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THE MASTER’S SON – Episode 91 & 92



CHAPTER 9️⃣1️⃣&9️⃣2️⃣


By: Naomi Cindy B.



~So everything that happened from 1855 is in their dreams (Past lives of Orion and Samira) it’s not the present, don’t mix it up.

“Wait…the girl in Orion’s past life is…”

Wanda’s eyes widened again.

” Samira? Not Samara?”

” What’s happening?” Samara rushed in.

“No one suspected, no one knew cos of your faces” Wanda replied.

” Wanda I’m not understanding anything” Samara said.

” The girl in his part life is Samira, not you” she faced her.

“What!” Samara gasped.

“I bet this will be fun to watch, I can’t wait for them to wake up” Hades said, walking into the room.

” What do you know? Who’re you? ” Wanda asked.

” The seal, Hades” he replied, drinking from his honey.

” You only answered one of my questions” she said, and he sat on the bed.

” Oh… The part where you asked what I know? I’m the seal, and I expect Kira to kill me and retrieve the sword immediately Orion wakes up. She’s gonna be killing him that period, his vulnerable time” he explained.

” And you’re really gonna allow it? You don’t want to live long? Huh? You can’t allow that!” Samara faced him.

” Maybe I really wanna live long, but my fate is to die whenever Kira wants me to, and that’s why no one except her can kill me” he replied.

“Then I’ll have to tie you down too. If she can’t find you, you’re not dying” she said, and he immediately went for the door.

“Vis Portal!” Samara chanted, spelling the door to lock so he won’t escape, but he turned back and smiled.

“I have a sword inside me remember? It breaks any spell” he said, breaking through the door to go out, but he met Thanos by the door…

“Who are you?” Hades questioned.

“Someone who has the powers to overcome you like Orion” Thanos replied and placed his right hand on Hades head.

“Edacay” he whispered, and Hades fell flat on the ground immediately, sleeping off.

“You’re a heretic” Samara said, going closer to meet him.

“As you can see” he replied, and she smiled.

Wanda dragged Hades body in, and he was tied up too on a chair next to Samira.

“The magical sleep? Why is it happening to her? Aren’t you Orion’s soulmate? ” Thanos asked, and Samara gave him a worried look, making him nod.

“Wait… She’s the one in his past life? Now that’s crazy, but I can help if you wanna go into the dream and see what’s happening in there”

” You can? ” Samara asked.

” I’m an heretic after all” Thanos smiled.

” Sam no, it’s dangerous” Wanda said.

“I don’t know, I just… I wanna be there too. I wanna see everything rather than hearing it from Orion, and there’s no assurance that he’s gonna tell me” Samara replied.

” You ready? ” Thanos asked.

“I’m ready” Samara replied, and the three words spell came out of Thanos mouth effortlessly.

Nothing happened in the first minute, so he started repeating it till the eighth time, then a chilly air entered the room.

Samara slept off on the ground too, and Thanos smiled.

“It’s done, happy memories juggle”



The market square is filled with happy people of the city, buying and selling their wares in peace.

Most of the women are in free yard gowns made from cheap fabric, but the noblewomen are wearing flannel gowns and protective hats with feathers to protect them from the sun and maids at their beck and call.

“Bow for the king!!!” A guard announced loudly, raising up a black and white flag to indicate his Majesty’s presence.

The people went on their knees immediately, bowing their heads as a line of horses rode into the square, caging a royal carriage in the middle.

In the carriage is the young king of Delos, King Orion Alaric!

He looks just as blank as he always is, and is not looking sideways. His handsome face is straight, aloofness scenting off of him.

“Long live the king!!!” The people chorused on their knees, and he rested back on his chair, eyes went shut.

“Long live the king!!!” The people’s screams kept coming till the carriage left the square completely.

The rest of the ride to the palace took just five minutes, and immediately his carriage was dropped, he stepped out in the company of guards.

“Your majesty!!!” His queen shouted from the entrance, and a big smile lit up his blank face immediately he saw her.


“My Queen!” He beamed, and Samira ran into his arms, hugging him tight.

