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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Thirty Six

“What’s happening outside?” Monarch panicked on running out of the restroom…she spotted Wren dressed up in all black outfit and bringing out weapons from a box.

“Heard Pierce attacked the clan” Wren answered before rushing out of the room.

“F**k” Celia cussed and rolled into the dress she just took off, she rushed to a spot…entered the password and pulled out a sniper.

“Gonna make use of you baby” She smiled and pecked it before running out.

Everyone in the clan were engaged, no one was left to rest, everyone was put to good use…it’s either you’re shooting or doing physical combat with the enemies….

Following Matteo’s instructions, Rebel was placed in the defense line i.e the front line….she looked behind her as she was given a gun to check on Matteo, their eyes met and he looked away quickly….

“I think i deserve it” She sighed before cracking her gun and shooting at the intruders venting her anger on them….


” Matteo….” Pierce screamed from the middle of his men.

“You’re going down…” he drawled

“Bring it on” Matteo smirked and continued shooting back at Pierce’s men.

On the rooftop, Monarch could be seen positioning herself and bringing down the men…..

“You didn’t tell us he’s on his feet boss” One of Pierce’s men panicked on seeing the way the white serpents were taking down their men.

“Awake or not, we’re taking over this clan” Pierce purred and the guy nodded fearfully…….

Rebel continued shooting until she ran short of armor.

“F**k” She cussed and flinged the door.

“Useless” She said with gritted teeth….

She waved her hands in air showing her opponent that she’s unarmed. He smiled and got rid of his weapon thereby attacking her by hand….

He rushed towards her with force and landed a punch on her stomach that sent her crashing on the floor….he rushed towards her and mounted on her and began choking her……Bell spotted the knife at the side of his jacket, in pains she reached for it…slowly and slowly until her hands reached it, she withdrew it and stabbed him on the side of his neck.

“Filthy motherf**ker” She cussed and rolled him off.

“Hiyaa” Rebel screamed running towards another person, she gave him a flying kick that sent him flying….

The person standing next to the man she attacked, attacked her…….he cracked his gun and aimed a bullet at her by Rebel was quick to see it coming, she dived and the bullet landed at someone beside her…..the person ran after her still shooting while Rebel kept diving by simply rolling on the floor.

“F**k” The man cussed as his sidearm went empty.

He made to reload it but Rebel was fast enough to jump on him and began punching….

“Motherf**king bastard” She cussed with each punch….hr struggled with her until he rolled her off and gained dominance hence, returning the favor of punching her.

“Bitch” He cussed as he began punching her

“I’m gonna kill you” He threatened and continued punching her….

“Shit” Rebel cussed as a punch that landed on her face ended up tearing her lips.

“Say your goodbye” He shuttered and pulled out a knife and raised it up to starve her.

Rebel shut her eyes anticipating his next step when she suddenly heard a sound.


The moment she heard it, the person on her rolled off and fell lifelessly to the floor….slowly Rebel opened her eyes and a smile curled on her lips on seeing who it was….Matteo had just saved her ass.

“Matteo….” She called happily

He extended his hands and pulled her up from the floor.

“Watch it b!tch, don’t get yourself killed” He snapped and began walking away.

“Atleast he still cares” Rebel smiled….she returned back to the person Matteo had just helped her to kill and took off his jacket getting more weapons for herself.

Nicky on hearing the sound outside also came out to fight…..She grabbed the new baby she purchased few days back and loaded it…..she aimed for a dude from the stairs and pulled the trigger bringing him down instantly, the bullet penetrated him and passed out at the back landing at the person behind him and hence, bringing down two people at once….

“What’s happening?” Pierce frowned on seeing what was happening….his heart skipped a beat when he saw the reinforcement that had just arrived.

“The bastard sent for backup” He gritted his teeth.

The men who just arrived encircled them and began taking his men down.

“Shit” He cussed…..

Isme ran out from her quarter with a box in her hand…she went to the top of the building where Monarch was stationed and opened the box….

“Wow!!! Bombs” Monarch smiled.

“Stop smiling and open fire on them girl” She ordered.

Isme reached for one of the bombs and set it up, after she was done, she threw it to the direction where Pierce’s men were.


The bomb exploded tremendously, she brought out another and did same thing….

“Let’s see how you’ll win Pierce” She smirked.

Rebel raised up her head the moment the reinforcement landed.

“Bruno?” She furrowed her brow

Matteo on spotting Bruno did same, he never sent a backup signal to him or ask him for help.

The arrival of Bruno’s men went a long way as it helped to bring down many of Pierce’s men…..

“Retreat……” Pierce’s loud screams could be heard and his men began running off.

Bruno and his men made to go after them but a signal from Matteo made them stop.

“Yay!!!!!!” the sound of jubilation could be heard in the clan.

“They’ll rise against us but just like they rised, they will fall because i am Matteo Pierce, because i am undefeatable, because the white serpents cannot be defeated….” Matteo cheered and his men roared in agreement.

“Pierce……you can’t defeat me, that should stick” He winked and began walking away….

