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“What’s the favor, sir?”

“Its about some paper work” He started, and Scarlett slowly sat down.

“By the way, I’m sorry for calling you really late. I guess I woke you up”

“No,, Not at all. Its fine. Just continue what you were saying” Scarlett smiled.

“Uhm…Okay,,, I’m talking about some paper work. There’s this company called Hera. They paid me money for a collaboration with RM companies which would only be of 6 months validity” He explained.

“But due to the fact I resigned, and my signature isn’t valid anymore, I couldn’t sign the paper works. I have been asking my son for almost 2 months now to sign this collaboration deal but he has been declining” He continued.

“Huh? Why?” Scarlett asked.

“Oh,,, I think he has some kind of beef with Mrs Hera Vanns, the prime owner of the company” He uttered.

“I’m sure Mr Phil has a reason for his actions though” Scarlett mention.

“And I don’t care. Phil refused to spit it out to me despite my beggings. Gosh, trust me. I’ve suffered enough in Phil’s hands”

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Scarlett only sighed.
“So, what do you want me to do now?”

“I want you to confront him to sign the papers”

“What? It’s gonna be hard”

“Please, just try. I’m gonna pay you handsomely and make sure there’s an increasement on your salary, it’s a promise”

Scarlett sighed again.
“I’ll try”

“Please do. And put it in your best”

“Okay” She said.

“Fighting!!” Mr Counters gushed.

“Huh?” Scarlett was surprised by his enlightened personality that she even looked at her phone screen.

“Fighting!!” He said again.

Scarlett blinked her eyes roughly.

“That’s it. goodnight”

“You too sir, goodnight” She said with a bow and the call ended.

She looked at her phone and parted her lips.
“What…was that? Is he really Phil’s father or some prank call”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb


Phil opened his eyes, after feeling the sunlight slapping his face.

He moaned lowly and turned around.

“Who opened the curtains now?” He moaned, and sat upright.

He opened his eyes well and looked around.
“What’s this?” He asked no one in particular.

He saw his room was tidy.

Everywhere was arranged.

His room was so neat and spotless.

“Whoa” He stood, up and turned around.

“When did I clean this?” He asked.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Oh well” He shrugged his shoulders, and yawned tiredly.

“Time to get ready for work” He muttered, and walked into his bathroom where he brushed his teeth.

He went to the kitchen to make something to eat but to his surprise, he noticed something strange.

“What the f*ck?” He said, looking around.

“Did I sleep walk into the kitchen and prepare breakfast?” He asked.

Someone had prepared food judging from the smell which moved around the kitchen.

He opened the pots and saw crumbs of rice and also there was a pot which had little soup in it.

He saw his side dishes cutleries weren’t in their racks.

“What’s really going on?” He murmured and turned over to the door.

He got faced to face with someone, who was straightly looking at him.

“Ummaaaaa (Mummmm)!!!!” He screamed, hugged himself, and jumped on the table.


Phil swallowed hard and arched his brows.

“Yes. Oppa, Gwenchana?(Are you okay?)” She asked.

Phil blinked and jumped down.
“I certainly don’t have normal people around me” He whispered

He looked at Beverly, who was wearing a lit up smile.

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“Hey,,, What are you doing here? How did you know-

“Unnie told me”

“Aiish. I knew it. She’s not trusthworthy” He shook his head.

“But aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

“Decided to skip”

“Stupid traunt” He cussed, under his breathe.

“What?” Beverly asked.

“Nothing at all” He chuckled, awkwardly.

“Urghhh!! Does your parents know” He asked.

“Who cares?” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Come here fast!” She beckoned with a smile, and pulled out a dining chair.

“What’s that?” He asked, walking forward.

“I made breakfast” She winked.

Phil scoffed and sat down.
“You know how to cook?”

“I’m learning. You’re gonna be the first person to ever taste my food”

“What?” He quickly looked at her.

“Just eat it and tell me how its taste”

“I’m not” He quickly stood up.

“Oppa, Jeballl (Please)” She grumbled and held his arm.

Phil sighed deeply.
“Okay…Fine but only on one condition”

“Sure, What’s that?” She asked.

“Once I eat whatever you made, You will leave and go to school”

“Uhm…Sure but you have finish everything on the table. It’s my love from me to you” She smiled.

He looked at her, with a grossy look on his face.

“Oppa, Come on” She smiled, and pulled him to the chair.

They both sat down, and the plate cover was lifted.

“Thank you for the meal” He told her.

“Sure, Oppa” She beamed.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

He sighed deeply and started eating.

“How… does it taste?” She asked, slowly.

“Great. I think I love it” He said, nodding.

“Awnnn…Oppaaa” She said, sweetly.

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