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“What!” Mr Counters shouted after his manager of a group in the company called him and told him the interview has been canceled.

Mr Counter ended the call.

“Oh goodness. Phil has done it again” Mrs Counters sighed, shaking her head.

“Call your son! That fool has been ignoring my call” Mr Counters said, angrily.

His wife sighed, and called Phil but he wasn’t picking.

“I think Phil has his own plans after all” Mrs Counters said.

“Oh really” Mr Counters smirked.
“I also have my own plans and I’ll see how he’s gonna last!”



“Awwnnn” Scarlett moaned sadly.
She was operating her phone.

Her mother who was beside her, knitting slowly turned to her.
“Is everything alright, Lett?” She asked.

“This CEO is really wicked” She muttered, under her breath.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“What are you talking about?”

“The CEO of RM companies! Aiish! He canceled the interview”

“What?! Really?!”

“Yeah. This time I didn’t even wait to get fired. The interview got fired instead” Scarlett replied, and sighed sadly.

“Well, Since,, I have nothing to do today. I’m just gonna watch LX YouTube music videos” Scarlett smiled.

LX is a handsome singer and also has a charming and lovely voice. He’s young too.

“You really love LX,, don’t you now?” Her mother chuckled.

“I really really love LX. His voice is so good and oh, He’s so handsome! I love him” She replied, and tuned into LX’s music video, titled MINE.


Phil walked around the men’s area, checking clothes to buy. He had his both hands in his pocket as he walked around, going through the racks of expressive and good looking clothes.

A receptionist followed him as he selected clothes by clothes, designers by designers, etc.

“All done” He smiled and turned back.

He saw the receptionist with the clothes he had ordered.

She took their boutique shopping bag and dipped them all in.

“Aahhhhhh!!” Phil and the receptionist heard the loud and happy screams of young girls, about 17 of them.

They turned to see high school girls smiling, and waving at him.

He winked back at them and they almost fainted because of the sudden way their hearts jumped.

? Oppa! You are so handsome!

? I love you!!

? He’s the CEO of RM companies! So So So F*ckingggg hot!!

? I wanna date you, Oppa!

? Look at the expensive clothes he’s buying! He’s f*cking rich!!

The girls said, as they watched him.

Phil smiled and brushed his made up hair with his palm. He looked at the receptionist who was holding a calculator.

“How much?” He asked her.

She smiled warmly.
“150 million won” She replied, softly.

? Whoa!

? He’s damn rich!!

? Look at what he bought!!

? 150 million won! Daebak!!

? Oppa! Let’s just get married, please!!

“Cash or card?” The receptionist asked.

“Card” Phil replied and handed her his ATM card.

She collected him and dipped it into the locomotive money machine.

“Oops” She giggled, and looked at him.

Written By Sommy Pearl F. On Fb

Phil raised a brow in confusion.
“Huh? What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Do you have another card? It seems this one has been blocked”

“WHAT!!…I mean,,, what? Huh… Here, Use this,,, I have another” He said, and handed her another card, after taking the other.

“What’s going on with this?” He muttered, staring at the now blocked card.

“Huh? This one is declining all transactions” The receptionist said.

Phil swallowed hard in embarrassment.

He looked and saw the girls staring at him in disappointment, and confusion.

“But why…Why? Use this” He handed her another one.

“Hmm” The receptionist breathed deeply.
“I’m sorry,,, but there’s only 5 won in this account” She said and gave him back his card.

“What!! Why…Why?…No…Please, Don’t…don’t take the clothes away” Phil begged but the receptionist didn’t listen.

She was out.

“F*ck” Phil muttered.

He looked and saw the girls staring at him and blinking meekly like cartoons.

“Hi” He waved, and chuckled in embarrassment.

The girls quickly looked away and started faking discussions. Some even faked a call. Soon They were out too.

Phil grunted and rough handed his hair.
“Dadddddd!!” He screamed.


Scarlett suddenly jumped up and Marie noticed it.

“What’s it?” She asked, almost jerking away.

“Mum!!” Scarlett screamed, staring at her phone screen.

“What? What?” Marie retorted.

Scarlett swallowed hard.
“My prayers has been answered!” She said, and threw her phone on the sofa.

“What’s it, Lett?” Marie asked.

“The interview is gonna hold once again!! Today, by 3pm!!!”

“Wow!” Marie jumped.

Scarlett quickly hugged her.
“Mum!! I’m so excited!”

“I am too” Her mum said, happily.

“I gotta go pick out a suit! I’m super happy!!” Scarlett said, and broke the hug.

Marie giggled, as Scarlett ran to her room, shouting and singing joyously.



“007!” A staff shouted.

“Present!!” Scarlett shouted back and stood up.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, dressed her suit well.

“Damn it! Why does this 007 give me Déjà vu. Oh,,, It was my cell number while I still in prison. I hope I do well though” She thought, and walked in.

She sat down, and faced the 5 interviewers in front of her.

The man who was in the middle was looking into her CV.

His head was buried in there for minutes so Scarlett couldn’t see his face. The man happens to be Phil Counters.

“The f*ck” Phil muttered.

“Scarlett Neil?” He further muttered, with hot breath, and fast beating heartbeat.

He had seen her name boldly written on the profile.

“Why…Why did she come back? What to do? Or is the name just a mere coincidence? It can’t be! How…I mean,,, She’s a bully. She bullied me” He said, and the memories rushed back into his head.

“She’s the really the one. The Scarlett from before! Ack!! I mean,,, Look, She got expelled from high school and even got convicted. F*ck… She’s really the one. Why is she here!?”

The interviewers and Scarlett stared at the busy CEO who didn’t look back at them.

Phil eyes went to the passport on it and he widened his eyes.

“She looks really famil- He paused.
“Wait! She’s the one who I drank with?? She took me to her place?”

“What kind of-

“Sir? 007, Miss Scarlett Neil is waiting for you” An interviewer spoke out, after mustering up courage.

Phil swallowed hard, cleared his throat and took the paper work down.

He looked at Scarlett.

“Good day, Everyone. I’m-

She paused, after seeing Phil’s face.

“Drinking buddy?” She muttered, and raised a brow.

Phil smirked.
“I have a plan” He thought.

“I’ll unfold everything and kill this suspense but I need her by my side”

“By the looks of things, She doesn’t recognize me as the guy who she bullied gruesomely”

“What really happened 6 years ago? I’ll find out everything. Samantha’s rape and what I’m forgetting. Everything!!”

Scarlett blinked watching him.
“Oh my gosh! He’s the CEO of RM companies? The f*ck!”

“You. Are. Hired” Phil suddenly said, with a grin on his face.

“W…Wh…aat?!” Scarlett stuttered, blinking her eyes, a thousand times.

The other interviewers looked at Phil shockingly.

“And because Scarlett Neil is not trustworthy and very dangerous, I certainly need a bodyguard. Who knows what might happen to me next…”

“The game is on, Scarlett. I’ll certainly have my revenge” He smirked, saying inwardly.

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