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THE MASTER’S SON – Episode 89 & 90



CHAPTER 8️⃣9️⃣&9️⃣0️⃣


By: Naomi Cindy B.


“Arggghh!!!!” Samira screamed again, and in the next minute, she fell unconscious on the ground.

“Wanda?” Orion asked, and she flashed a bright smile.

“Nice to finally meet you, Orion Alaric”


“A siphon. I lost my hair and magic since mother cursed me, so I have no power of my own but I can steal from witches just by touching them” she explained.

Orion looked at Samira’s body on the ground and slowly squatted beside it…

“She’s in a different body right now, how did you recognize her?” He asked.

“We’re family, and the Hercules bloodline smells more than you can imagine. It was easy” she said.

“For how long is she gonna be out?” He asked.

“She has ten more minutes to be unconscious, I’d tie her up if I were you, but soak the ropes with peccan pepper, that way her escape would be blocked” she replied.

Orion lifted Samira and teleported with her, landing in his room at the Institute.

It only took few minutes to get the ropes soaked in the pepper water, and immediately she was tied to a chair with it, her eyes opened, and Wanda came into the room.

“So…you came back to kill me? Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in capturing me, kill me” she said obstinately.

“It’s nicer than I thought, I mean seeing you again after several years” Wanda replied.

“I expected it, you’re an abandoned witch who got cast away by her own family anyways, I’ll be a thrilling sight for you” Samira laughed.

“I was cast away cos I sinned” Wanda replied.

“Sinned by killing our father mistakenly? I kill who I need to kill without remorse and no one judges me for it cos I’m a dark witch! Why can’t you just join me and get rid of your guilt! You’re nothing but a siphon without your hair anyways! You’re empty!” Samira yelled, and Wanda tried throwing her away with the chair magically, but it didn’t work.

“I guess the magic you sucked from me flushed away already, how pathetic” Samira laughed.

“When you both are done with the lost but found sisters drama, tell me” Orion spoke finally, and Wanda walked out of the room.

“Not like you can kill me anyways! I’m in Agatha’s body and killing me means she’ll never get her body back!” Samira yelled.

“I’ll shut you down soon, keep ranting” Orion said bitterly, walking out of the room.

Samira huffed, trying to ease the ropes on herself, but it only got worse.

“Ahh! Those imbeciles!” She groaned.


“How long will it last when you suck out magic from other witches?” Orion asked when he got out with Wanda.

“No given time, it depends on the intensity of the source” she replied.

“Samara intends to make your mother lift the curse from you so you can have your hair and powers back, then the sword and necklace can return to you” Orion said.

“No, I’m not doing that” Wanda faced him.

“Are you kidding?”

“I wanna become like him” she replied, pointing at Thanos who’s walking the opposite corridor.

“You’re gonna become an heretic?”

“If only you turn me. Witches who gets turned by vampires become heretics, and they’re one of the most powerful supernatural beings alive. They’re more powerful than normal witches like Samira. Even if she still has the sword and necklace, I can kill her if I become an heretic” she assured.

“The necklace brings back the dead, there’s no way you’re gonna defeat her like that cos she’s gonna come back no matter how many times she dies” Orion replied.

“I only need to kill her once and steal the necklace from her, then when she wakes up I kill her the second time and she’s gone for good” she replied.

“You’re gonna steal a supernatural device? Look I don’t care about anything but you’re a sister to Mara and I can’t do anything to make her turn against me again. Supernatural devices follow rules and once the rules are broken then consequences follow. Why do you think no one has stolen the forbidden manual yet? Fear!” He scolded.

“I’m gonna talk to Samara about it, and once she agrees you’ll have no choice but turn me. Believe me or not I was born to stop the coming disaster with the two of you” she replied.

Orion sighed. “Fine”

“By the way where is she? Samara?” She asked, and they were answered by a loud thunder in the sky

They both stood at alert immediately.



Samara is fully transformed, her fangs pricking out of her dentals as she stood some distance away from Kira who has a satisfactory smile on her face.

She’s in her hybrid form right now, and her eyes are deep green with slight mixtures of red.

A big leap took her to the top of a tree, and by the time she landed down, she was in front of Kira.

Kira took advantage of the landing and placed an hand on her head, reciting a weakening spell, but Samara shook her off and knocked her to the ground.

She almost bit her as her growl filled her ears, but Kira was lucky to move her away. She’s so damn strong.

Kira fell a tree magically, but before it could reach Samara, she already left the spot, speeding back to Kira and knocking her down to the dried leaves.

Kira chanted a short spell, and the ground opened up, swallowing both of them inside.

Once they were in the sand, Samara chanted the reverse of the spell, she before the sand could cover them, they both came up at a time, and she slammed Kira on a mahogany tree.

Kira bled from the mouth, but she stood strong immediately she landed back on the ground.

¶Incendia!” She shouted, but instead of Samara, the fallen tree from earlier caught fire.

Samara split the tree with her eyes, and fire sticks flew to every angle in the woods, making the dried leaves catch fire.

A big fire started, trapping them in the middle of a pentagram.

“Give up on him, he’s not worth your life! You’re destined to die for him to live in this second life! You already have what’s going to kill you inside of you!” Kira shouted.

“The destiny isn’t following what’s in the legend anymore! It’s useless!” Samara gnarled.

“The legend book got burnt immediately he changed your fates, but the last page remained intact, and do you know what’s on that page?” Kira laughed, summoning the book.

She opened it, and truly there’s only the last page left with just two words…


“You can’t escape it, you’re leaving the surface of the earth for his sake!” Kira yelled.

