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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Thirty


Rebel just stood not knowing the excuse to give, she thought they won’t notice her absence but it seems she was wrong, she glanced at them one after the other, the glaring eyes of Isme sent cold down her spine, she swallowed nervously.

“I–went to see my mum” She finally found an excuse.

“Your mum stays in Denim?” Isme furrowed her brow

” I thought Nellie said you were in a clan in country R before?” She added.

“I didn’t say she was in a clan in county R before, i said she made Matteo believe that she escaped from a clan in country R and boom! She found herself in Denim, in the modeling van to be specific, isn’t that hilarious?” Nellie chuckled dramatically.

“You know what i even found funny?” She continued.

“What?” Isme and Nicky asked curiously.

“She said she went to visit her mum but from what i know, her mum is no longer in Denim, am i lying bell?” She smirked.

Bell was ramshackled, when did she return back that she actually happened to check on her mum?

“I didn’t give you the right to check on my mum, that was how you and your goddamn friend beat her up the last time, whatever you do Nellie, stay a hundred yard away from my mum, it’s a warning” She purred venting out her anger on Nellie.

“It’s not like I’m the only one hiding something here, almost all of you are” She added and began walking away.

Her words struck Isme like thundered, Nicky on seeing her changed expression gave her the “WHAT ARE YOU HIDING LOOK”.

“Mind your business, we aren’t on good term” She snapped the moment she felt Nicky’s gaze on her, she’s sure that Pierce has told her something, unknowing to her that the b!tch is in the dark.

“They won’t just mind their business in this clan, it’s always Rebel, rebel, rebel….Mtchew!!!” She hissed and continued walking when suddenly she felt someone pulled her and slammed her back against the wall.

He grabbed her neck that moment, choking the hell out of her.

“You’re hurting me” She gasped for air

“I asked you a damn question” He shuttered with flaring nostril.

A smile landed on Nellie’s lips on seeing how Sammie was choking her.

Left with no other option, Rebel kneeled his groin.

“Ahh!” Sammie screamed out in pain.

“Take that motherf**ker” She cussed before leaving.

“Wtf!” Nellie shuttered.

Sammie turned towards her direction and noticed how disappointed she was, that sort of boosted him and he ran after Bell ignoring the pain he was feeling.

Rebel heard his scream as he charging towards her……

“Yahhhh!!!!” He screamed as he ran towards her.

Rebel suddenly stopped on her spot, the moment he arrived she didn’t wait for hum to make any move, she simply grabbed him by the hand and flipped him making everyone’s jaw to drop in shock.

“Ahh!!!!” Sammie cried out as he flipped him, a creaking sound could be heard, it seems one of his bones got dislocated.

“Holly molly!!!!”

“Where in the world did she learn that stance?” Isme couldn’t hide her shock.

“Sammie…..” Nellie screamed and ran towards him.

“Who else wanna block my path?” Rebel shuttered

“You….” she pointed to Isme

“Avoid me, I’m not in a good mood today, if you don’t, I’ll forget that you’re Matteo’s mother and give you a roundhouse kick” She threatened, threw all of them a glare before retreating.

“Did she just threaten me? Does she know who i am? Isme Hemsworth, Head of the jupiter clan, a kid dare threaten me” She shuttered.

“But wait, what’s a roundhouse kick?” She asked no one in particular.

“Consult your dictionary Isme” Nicky huffed.

“I wasn’t talking to you” She snapped.

“It’s not like the question was directed at anyone so duh!!!!” Nicky responded with an eyeroll.

“W-what k-kind of move was that?” Sammie pouted as Nellie was lifting him up from the floor.

“Martial art” Nicky shrugged and slumped on the couch.

“Who told you it’s martial art, that’s judo” Nellie countered Nicky.

“Whatever” Nicky rolled her eyes.

“I’m really disappointed, if there’s a word greater than disappointment, that’s what I’ll use, the two of you were here and she just flipped him and you allowed her to go away like that, later you most especially” She pointed to Nicky.

“Will be receiving praise of being a good fighter while in the clan when you’re actually nothing than an overhyped motherf**ker” Isme added.

“Who said I’m overhyped, Rebel is just a learner, when they’re talking of real fighters, don’t count her in, I’m a professional Isme, i singlehandedly killed over five hundred fellas within a minute during the wall at skull’s clan in Country R, can Rebel actually do that?” Nicky shuttered feeling infuriated.

“I wasn’t there, i don’t believe in what i didn’t witness” Isme scoffed.

“Hmm, truly speaking, beating Rebel won’t take more than five minute of my time” Nicky mumbled.

“Seriously?” Isme chuckled.

“Yea” Nicky insisted.

“How about you give it a try then?” Isme smirked.

“Prove to us that you can beat her up and do it when we’re all around, like i said a minute back, i only believe in what i see” She smiled evily.

“But Matteo will be infuriated when he finds out, i don’t wanna get in his bad book” Nicky said with a deep frown.

“Don’t use Matteo as an excuse Nicky, just fight her” Isme insisted.

Sammie continued wincing while limping as Nellie was helping him to the couch, he felt embarrassed, this was the worst thing to ever happen to you in front of your crush….he sighed at the thought.

“Hard luck Sammie” Nicky muttered

“Don’t expect any sort of consolation from me Sammie” Isme said

“Can’t believe that behind this muscle, there is nothing, what exactly do you work out for?” She added and began walking away.

“I better go find Will and know what he’s up to” She said while going.

“He must be in the fourth division screwing some b!tches, he must have gotten tired of screwing your rotten p**sy” Sammie screamed after her just to get on her nerve like she did to him.

