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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Thirty Eight

“Where have you been girl, you scared the living daylight out of us” Wren yelled the moment Rebel walked into their new room.

“Sorry…” Rebel pouted

“You said you just wanted to get something from the safe but it took like forever” Wren continued nagging.

“What matters is that she’s now here right?” Monarch rolled her eyes….

“Where do we start from?” Rebel changed the topic by looking round the dusty room.

“This room is a mess” She added.

“I know” Celia sighed

“Do you know the worst part?” She sighed

“What?” Rebel furrowed her brow

“It has only one bed Bell, just one bed” Celia responded…

“No way….” Rebel screamed and ran towards the direction of the bunk and it was just as Celia had said.

“That bed can’t contain all of us” She shuttered.

“It can’t even contain two people” Wren chuckled.

“I guess the rest of us are gonna sleep on the floor” Monarch sighed.

“There’s no Way you’re gonna sleep on the floor Monarch, you’re the youngest, take the bunk” Rebel smiled.

“But you’re the one who’s sick, i think you should….”

“Thanks Bell” Monarch cut Wren off by jumping on the bed.

“Monarch…..” Wren gritted her teeth.

“What? She offered it” Monarch snapped.

“You shouldn’t always be the one sacrificing yunno!!” Wren scolded.

“It’s fine” Rebel shrugged it off

“From now on, I’m gonna be putting others need above mine, this is what landed me where i am today” Rebel added.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself girl, ion know what happened exactly but i’m sure you weren’t completely at fault” Wren cooed.

“Don’t try to cheer me up girl, it’s better i take the blame” Rebel countered.

“Get your ass down Monarch” She ordered.

“We got to clean”.

“Fine….” Monarch smiled and jumped down from the bed.


Matteo was sitted on his couch and wasting himself with a bottle of gordon…..Rebel was all that he had in mind…he knows that he has been hard on her since she woke up but he just can’t help it ….the feeling of having the one person you care about betray you isn’t going down well with him….he remembered that night, the night he shared a moment with her outside a party they attended, he told her that betrayal is one thing that doesn’t go well with him but she still went ahead.

“Why Bell? Didn’t i love you enough? Why did you chose your mission over me?” He sighed and gulped down more content….he reached for the side of his drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarette….he brought one out…..removed a lighter from the pocket of his short and lit it up.

“I’m hurt that I’m hurting you” He sighed before puffing out smoke….this new side of him ain’t one he’s proud of, he’s becoming a monster and he’s well aware of it…

“Maybe it’s for the best” He concluded

A knock landed on his door that instance.

“Come in” He ordered coldly and she stepped in.

“Hi Matteo” Nicky smiled walking into the room.

“Drinking alone huh!!” she added and rushed to grab a glass which was lying next to him, she collected the bottle from him and filled her glass up.

“What’s on your mind man?” She asked concernly.

“What do you want Nicky?” He threw her a glare.

“I just came to drink and talk and nothing more” She assured.

“We aren’t friends remember?” Matteo shuttered.

“And who said we can’t be?” Nicky smiled.

“Look, i know that the way things ended between the both of us was completely off, me choosing your old man over you was the worst decision I’ve ever made and no amount of words can undo my wrongs and I’m completely sorry about that….all I’m asking for is your forgiveness” She picked her words slowly.

“You want my forgiveness?” Matteo looked up at her

“You have it”

“I have no reason to stay mad at you, you did me a favor by leaving Nicky, your leaving gave me the kick that i needed, the push that made me who i am today, Matteo Pierce….one of the richest men in Denim and the world at large so what i owe you is a big thank you instead” Matteo smiled for the first time.

“Is that all you’re gonna say? That i gave you a push?” Nicky furrowed her brow.

“That’s all i got to say, what exactly do you wanna hear?”

“Ion know, maybe you should talk about the child we have together, about us getting back together, i know i screwed up my chances Matteo but i don’t want my daughter to grow up without a mum, i want her to have the both of us” Nicky admitted hurtfully.

“Nicky…..” Matteo chuckled.

“You should have thought about Zola when you left with my dad, you see this conversation about us coming back together, i don’t wanna ever hear about it again because it’s never gonna happen” He purred.

” I don’t even know what’s stopping me from blowing off your skull right now, you’re the last person i wanted to see” He hissed and puffed out smoke from the stick in his mouth.

“That’s because you still love me” Nicky said looking into his eyes.

