than gorgeous then that’s what she is…..

Dad…..did an angel fall from heaven? Zola turned sharply to Matteo

What kinda exaggeration is that? Nellie snarled….where’s the angel you’re speaking of?

Zola what are you doing here? Matteo sighed….didn’t i ask you to wait a sec? Why did you even come here in the first place, you should have gone to visit Anna your friend Matteo shuttered

Anna? That kid from the fourth division? Wait….you’re encouraging your daughter to mingle with those lowlifes? Nellie frowned…..

Anna ain’t a lowlife b!tch, she’s my friend Zola fumed clenching her fist murderously

Zola? Who’s she to Matteo? Rebel wondered…..it isn’t in record that the mafia has a child…everything about him is get private……

Rebel cleared her throat and they all returned their attentions back to her……

Back to the matter on ground father, what is an angel doing here? Zola repeated her question smiling endlessly at Rebel

She’s…um..a…friend Matteo stuttered

A friend? You now hang your friends on stake? Zola gasped…..why is she bleeding, did you harm her dad? She glared at Matteo….

That isn’t it, we’re just trying to shoot a movie Matteo tried to convince her….

Shooting a movie huh! Where are the cameras? Zola huffed

Movie? Matteo just chase her out and finish this b!tch off…keeping her is of no importance to the clan Nellie shuttered

You don’t call the shot Nellie, i do Matteo yelled at her

Hi dear….I’m Zola, my daddy’s cupcake Zola flashed Rebel one of her cutest smiles…..

So the mafia has a daughter? This is interesting Rebel smirked inwardly

I’m Rebel She said timidly…..it’s nice to meet you She forced a smile…..

Wow! She’s shy Zola chuckled

This one seems nice Zola smiled

Daddy…she called for Matteo’s attention who was bantering words with Nellie

What? Matteo snapped

Marry her daddy, this one looks cute unlike some people Lola said taunting Nellie in the presence of her dad…….

Rebel didn’t know when she burst into a fit of laughter…..Matteo just stood dumbstruck…he wasn’t expecting such a word from his daughter…..Nellie’s expression changed completely….if this is a joke then she isn’t having any of it…..

Stop saying trash honey….is your dad in need of a bride? Nellie huffed

Wasn’t talking to you so mind your goddamn business Zola snapped

Language kid Matteo intervened….she’s older than you for crying out loud…..

Don’t scold her Matteo, she’s still a kid Nellie faked a smile but deep down she was fuming in anger…..

Really? It’s shocking how some people pretends to the core…honey this…honey that….mtcheew! Zola rolled her eyes

What the f**k? Rebel’s lips parted in shock….this kid has a sharp tongue……

Boss…..we’re under an attack one of Matteo’s men ran into the dungeon panting…..

Who dare attack? Matteo fumed….Pierce or who?

It isn’t pierce boss…it looks like they’re from country R….they all have a skull tattoo on their arms…you know what that mean….

Skull? Magenta….that bastard…after seizing my containers, he dare attack Matteo fumed and grabbed a sniper from the table……

Release her and appoint her a division…..but note that not a single hair on her head should drop Matteo ordered Nellie…..

And you…he pointed at a guard

Escort Zola to her quarters….if any harm befalls her…..

Skulls shall row The guard completed his statement with a bow

It’s good you know he smirked before rushing off…..

What’s going on? Zola frowned as she began hearing sounds of gunshots and screaming from outside……

No question young madam, follow me The guard ordered

See you around angel…Zola waved at Rebel…..

You heard dad Nellie….release her Zola glared at Nellie before walking out of the room swaying her little waist in slow rhythm……

Show some respect lady bug Nellie gritted her teeth

Lady bug? Weren’t you calling her honey some minutes ago? Rebel chuckled

Watch it……Nellie snapped and took long strikes towards Rebel…..she sent a punch to Rebel’s face making her to obtain a cut on her lip……Rebel felt a metallic taste in her mouth, she didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her what taste it was…..

Nellie grabbed a knife from the table and cut off the ropes that were binding her…..Rebel felt flatly to the floor…..

Code one…section two; no weakling is accepted in the clan……

Code three….section Five; a mafia should learn to mind his/her business as a minor statement might be taken serious by the opponent Rebel quoted….this isn’t her first mafia case and this isn’t the first clan she has intruded….she knows the codes and hymns of all the mafia clans in Denim….wondering how huh! Research is the answer to that…….

Quoting codes with me huh! Nellie glared at her

You started it Rebel huffed and stood to her feet, she reached for her torn outfit and put them on….she grabbed her bagpack….shot Nellie one more glare and made to work pass her…….

Nellie rushed to her and pinned her to the wall……

Listen bitch and listen attentively, i know the game you’re trying to play……you’re a spy and nothing more…..I don’t blame Matteo, he was stunned by your beauty and that’s preventing him from proferring the right judgment but take note that i….Nellie Cyprus ain’t easily fooled…..claiming to escape from country X huh! How can one escape from a ship with a bagpack? Just wondering though! Nellie shuttered

I promise you that from this day onward, I’ll make your life a living hell….you’ll regret every stepping feet on this soil She spat on her face…..

You…..she pointed at a guard

Take her to the fourth division….let every man take their turn she ordered

Fourth division yes….but no taking of turns, boss wouldn’t be pleased the guard countered her and you…..

Follow me He ordered Rebel

I’ll kill that b!tch, it’s just a matter of time Nellie shuttered clenching her fist……

That Nellie of a girl is gonna be a pain in the ass, i have to get rid of her Rebel mused as she was being led to the division Nellie appointed her.

Akantha has to do something about this Nellie stamped her feet against the floor furiously…..another man walked into the dungeon……

Boss sent for you…..bring new a new batallion, the men came prepared……

Roger that Nellie rolled her eyes before walking off……


Rebel must be in by now Maverick (the team’s overall boss) said

Yes sir, she must be in but the question remains, is she safe? Jolie said her mind

I didn’t make the plan, she did and if she doesn’t survive then someone else will have to go and completed the mission from where stopped Maverick said

What do you mean by that? Watson glared at him….Rebel has never failed and she won’t fail…..you gave her forty eight days right? Forty eight days are enough….under ten days, my Rebel will wrap up this case Dexter shuttered……

My Rebel? Jolie felt a pang in her heart…..she has loved Watson from the first day she set her eyes on him but everyone in the team knows that Dexter has a thing for Rebel……he might get on her nerve at every turn but deep down, he longs for her…….

Under ten days huh! I love your confidence Maverick chuckled


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