Isme suddenly stopped on her track looking murderous.

“F**k you Sammie” She screamed dramatically.

“I’m not ready Isme” Sammie stucked his tongue at her.

“Sammie….” She screamed angrily.

“Take me to the clinic before she descends on me and cause me another dislocation, I’ve not recovered from the one bell just gave me” Sammie mumbled making everyone to burst into a fit of laughter.


Rebel was only a distance away from her clan when she suddenly felt a tap on her ass.

“Why am I so unlucky today?” She shuttered and turned towards the direction it came from, sending a slap across the person’s face.

“Holy molly!” Pierce’s hand traveled to his cheek where she happened to slap.

“Pierce…..” Rebel’s brow furrowed.

“What was that for?” She snarled.

“Just a tap cause me a slap, i wonder what the real deal will cause” He said flirtingly.

“I know you’re sorry for the slap now that you know who it was so listen up, i have an offer for you” He smiled.

“What kinda offer?” Rebel frowned.

“I want you to be my woman, don’t worry, there’s something in for you, you’ll be my woman when i conquer this clan, don’t worry about Nicky, she won’t be a problem, I’ll just serve her some paper or send a bullet through her skull, it’s gonna be one of these two” he said with a smile.

Rebel suddenly cracked up in laughter as she heard what he said, that was the funniest thing she has heard today.

“The offer is good right? I know you’ll like it” Pierce smiled not knowing the reason behind her laughter.

“Are you medically alright?” Rebel suddenly stopped and threw him a dagger with her eyes.

“Yea, i can actually go on four rounds, that won’t be a problem, you think I’m beginning to slack in my performance?” He chuckled.

“Now I’m a hundred percent sure that there’s something wrong with your brain, listen up old cargo, the next time you’ll confront me with these sort of jokes i won’t take it likely with you, do i look like the gold digging Nicky to you? Do i look like someone who will leave a man in his vibrant age for a old hag like you? Respect yourself Pierce…..” She warned, threw him a glare and began walking away.

“Did i just get insulted and rejected at thesame time?” Pierce’s jaw dropped.

“I don’t take no for an answer bell” He screamed after her

“You have twenty four hours to give me a positive response or get ready for me” He added.

Rebel ignored him and continued walking away.

“I don’t know the problem with Matteo, he likes dating hot headed girls” Pierce hissed.


Rebel walked into their room and found everywhere quiet despite the fact that Monarch and Wren were in….they all didn’t seem to notice her presence.

“Hi girls” Rebel said jerking them out of their thoughts.

“Bell, where have you been?” Wren stood to her feet.

“Went to sort out some things outside the clan” She smiled.

“I can’t help but notice the absurd air here, is anything the matter?”

“Nothing is wrong” Monarch replied this time.

“We’re just grateful to God that the results came out negative, we aren’t a match for the donation” Wren said happily.

“Ohhh!” Rebel mumbled

“But they got a match Bell” Monarch chipped in on noticing Rebel’s sad expression.

“A he or a she?” Rebel inquired on hearing the news.

“A she” Wren smiled.

“I know she will cry out her heart the moment the doctor said she was a match” Rwbel chuckled.

“Yes, she was like mommy, daddy…..” Wren said dramatically.

“Hahaha” Rebel chuckled.

“She didn’t take it funny” Monarch mumbled.

“Who would, she know she’ll be dying” Rebel sighed feeling bad for whoever it was.

“I would have felt bad for her but no, i feel it’s nature punishing her” Wren said dramatically.

“Why will you say that?” Rebel glared at her.

“She happens to be Wren’s former roommate” Monarch mumbled.

“Now i understand why she’s saying that” Rebel chuckled.

“Where’s Celia? Is she in the restroom?” Rebel asked as she suddenly remembered that she haven’t seen her.

“Ohhh Celia, she went out with her boyfriend” Wren smiled.

“Celia, a boyfriend?” Rebel chuckled.

“I thought you said she likes Monarch?” She added.

“The girl’s confused bell” Wren chuckled.

“I know what she’s doing, she thinks going out with that Will of a guy will get me jealous? Never…..” Monarch huffed.

“Will?” Rebel frowned

“Where did i hear that name?” She began searching her brain.

“can’t remember” She mumbled.

“Let me just shower and go stay with Matteo, I’ll try to stop by at Zola’s quarters and check on her” She said and began heading for the restroom.


Nellie left the clinic after dropping Sammie to go get something from the store as the doctor instructed….

“Nellie…..” She heard her name and stopped.

“Akantha….” She smiled on seeing who it was.

“Nellie I’ve been looking for you” Akantha pouted, she was holding a chocolate shakes in her hand.

“Ohhh!!!! Thought you were mad at me” Nellie mumbled.

“No, why would I?” Akantha stuttered

“It’s just that my time of the month is close by and…..”

“I just knew it” Nellie said cutting her off.

“I knew it had to do with your time of the month, you giving me attitude was uncalled for since i did nothing wrong, now that i know your reason, it’s fine” She smiled.

“Awnn!!!, thanks….” Akantha smiled

“Anyway, i got you this” She said handing the chocolate shakes to her.

“Awnnn! Thanks” Nellie smiled and collected it.

“I’m heading to the store anyway, I’ll see you later” She said and began walking away.

A smirk landed on Akantha’s lip the moment she turned and began going.

“Tell Rodent to allow the men out for distribution since a donor has been found” She screamed as he was halfway.

“Okay” Akantha mumbled.

“Take this as a warning” She said under her breathe.


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