“Take our injured men to the clinic and as for Pierce, he deserves some real torture this time, deprive him his ability to walk” He suddenly stopped and ordered one of his men.

“He can’t do that” Isme mumbled and began running down from the stairs….she ran past Rebel to go after Matteo but Rebel on seeing her rushed to her and pulled her back.

“Don’t interfere Isme, he deserves some real punishment this time around” Rebel muttered.

“Ion know, I’m just scared” Isme sighed.

“Don’t just meddle this time around”

“Fine….” Isme smiled.

“Thank God it’s over, i have to go wash up” Rebel said to Isme and began walking off….


“I said get the f**k away from me, didn’t you hear or you suddenly lose your sense of hearing?” Akantha thundered as Sammie continued running after her.

“Me being here isn’t because i want to but because your friend asked me to, she cares about you Akantha” Sammie sighed.

“Care?” Akantha threw him a glare

“If she does, she won’t do what she did” Akantha snapped.

“Really?” Sammie loses his cool

“What crime did she commit exactly? It’s not like I’m dating you or something, you just have some stupid crush on me” He thundered.

“Stupid crush?” Akantha snapped

“It’s more than that Sammie” She stood up from the swing she’s sitting on….this is a part of the clan she normally comes to clear her head.

She began walking towards him.

“I’m the one who truly loves you, Nelllie doesn’t, she’s just using you, Matteo i mean that boss is the one she truly loves” She muttered tearing up.

“Stop” Sammie yelled at the obviously bitter truth.

“She’s getting over the boss” Sammie countered…

“Really? Don’t deny the obvious true, she’ll never feel a thing for you, come to me Sammie, I’m the one that truly loves you, the one that’ll go through any length to make you happy, I’m the one that’ll never break you down” Akantha opened her hands to him.

“I’m here to console you but since you’re bent on doing this then it’s fine” Sammie shuttered.

“Akantha Montez, even if you’re the last woman on earth, I’ll never fall for you because you’re so not my type” He thundered and began walking away.

“You hurt me Sammie” Akantha sobbed.

“Forgive your friend, she mean well for you” He suddenly stopped and added and continued walking away….

“Sammie….” Akantha fell to her knees and began crying….


Rebel was on her way back to her clan after the fight when someone suddenly attacked her by sending a punch to her.

“F**k” She cussed and raised up her head to see who it was.

“Nicky” She called with gritted teeth.

“Bitch listen up, we’re gonna be having a combat, if i win, you leave the clan, Matteo and my daughter alone” Nicky thundered.

“I’m not interested in this stupid game of yours” Rebel huffed and stood back to her feet and made to walk away….

“It’s not like you have a choice” Nicky smirked and jumped on her, she began punching her….

“Stop this madness Nicky, I’m f**king tired” Rebel screamed but Nicky ignored her….infuriated by her action, Rebel summoned the rest strength she could and pushed Nicky off and returned back the favor in hundred folds….

Nicky not ready to back down pulled out a knife from the side of her jacket and gave rebel a cut on her face.

“Shit” Rebel cussed and one of her hand traveled to her cheek which was now bleeding.

Nicky used that as avenue and rolled her off, she stood to her feet and began kicking her with her leg while Rebel groaned on the floor……

“Stop….” Rebel screamed panting for air but Nicky wasn’t having any of it….out of anger, Rebel also reached for a weapon she took from a man earlier and stabbed Nicky on her lap.

“Ahhhh!!” Nicky’s loud screams could be heard…..

Rebel stood up quickly….

“Look what you have done” Nicky fell to her knees holding unto her lap.

“Code 001 A cut for a cut” Rebel winked and began walking away.

“That b!tch….” Nicky gritted her teeth.

“This fight is so not over” she screamed after Bell

“We shall see about that” Rebel replied with a mocking wink.


Matteo slumped on the couch in his room after returning back to his quarters….

“Boss, Lord Bruno is here to see you” One of his men said on coming in.

“Permission granted” He replied coldly and the door was opened for Bruno.

“Matteo my hommie” Bruno smiled on coming in.

“Rollo i didn’t ask for your help yunno, why did you come with backup when i didn’t ask for one” Matteo yammered the moment he stepped in.

“Always ungrateful” Bruno huffed and took a seat.

“My men and i had it under control”

“Man did what man gat to do Matteo” Bruno pouted.

“Bruno how did you know a war brought out in my clan, don’t tell me you planted a spy in my clan?” Matteo frowned as it suddenly clicked.

“Brave nigga” Bruno chuckled

“I must admit, i did” Bruno chuckled.

“Withdraw him Bruno or the moment i fish him out, I’ll end him” Matteo thundered.

“Man, you’re returning back to the cold you, what happened?” Bruno furrowed his brow.

“Nothing happened” Matteo shrugged.

Bruno brought out a stick and lit it up.

“By the way where’s Bell?” He asked on puffing his first smoke.

“She’s with her co-whore’s, if you need her, you know where to go get her” He thundered.

“Woah!!! Calm down nigga we ain’t fighting, i just asked a f**king question, she’s your woman remember, that’s the reason i asked” Bruno mumbled.