“Growllll!!!” Samara snarled, pouncing on her again.

Kira’s spells weren’t enough to keep her away this time cos she was able to give Kira a bite on the arm.

The pentagram disappeared immediately, and the fire went down. Kira disappeared, and Samara fell on the ground.

Wanda appeared with Orion that instant, and he heaped her up in his arms, taking her away.



The breaking of the rocky walls alerted Agares that Intruders are in, and he stood skeptically with Rhea who’s still inside with him.

In no time, Krishna and the other two were already with them.

“Get Agatha out here and I’ll leave like a good guy” Krishna said.

“How did you get through the seven fires? Queen Samira strengthened the intensity!” Agares demanded.

“I’m a witch” Ruthie smiled, and Rhea shifted back.

“Go get her out of the room, take her as far away from here as possible. The writings on the wall will guide you” Agares whispered to her, and she left immediately.

“Ok you’re a stubborn one. I should have killed you when I killed Karazi” Raven said.

“I’m not in anyway like him, I’m stronger!” Agares yelled, and right in front of them, he started bulging, becoming bigger and bigger till he turned to a giant demon with several heads and arms but just one leg like a tail…he became snake-like and let out a loud roar…

“I’ll go after the woman” Raven said.

“Sure, I and Ruthie will handle this” Krishna replied, and Raven left.

Agares roared again, shaking the whole coven to it’s roots as Krishna and Ruthie went for him at once.

Krishna attacked with his wind, and Ruthie used his fire, but both weren’t enough to get him got he we both off, and they both landed back on the rocky groud with loud groans.

Meanwhile, Raven got to the open room and only found ropes on the ground then the burning fire.

The fire almost swallowed him, but he was quick to close the door.

He heard when Agares told Rhea to follow the writings on the wall earlier, and luckily he understands labyrinths a lot, so it was easy to trace, but surprisingly he wasn’t perceiving Agatha’s scent as he followed.

He wondered if he’s following right, and he was about to recheck the writings on the wall when he was suddenly attacked from behind.

A bone stick was hit on his head, and he fell unconscious on the ground.

“Raven!!” Agatha’s voice shouted as she came to view with Rhea who’s dragging her.

“Idiot!” Rhea marched Raven’s face, but she got shocked immediately, and she started shaking funnily, letting go of Agatha.

Raven’s eyes opened, and he stood, looking so shocked to see Samira’s face

“I think Samira took my body, I’m Agatha believe me” Agatha said, and Raven grabbed her hand, giving Rhea a big kick before taking her out.



Ceres entered the bathroom with a large smile and a bottle of scotch which she’s gulping everytime.

The mermaid is out, and she couldn’t be more happy.

At least, Krishna won’t have another female to spend time with, she if he tries to bound with Ruthie, she’s just gonna take her out too.

She entered the tub after another sip from the bottle, but immediately she sat in the tub, it felt like something was pulling her in.

She tried to resist, but she couldn’t.

“What the…

She couldn’t finish before she was dragged by invisible hands into the tub water completely.

She lost consciousness, and when she opened her eyes later, she found herself in the middle of Delos sea, and her eyes widened.

“What’s happening? Why am I here? Help!!! Someone help!!!” She yelled, and hands started pulling her legs underwater too.

She couldn’t fight it till she was completely pulled in, and she clearly saw Mali under the water, smiling at her.

Her eyes widened, and her head came up.

Shockingly, she’s still in the bathtub in her bathroom…

She left the tub immediately, breathing heavily.

“What…what just…. happened?”



Master Duran’s entry made Aragon stop the letter he was writing to the coven.

He hid it and stood.

“Master!” He walked to him.

“You’re obviously not aware that it’s gonna be a full moon tonight” Duran smiled.

“I don’t… understand” Aragon replied, and Duran raised his hand up.

A part of the roof broke, letting in the brightness of the night sky.

The moon is already preparing to come out, she immediately Aragon beheld the silhouette, chest pain gripped him.

He grabbed the chest tightly, going on his knees automatically as the hidden letter fell from him.

Master Duran looked down at him and sighed.

“You took out the seal, you should face the consequences” he muttered.

“Argghhhhh!!!!!!” Aragon cried as the moon started revealing…



Samara is still unconscious on the bed, waking up soon though.

“She’s gonna kill Kira if she gets the opportunity, she’s strong” Wanda said, coming in.

“Do you know about the legend of our past lives?” Orion asked.

“Of course, and the moon is out, a full moon” Wanda smiled, and he stood immediately.

“The moon is out? Why would…

He could only say that much before he involuntarily fell on the ground, into a deep sleep.

Moonlight slipped in through the open window, shinning on his face.

“Time to get the full story of your past lives” Wanda smiled, looking over at Samara on the bed, but shockingly, Samara’s eyes opened immediately.

“Wanda? Wanda!” She left the bed surprisingly and hugged her tightly.

“I missed you…

“Why aren’t you sleeping? Why is the magical sleep not happening to you?” Wanda said, and Samara broke the hug to look at her.

“What are you talking about?”

“Orion fell asleep! Tonight should be the revelation night in your dreams!” Wanda replied, pointing at sleeping Orion on the ground.

Samara’s eyes widened, and she Wanda snapped her fingers.

“It can’t be”

She rushed out of the room and went to Orion’s room where Samira is still tied up on a chair.

Just like she suspected, she’s currently sleeping, and though the windows are closed, moonlight slipped in through a small space between it, shinning on her face.

She’s in the magical sleep instead of Samara….

“Wait…the girl in Orion’s past life is…”

Wanda’s eyes widened again.


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