“What?” Matteo furrowed his brow…

“I’ll prove it” She smiled and rushed off to his spot on the couch….she wrapped her hands around his neck and smacked her lips against his…..

At first Matteo didn’t reciprocate but with time, he did.

On realizing what he had done, he pushed her off.

“Stop Nicky” He gritted his teeth after pushing her off….

Nicky wasn’t ready to back down….

“Deep down Matteo you know that you still like me, you know that they can’t be a you without me, i know that deep down you feel like pinning me to the couch and riding me senselessly but what’s holding you back, don’t you like what you’re seeing?” She said the last statement seductively and began taking off her dress…..

“Nicky…..gosh!!!” Matteo raked his hands through his hair making it to scatter all over his face and adding to his hotness….

“Remember when we had cool and mind blowing s*x in chicago, it was memorable…..remember our make out under the rain….”

“That was during Paulo’s wedding” Matteo completed with a chuckle recalling the experience….

“We were outside in the open, we didn’t care if people were watching or not, we just let our hunger for eachother out….” he added.

“We gave them a live porn” Nicky smiled and walked towards him once again….she positioned herself on his lap….

“How about we let that unending hunger of ours out once more” She mumbled before smacking her lips on his once more…..

“Nicky…..” Matteo struggled and pushed her off…

“You’re with Pierce now, be contended” He yelled.

“But i want you” Nicky said pleadingly.

“Use the door Nicky” Matteo ordered emotionlessly.

“Please….” Nicky begged

“Don’t like repeating myself, my next action would be violence, don’t be a desperate bitch” He brawled.

“Fine….” She sighed and began walking away but stopped at the door.

“The main reason i came was to report Bell, she stabbed me on my lap, the next time she does something like this, i won’t let her off easily” She shuttered.

“Bell ain’t the aggressive type, you must have started the fight” Matteo shrugged it off.

“Like seriously? That b!tch has killer instinct” Nicky countered.

“Killer instinct?” Matteo chuckled

“I doubt that” He smirked

“You came to poison my mind so that I’ll hate her then i already do” Matteo threw her a glare.

“Whatever” She rolled her eyes

“You see the shit you did today, I don’t want it to ever repeat itself again, we’re done and that’s it” Matteo said his mind.

“One more thing Matteo….your mum and Pierce, i think they’re hiding something” Nicky muttered.

“I’ll find out what it is myself” He muttered…..


“Ouch!!!” Rebel winced as she suddenly felt an excruciating pain on her waist as she bent down to mop.

“What is it?” Wren rushed to her

“It’s nothing” She waved it off

“What do you mean by it’s nothing, you’re barely standing straight” Wren frowned.

“Take a rest, we’ll take it from here” Celia ordered.

“Thanks” Rebel forced a smile

“Can you get me a pain reliever Wren, I’m feeling lower abdominal pain” She pouted….

“I think you should visit the clinic” Wren suggested.

“To visit the clinic you need an approval from the boss” Monarch muttered.

“He won’t give me one, we aren’t on good terms remember, he’s gonna be like, i hope you die Rebel” She pouted.

“I don’t think he’s gonna say that” Celia patted her.

“If i go see him, he’s not gonna give me a chance to speak before sending me away” Rebel shrugged it off.

“A pain reliever will do” She added.

“Here it is” Wren checked her purse and brought out a card of pain reliever.

“Here’s some water” Monarch passed her a glass of water.

“I think you should eat first, you haven’t eaten today, what do you wanna eat?” Celia inquired.

“She likes scrambled egg, make her one” Monarch suggested.

“Hell no!!!” Rebel was quick to object

“Why no?” Wren knitted her brow.

“The thought of it wanna make me puke” Rebel made an irritated face.

“What? That’s strange” Wren frowned.

“I’ll just go ahead and drink” Rebel collected the glass of water and the tablet, she placed the drugs in her mouth and flushed it down with some water.

“Let’s stop for today and go to sleep, I’m tired” She yawned.

“Good night friends” She added and stood to her feet, grabbed a pillow and headed for a spot on the floor.



Rebel walked straight to Zola’s room the moment she woke up…..

“Good morning my angel….” she didn’t mind to knock, she just pushed the door open.

“Oops!!! she’s gone right?” Rebel chuckled

“Yes she is” Zuzu who was arranging Zola’s room replied.