“I prayed day and night for your early come back, it wasn’t easy alone with the maids. They’re too overprotective” she pouted, and he broke the hug to hold her face.

“I’m back now, to you” he said.

“I’m so happy, and there’s a good news” she replied.

“Good news?” Orion asked curiously.

“You’ll find out after using the tub. I’ll tell the dancers to prepare an entertaining dance for you during your dinner, then I can break the news afterwards” she said cheerfully, giving him a peck which made the guards turn their backs.

“I can’t wait then” Orion said, going in with her.

Samira was preparing his dancers when he was taking his bath in the tub, and he was still in the tub when a male witch appeared in the bathroom.

“I think I know the news she’s going to tell me already. I felt the presence of another life inside her earlier” Orion said.

” Then our prayers got to the heavens. We should move to the rituals if you’re ready” the witch replied.

” I’ve been waiting for this all my life. You said we needed the first offspring of a human virgin for the immortality ritual, and I married her for that. She’s the naive one for thinking a beast like me has feelings” Orion replied heartlessly.

” Find out how many months she has been gone for. We carry out the ritual when the pregnancy clocks three months” the witch said.

” You can go, Aziz” Orion replied, and the witch vanished.

An hour later, Orion was already done with his bath, and he’s currently in his parlor with several welcoming dishes in front of him.

There are dancers who’re ready to start dancing, and Samira didn’t allow the maids to bring his drink.

She brought the bottle in by herself, and she poured him a cup.

He gave her a kiss before drinking, and she sat beside him as he began eating.

He insisted that she should eat with him, so she did that, and the dancers started entertaining them.

They were chatting and laughing heartily till the end of the meal, and the dancers finally left.

Samira took Orion’s hand and placed it on her belly.

“Felt that? Our prince is on it’s way!” She announced, and Orion’s eyes flashed red as he tried to find out how many months.

‘One month’ he thought and covered up with a smile.

“His name should be Jamal” he said, and she nodded.

“I’m so happy! I can’t wait to birth our baby!”

“Come here” he pulled her into a hug, smiling wickedly as he felt the movements in her belly…


The night was calmer than usual, the pregnancy clocked three months today, and Samira was sleeping peacefully beside Orion when his eyes suddenly opened.

The red flashed across again, and he sat up.

He looked over at Samira and smiled before standing up.

“Where are you?” He said, and Aziz the witch appeared in the room.

“Vados!” He chanted, and the three were transported from the room into the woods where a pentagram is waiting in the middle of twelve burning candles and a large Stone Of Life.

Samira’s eyes opened immediately, and they widened when she saw where she is.

She stood, holding her protruding belly. She’s in the middle of the candles.

“Your majesty! What are we doing here!” She asked.

“To serve the purpose you’re meant to serve” Orion replied cruelly, and she gasped.

” What! ”

” You got married to me to be my ritual scapegoat. Have you ever heard of a supernatural king with a human queen? I guess it happens in fairytale but this is not a story” Orion said, and tears rushed out of her eyes.

” Don’t do this, I love you so much hubby, I love you…

Before she could finish, Aziz already started chanting the spells, and the fire on the candles burned brighter.

“Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!!” She screamed agonizingly, falling on her knees as blood started gushing out of her middle.

“Orion no!” Samara appeared that instant, but no one is hearing her cos she’s a stranger in the dream… A mere visitor.

“Orion!!! Don’t do it!!” She yelled as Orion took the ritual sword .. SWORD OF BLOOD.

She rushed to him and tried to take the sword from him, but her hand only passed through him, she couldn’t touch him.

“Orion!!!” She screamed again, crying as she went to Aziz, but she couldn’t touch him too.

He’s still reading the spell, and Samira’s blood is still draining as she cried in agony.


“Samira!” Samara rushed to help her out of the circle, but she couldn’t touch her either.

“Samira … Orion… Don’t…

” Now! ” Aziz said after he finished chanting the spell, and Orion shoved the sword of blood into Samira’s big belly.

Her blood flushed out, wetting Orion’s Stone Of Life…

“Samira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Samara screamed out insanely.


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