“She ain’t my woman, we were just f**kmates and nothing more, she’s addicted to my d**k man, she gives me the pussy and i give her the pleasure that’s all there is” Matteo brawled.

“That must be some joke man, just your f**kmate? You f**king started a fight at the get wet party because of her, you broke some damn code cuz of her man so stop saying that shit of her being your f**mate, you were f**king into her and you know it” Bruno shuttered.

“Change the topic man, it’s boring” Matteo banged the table separating them.

“Fine….now that you don’t want her, i can have her” Bruno smirked.

“Pieces of advise man, rethink it, that b!tch is gonna be your downfall” He said seriously and Bruno burst into laughter.

“Why then are you still standing man” Bruno commented while laughing out his lungs….he suddenly stopped as he remembered something serious.

“Wait man, how did you escape questioning? There’s no way President Gonzalez will go down without implicating you” Bruno stated.

“Where’s Gonzalez right now?” Matteo asked like he doesn’t know that obvious.

“That nigga is behind bars” Bruno chuckled

“But don’t escape my question man”

“I gat it covered, that’s all there is” Matteo closed the topic.

“Alright, i give up, you’re such a boring ass” Bruno said with an eyeroll.

“I’ll be on my way” he added

“Make sure you shut the door behind you” He ordered.

The moment Bruno walked out, Matteo reached for his phone and dialed a line.

“Tell Sammie to send me some b!tch from the third division, i need a good f**k” He ordered


Rebel entered her quarter and grabbed the first aid box on arriving.

“Holy molly!!! What happened to your face, one motherf**ker targeted your face during the fight right?” Wren panicked on seeing her and ran to help her out.

“Hope you slit his throat” Wren yammered.

“It’s not a He, it’s Nicky” Rebel replied with an eyeroll.

“Don’t tell me you just stood and watch” Monarch brawled.

“Trust me guys, i f**king stabbed her on her lap” Rebel smiled.

“Ouch” She pouted as Wren applied some spirit to the fresh cut.

“Just a stab? You should have cut off her ear, that way she’ll know you’re not to be messed it” Wren said infuriated.

“Seriously? I was on the floor, there’s no way i would have earned for her ear” Rebel mumbled.

“I won’t receive advise from Wren if i were you” Celia chuckled while walking in.

“Where have you been Celia, didn’t spot you fighting” Wren said.

“Love bites?” Monarch furrowed her brow.

“Don’t tell me you were busy making out with Will”

“F**k” Celia cussed and covered her neck feeling shy.

“Thank your ass the boss didn’t catch you, heard he’s back to been cold” Wren mumbled.

“Did Will say anything to you?” Rebel inquired.

“Nothing aside the ordinary” She shrugged.

“Hmm” Rebel hummed.

“About the boss changing, does it have something to do with the new heart in him?” Monarch asked the rest.

“The boss has always being cold, he just loosen up a bit all thanks to Bell, because of her, he visited this division something he has never done, if he’s changing, our roomie is gonna bring him back” Celia smiled.

” I have a confession to make, firstly, the boss and i aren’t on good term and secondly, we’re gonna be returning back to a single quarter” Rebel said with a sigh

“What?” All the girls gasped in unison.

“Why?” Monarch pouted.

“Matteo is planning on taking away my title and making me miserable” Rebel sighed.

“There have to be a reason” Wren brawled.

“Ion have enough courage to say it yet” Rebel sighed.

“It must be really deep” Celia sighed feeling bad for her.

“I backstabbed him” Rebel pouted.

“What?” Monarch gasped.

“The punishment for backstabbing is death Bell, if you’re lucky, he’ll give you two options” Celia mumbled.

“What are the options?” Rebel turned to Celia

“First option Strangling, second you’ll jump from the top of building” Celia sighed.

“Suicide?” Rebel gasped

“Second is preferable if you ask me” Wren stated.

“None is, they’re both cruel ways to die” Rebel stammered.

“That ain’t cruelty girl, cruelty is when the boss tear open your stomach and have every organs in your body plucked out and sent to the hospital for charity” Monarch said.

“Matteo does that?” Rebel pouted.

“He has done it thrice Bell, we all witnessed it” Monarch responded.

“Why did you think other druglords calls him cruel? Matteo is merciless, he never forgives and a backstab from someone he loves will damage him the more” Wren chipped in.

” I f**ked up big time” Rebel raked her fingers through her hair.

“You were thinking with your ass girl” Celia added.

“I was” Rebel sighed.

“Make it up to him” Wren suddenly suggested.

“How can I..” Rebel’s words suddenly hanged in her throat as she felt a strange urge…she stood up quickly and took to her heels heading to the restroom.

“Are you okay?” Celia ran after her

Rebel entered the restroom and puked out her heart…

“F**k” she cussed and rinsed her mouth with the running water from the tap…..she opened the door and came face to face with Celia, she made to step out but that urge came again….she ran back and squatted in front of the toilet seat throwing up once again.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Celia spoke from the door and Rebel turned to her.

” think I’m falling sick” She pouted.


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