“You’ll find her in the main hall, that’s where she’s organizing the party and here…..” Zuzu passed her some cards.

“She forgot those” She smiled

“Okay” Rebel returned the smile and began walking off.




“Wow!!” A gasp escaped Rebel’s lips on arriving at the main hall.

“My angel…” Zola smiled and rushed off to her on spotting her.

“How does it look?” She asked curiously.

“Doesn’t look like something an eight years old could plan” Rebel said in surprise still looking round.

“I didn’t do it alone, i asked for help from Zack’s wife” Zola responded.

“Doctor Zack is married?” Rebel frowned.

“Yes he is” Nicky replied walking up to them.

“I am not in this clan but i know that the doctor is married to a lady from the second division” She added and Rebel threw her a glare.

“Nice decoration baby” Nicky smiled at Zola.

“I made them” Zola replied with pride.

“Matteo is gonna be so emotional” Rebel smiled…..

She spotted Isme and waved at her

“Isme got him a presence” Zola whispered to Bell.

“Ohh!!! It seems you guys are spending some time together” Rebel mumbled.

“She ain’t that bad, we’re getting along” Zola replied.

“I don’t want the flower there, climb the goddamn ladder and take it up, i want everything to be perfect” She yelled at a lady.

“Should i go and put it up, it seems the lady is scared of height, she look scared” Rebel pouted.

“There’s no way you’re climbing that ladder, what if you fall?” Zola frowned.

“You know what? Let’s go and get daddy” She suggested.


“Happy birthday to you”

“Happy birthday to you”

“Happy birthday, happy birthday….happy birthday to you…..” Zola and Rebel sang melodiously on entering Matteo’s room.

“I forgot today is my birthday” Matteo chuckled after they were done singing the song.

“I told you he’s gonna forget” Zola turned to Rebel.

Matteo and Rebel’s eyes met and he threw her a glare…..she looked away quickly.

“Boss we gotta go” Sammie said on stepping in.

“Hi Zola….” he waved at her

“Are you going somewhere daddy?” Zola pouted.

“Yea, we’re going to the modeling company” Matteo replied.

” but….but….”

“No buts, Sammie told me about the birthday party, i thought i asked you to stop last year” Matteo cut her off.

“Sammie…..” Zola threw him a glare and ran off furiously.

“Zola….” Rebel screamed after her.

“Please show up for the party, she really put in alot of effort to plan it” Rebel advised.

“You don’t tell me what to do” He snapped.

“Let’s go Sammie” He ordered

“Come out Rebel, i have to lock my door” He ordered when he got halfway….




“Zola……” Rebel called as she finally found her….she has been looking for her since she ran off.

“I’m sorry about that” Rebel squatted to her level and patted her back.

“He said he warned you last year, why didn’t you stop” Rebel sighed.

“If i don’t celebrate his birthdays with him, who will?” Zola sobbed.

“So he’s just gonna allow my effort to go in vain” She pouted….

Rebel on seeing how hurt she was decided to cheer him up.

“I have a goodnews for you” She smiled.

“What’s that?” Zola wiped her face quickly.

“When you ran off, i scolded him, i told him that it would be irresponsible of him not to show up at a party his precious Zola threw for him and guess what?” Rebel chuckled.

“What?” Zola asked curiously

“He said he’s gonna be back for the party before you know it” Rebel smiled.

“Really?” Zola jumped from her seat.

“Yes” Rebel smiled

“I knew he was gonna listen to you, that’s the power you have over him as his woman” Zola said happily.

“I’ll be right back angel” she added and ran off.

“Atleast she’s happy” Rebel smiled.


Rebel sat in that same spot waiting for Zola to return when she spotted Sammie walking in….he looked restless.

“Where’s Matteo?” She furrowed her brow….she stood up and ran to him.

“Sammie…..” She screamed and kept running to him until she cut up with him.

“What?” Sammie threw her a glare

“We aren’t fighting man” She rolled her eyes

“What do you want wench?” He snapped.

“Matteo….didn’t he return for the party? Zola’s waiting” She mumbled.

“You got what you wanted, are you happy now?” Sammie said with gritted teeth.

“What are you talking about?” She frowned.

“The boss has been arrested” Sammie yelled.

“What?” Rebel gasped.

A shattering sound was heard that moment….the frame in Zola’s hand fell off scattering on the floor….she happened to overheard what Sammie said.

“My daddy has been arrested?” A tears slid down her cheeks.



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