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THE MASTER’S SON – Episode 87 & 88



CHAPTER 8️⃣7️⃣&8️⃣8️⃣


By: Naomi Cindy B.


“Being a vampire isn’t bad after all” Ceres smiled, kicking Mali’s body on out of her way before speeding away when she sensed the presence of others.

Krishna arrived with Raven and Agatha, and their eyes almost fell from their sockets when they saw Mali’s decapitated body.

“No… Mali!” Krishna ran to her, falling on his butt right beside her.

His hands were shaking as he tried to touch her body, but Raven held him back.

“You only just recharged, touching a corpse might not mean well” he said, and despite how hard Krishna tried to hold in his tears, they fell and rolled down his cheeks.

“I should have followed her back to the river first, I should have…

He was still talking when her body disappeared from him, and he stood.

“What just happened?” He said in confusion.

“She’s a mermaid, Krishna. Her realm obviously took her body, and I think you shouldn’t cry much. Whoever did this will surely feel pains too” Ruthie replied.

“What do you mean?” Raven asked.

“The mermaid’s curse will haunt whoever it is till he or she will nearly be driven to insanity. Mermaids might look fragile, but they have their way of revenging too. He kingdom won’t just sit and watch” she explained.

“Then I think we should go search for Agatha now. We can’t go to the Institute without her” Raven said.

“I can do a locator spell to know where she is, but I need a map and and your blood” Ruthie replied, facing Krishna.

“My blood?”

“You’re her family, your blood can find her” she replied, and he wiped his tears.



The old witch was still in the position Kira left her at when Orion came in.

“Look who got trapped” he said, and she coughed out blood again. The ground is already full of her blood.

“She cast …a..a.. spell” she tried to talk.

“Aren’t you a witch too? Reverse it” Orion replied.

“She’s a million times stronger” she replied, and Orion suddenly felt the dark energy from the burning incense on the table.

He moved it to the ground magically.

Just a glare from his eyes made it melt away, and the bleeding stopped

“She binded the spell with the incense, so the more you inhaled, the more you bled” he said, taking his seat.

Bathsheba wiped the blood off her nose and stood too, taking her seat in front of him.

“So I never took this previous life of a thing serious till today when I heard it from another person” he said.

“And you obviously can’t wait till the next full moon” she replied.

“What has the next full moon got to do with it?” He frowned.

“You and Samara will have the dream about everything that happened in your previous lives at once. It’d be a really bloody night, cos things won’t remain the same after that” she smiled.

“Your parables are always making me wanna rip out your tongue. Can you be more accurate?” Orion replied.

“An important villain of your existence will be leaving the surface of the earth during the next full moon, and in exchange for his life, memories of your past lives will be released by the heavens” Bathsheba said.

“An important villain?” He asked, and she nodded.



Immediately Samara came in, Echo stood and started walking out.

“Echo!” Samara pulled her back, and Echo gave her a stinging glare, causing her to let go.

Echo left the room, and Samara sighed.

“Just give her time” Peony said.

“I think so too” Dakota added.

“Fine, but why isn’t Agatha here yet?” Samara replied.

“She’s back?” Peony asked, and Agatha came in immediately.

“Agatha? Where’s Ruthie and Raven and Krishna?” Peony stood.

“They still have extra days to spend over there, I came back cos it was too boring” Agatha replied.

“Does Raven even miss me at all?” Peony crossed her arms on her chest, and Dakota laughed.

“Her boyfriend?”

“Yes! My inconsiderate, bigheaded boyfriend! Urggh! I miss him but at the same time I don’t” Peony complained.

“Heard there’s a new boy. The seal” Agatha said.

“Hades? Yeah, and I should probably introduce you to Dakota” Samara replied.

“No need. She’s a siren right?” Agatha’s replied before she could stop herself.

“How did you know? Did you recharge in Sullivan too?” Peony asked.

“No…by the way when is the supernatural convention starting?” Agatha asked, diverting them.

“In three days. I heard we have to pass several fighting tests and all. I hope I get an easy partner to take down easily” Dakota replied, and Peony sneezed.

Samara was about to talk when Peony sneezed again.

“Are you ok?” Agatha asked.

“I just feel like… I’m smelling something I shouldn’t be smelling… like something forbidden or…” Peony sneezed again.

“I’ll be right back!” Agatha quickly left the room when she got what’s happening.

