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Scarlett slowly walked to Jenna’s burial ground, and looked at Jenna smiling picture by her name plate.

She sighed deeply and sat down on the standing green grass.

She faced Jenna’s picture in particular.

“Hey, Jenna?” She called, and kept the black polythene bag she was holding down.

“How do you feel now, that I’ll be meeting you soon, happy huh? Well, I guess so. Maybe, you won’t be lonely again” Scarlett said, taking out two bottles of soju.

“Jenna,,, You must be confused, huh?” Scarlett eyes were slowly bringing out, painful hot tears.

“I’m gonna leave after summer” Her voice shook.

She began to drink from the soju bottle.

“What am I gonna do? If I take the loniless off you, what about my mum? Who will take care of her, huh?” She cried.

“I know it my fault you are like this but my mum,,, what about her? What’s she gonna do? How is she gonna live?”

“I shouldn’t have bullied that rapist, If I hadn’t, then,,, I would have stayed with you in school, rather than being expelled, and at the same time, serving my jail term. Maybe if I was in school, I would have protected you, It my fault and I’m sorry but I really don’t wanna leave my mum”

“For the sake of her, please,, let me just live” Scarlett cried, still drinking.

Scarlett looked at her soju bottle, and saw something on the paper leaflet.

It was ‘List Soju’

“List? Li…st? Bucket List?” Scarlett muttered to herself.

An idea suddenly popped into her head, and she widened her eyes, so big and bright like a midnight owl.

“Jenna! I’m gonna make a bucket list! I’m gonna fulfill them before leaving! I think it will make me prepared”

“What do you think?” Scarlett asked, and looked at Jenna picture, which seemed to be smiling the more.

Scarlett smiled as well.
“Let’s do this!!”

“Ahh,,, firstly,,, I need to take my drugs” She breathed hard.

written by sommy pearl f.


Oscar inserted his key into its hole, twisted the knob and walked into the house.

He removed his tie, and laid down on the cold floor.

He watched the cemented ceilings with sadness in his eyes.

“I almost forgot about Jenna’s death anniversary,,, I’m sorry” He muttered.

He sighed heavily, and took his phone out of his pocket.

He shoved it to his face, and tapped the contacts icon.

He saw just 4 names now;





Trina(with lots of heart emojis)

“Should I just delete it?” He thought.

“I don’t need the contact anyways” He thought again and deleted a contact.

Dylan contact!!!

Oscar could remember what transpired between him and Dylan, when he gave him a new job, as a body guard to the rich and famous CEO, Mr Phil Counters.


“Oscar? Hold on please,,,

Oscar stopped, before the door and turned to Dylan.

“I…need your help” Dylan said, slowly.

“I don’t know about that… but let’s hear” Oscar replied, softly.

“Since you’re gonna work for Phil, can you help, be my spy?”


“Like,,,, I want you to give me records of everything he does, everywhere he goes, every words he speaks, every-

“I’m sorry,,,, but i decline” Oscar cut him off, gently.

“Huh?” Dylan blinked.
“I understand that it quite hard but don’t worry, I’m gonna pay-

“I’m sorry but regardless of everything,,, I still strongly decline”

Dylan swallowed softly, and scratched his jaw.
“Yeah,,, sure. Don’t worry about it and forget we ever had this conversation” He said, and forced a small nervous laugh.

written by sommy pearl f.

Oscar sighed, and bowed lowly to him, before exiting.


Oscar slowly opened his eyes after his rememberance ended.

“There is someone’s number I need off my phone too” He thought, staring at Trina’s number.


“Can’t believe both of my closest workers left me! Unbelievable!” He said, angrily opening his refrigerator.

He took out his plate of vanilla ice cream, and a packet of potato chips.

He sat down on the chair, close to the table and opened his plate just to see there was no pinch of vanilla ice cream.

“What’s this? Who- He paused, and gnashed his teeth, raging.

“As if Beverly wasn’t enough,,, now Trina!” He shouted.

“I’m gonna have my revenge on all of you!!!!” He screamed, and raised his both arms high.

*Ahh* He coughed suddenly and quickly opened the fridge, where he took out a bottled water.

His face was red now, since the cough was a hard one.

He drank the water, and kept it on the table.

“I nearly died…Aiish!!” He grunted.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb


Trina took her popcorn from her bowl slowly, into her mouth.

She munched on it extra slowly.

Her eyes was on her phone which she was holding with her other hand.

“Why isn’t he calling?” She asked, herself.

“Or is my phone probably in airplane mode?” She added.

“And why isn’t Phil’s line going? Aiish! I want Ossscarrr’s number” She moaned, and threw her head on the sofa’s rest.


Scarlett and her mother, Marie already finished their bowl of cornflakes with milk before Scarlett stood up.

Judging from the movement sounds, Marie knew Scarlett was heading somewhere.

“Lett?” Marie called.

“Hmm…Umma?” Scarlett answered, as she quickly drank her drugs.

“Are you off to somewhere?”

“Nope,,, not really. I’m off to my room”

“Oh,,, Okay then. I’m just gonna continue knitting” Marie smiled.

“Okay,, Umma” Scarlett replied, and hugged her before leaving to her room.

“She’s so cute” Marie smiled.


Scarlett entered her room, and held her mouth, with her palm.

Her eyes were seriously red, and teary.

She was so about to cry, big time.

She slowly sat down, with her back resting on the door.

She kept her face on her raised up knees and began to pour out her tears.

She also tried her best to suppress her wails.

After almost an hour, She stood up, wiped her red and swollen eyes and walked to her chair, which was next to her cupboard.

She sat on the chair, opened the cupboard, and took out a blue note pad which she kept on top of the cupboard.

She sniffed and took the fountain pen, which was by the side of the note pad.

She wrote something on the front cover, which was;


She then added a small drawing of a smiling sun by the side.

“It will favor us all,,, especially umma” She whispered, tightened her grip on the pen, and opened the new note pad in readiness to start writing.

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