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Monarch and Celia walked down the hallway looking for Sammie….

“Where might he be?” Monarch became worried

“I told him not to allow him to slip your fingers didn’t I? Celia scolded her

“I want watching him, i was distracted and the next thing i know, he was gone read” She pouted

‘You know how strong the drug we placed in his drink was, maybe he’s in a room right now banging someone else….someone else is enjoying the fruit of your labor” Celia shuttered

“Don’t say that please” Monarch pouted

“What are we going to do now?” She pouted

“Let’s just hope that he doesn’t remember that you gave him the drink or else we will be in some deep shits, if i would have known, i wouldn’t have helped you out” Celia said worriedly……on seeing how her friend craves for Sammie, she came up with the plan of spiking his drink and having Monarch have her way with him to fulfill her fantasy. Now, the plan has taken a different turn, someone else must have fallen victim.



Sammie woke up to meet the glaring eyes of Nellie.

“What the f**k!” He jumped from bed on seeing her with her bikini…..the event of last night began playing in his head….

“Don’t tell me we f**ked” he screamed frighteningly…..

“You forced yourself on me Sammie, you should be apologizing” Nellie seethed in anger

“If not because i was drunk, i won’t have ended up with someone like you” Sammie huffed

“Someone like me? What happened to someone like me?” Nellie raised her voice.

“I didn’t mean it that way, it’s just that you aren’t my type of lady” he said sincerely

“And you aren’t my type of man either” Nellie snapped

“The deed is done anyway, what’s left is for me to take responsibility” Sammie sighed

“Taking responsibility?….so funny!” Nellie huffed

“Read my lips Sammie, this never happened, i belong to Matteo so delete this from your memory” She said in form of a warning, grabbed his jacket, put it on and walked out of his sight……

“F**k, f**k, f**k!” Sammie cussed….

“How did i end up in bed with her, i remember taking just one shot” he pouted

“Wait…..” His eyes widened

“That bitch from the fourth division….what’s her name again? Monarch” he gritted his teeth as he suddenly recalled that she was the one who offered him a drink.

“I’m coming for you” he seethed in anger.


Rebel’s eyes suddenly peeled open and a loud scream escaped her lips on seeing that she wasn’t in her division….seeing her naked form worsened everything…..

“Don’t tell me a stranger screwed me” she panicked

Her screaming made Rollo to run out of the restroom, he went to empty his bladder.

“Who the f**k are you?” She jumped from bed on seeing the stranger before her….

“Wait ……wait, wait” She racked her brain to recall where she saw his face.

“The next case I’ll be handling after that of Matteo” she gasped and covered her lips quickly.

“you’re happy seeing your celebrity crush huh! ” Rollo chuckled….you even sang for me last night……

“Bruno right?” She asked

“Yes Bruno but i prefer the name Rollo” he smiled revealing the dimple on his left cheek…

“I’m doomed” Rebel covered her face in embarrassment.

“Did we in any way make out?” She pouted

“Yes we did, you were like Bruno faster, bang me harder daddy” Rollo said chuckling

“I didn’t say that” Rebel frowned

“You sure did” he winked

“F**k” Rebel cussed, she grabbed his black jacket, put it on and ran out….

“Isn’t she cute?” Rollo smiled…can’t believe she passed out yesterday He chuckled

” I’ll have you next time bunny” He smirked

“Time to meet Matteo and settle things” he said clicking his tongue…..


Rebel ran out of the room not sparing anyone she ran past a glance……why did she even decided to fit in? Now she has ended up screwing her two subjects thesame day……

Some of Matteo’s men who saw her ran after her since their boss was looking for her.

“Stop” one of them screamed as they continued running after her.

“What the f**k do they want” Rebel huffed and continued running, they caught up with her and one of them lifted her up from the floor…..

“Stop i have no undies on” She began screaming as she remembered that she left her pantie in Rollo’s room.


Nellie went straight to Matteo’s quarter the moment she left Sammie’s room.

She didn’t care to knock, she just kicked the door opened…

Matteo raised up his head to see who just barged into his quarter.

“What is it Nellie?” He shuttered

Nellie wanted to scold him but on seeing the state she was in she frowned.

“Dark circles? You didn’t sleep?” She frowned and rushed off to him…..she forgot the fact that she was mad at him and decided to find out the reason behind his sleeplessness, it’s so unlike him.

“Just thinking of random stuffs” he shrugged

“Just random stuffs? Nellie furrowed her brow

That moment a knock landed on the door and some of their men walked in, one of them was holding Rebel who was screaming for release.

Matteo jumped from his seat on seeing her, he rushed off to them making Nellie to fume in anger.

“Don’t tell me he had a sleepless night because of her staying with someone else” she mused and her fist clenched in anger.

“What happened yesterday ?” Matteo roared making everyone in the room to flinch

“What are you talking about?” She frowned…..I’m not in the mood for this joke, I’m still mad at you She snapped

“Don’t anger me Bell so just answer the damn question, did he f**k you?” He said in between gritted teeth

“Bell? Wtf!” Nellie’s anger worsened….he even gave her a pet name.

“If he f**ked me or not, it’s none of your f**king business” Rebel spat…..

“How dare you?” Matteo frowned and grabbed her neck and began choking her

That moment someone walked into the room.

“What’s going on here?” Zola’s voice could be heard.


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