Peony’s sneezing stopped immediately, and the girls exchanged glances.

“What’s happening? Why is she acting different? And don’t tell me the smell came from her” Peony said.


Agatha was glaring lethally as she walked down the hallway alone, chewing on her own tongue…

“I haven’t even spent close to an hour here, and I’m already getting suspected? I feel like tearing their heads off and …”

“We met again” Thanos interrupted her, she she smirked when she saw him.

“You must really have a death wish”

“I think I should be the one saying that” he replied, and she made to attack him again like the other time…

“Invisique” he muttered, and he became invisible.

“He’s an heretic” Agatha muttered.

“Thinking deep?” Thanos voice came to her again, and she looked up to see him dangling from the roof, looking at her from there.

Before she could move a finger, he snapped his fingers, and her head dwindled madly.

“Arghh!!!!!” She groaned, grabbing the head tightly.

“Stop!!!! Stop!!!! Argghhhhh!!!!” She screamed, and the moment he came down from the roof, she summoned the emotionless sword, and it landed on her palm.

By now, disciples gathered around them already, ready to watch what’s gonna happen.

“Why is Samara’s sword with Agatha?” Peony said when she saw the sword.

“It’s not my sword anymore. It went to Samira” Samara replied, and that was when she noticed Agatha’s neck, seeing the Hercules necklace.

How come she didn’t notice before???

“Meaning?” Dakota asked.

“That’s Samira, not Agatha, reason i was sneezing earlier” Peony replied.

Thanos was about to start a migraine spell on Samira when Orion entered the hallway speedily.

He almost had Samara’s neck, but she vanished fast.

He didn’t waste time before vanishing after her, and Samara did the same, but immediately she landed in the woods, she met a different person.


“You again?” She said breathlessly.

“Why don’t we finish what we couldn’t finish earlier?” Kira replied, smiling ominously.

“Fine…. let’s finish up” Samara replied, gathering her energy to her core as her eyes began changing color.


Ruthie came to the base of a tree with Raven and Krishna immediately they found the map.

They’re currently between Sullivan and Delos.

Ruthie took Krishna’s hand and cut it with a small knife.

She dropped her blood on the center of the map and closed her eyes, chanting the spell.

¶Phasmatos Tribum…

The blood started moving on the map, following the traces.

¶Nas Ex Veras…

The blood moved lower, and Krishna’s stare turned keen on the map till the last line of the spell.

¶Sequitas Sanguinem.

Ruthie opened her eyes after saying that, and the blood stopped moving on the rockiest part of Delos wilderness.

“She’s in the demons coven, I think” Ruthie said, and they took off immediately.

Krishna used his wind, transporting them to the wilderness within two minutes.

They landed on the rocks, and from there, they saw the coven, the rocky place in-between seven burning fires.

“Ok….shall we flex some muscles?” Raven folded his fists.

“I’m gonna kill every single person in there if it means getting Agatha out” Krishna replied, and Ruthie smiled.

At once, they jumped down into the coven.



Orion and Samira landed at the same time, and she laughed loudly

“You really are determined to kill me! Are you afraid I’m gonna hurt your mate?”

“I still don’t know why you were crowned the queen of the dark when you’re nothing without that emotionless sword and the Hercules necklace” Orion replied.

“Remember I haven’t gotten the two yet when i tricked you back then. You thought I was Samara, and we kissed” she smiled with a side of her face.

“I’m gonna rip out your tongue for that” Orion replied.

“You know I used to think I’m the most pathetic human on Earth, but then I met you… Your mother hated you from birth, and your father hates you more. Your only biological sister is dead, and you killed your stepbrother by yourself cos he was the one who killed your sister. I heard you did something very cruel to Samara in your past lives, so the moment you both get back the memories, I bet she’s gonna hate you and…

Orion’s fangs were already out before she could say more.

A loud growl from him shook the whole forest, but before he could charge forward, another person did.

She grabbed Samira by the arm, and Samira groaned as her magic started getting transferred into the other body.

She looked up slowly, still groaning till their eyes met.

“Wan…da” she mumbled.

“You still haven’t changed, Mira” the bald-headed lady replied, holding her tighter.

She’s currently siphoning her magic… She’s a siphoning witch without her hair

“Arggghh!!!!” Samira screamed again, falling unconscious on the ground.


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