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“Oscar?” Phil called, with a gesture.

Oscar slowly walked to him.

Phil cleared his throat, and opened his desk drawer.

He took out a pack of summer rolls.

“Here,,, take this” He said, and kept it on his desk.

“I’m sorry-

“It’s not an order. I’m pleading” Phil said, softly.

Oscar sighed and took it.

“Thank you” He muttered, and bowed his head low.

“You’re welcome” Phil smiled.

Oscar walked to a locker by the window, and kept it in there before retiring back to his post.

“What of Scarlett? Have you seen her this morning?” Phil asked.

“Yeah,,, She is here. She came 43 minutes ago”

“And she didn’t even bother to check up on me?” Phil asked.

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“She looks busy” Oscar quickly spoke.

Phil rolled his eyes.
“Scarlett?Scarlett??” He called.

The door opened, and Scarlett entered.

Her desk counter was right close to his door.

“Good morning, sir. You called me”

Phil scoffed.
“What good about this morning, no,, tell me. You didn’t even check up on me this morning”

“I’m sorry about that. I was busy arranging the files I got on friday since I left on time”

“Yeah,,, Talking about friday,,, where the f*ck did run to, without telling me?” He demanded.

“I’m sorry but it quite personal and also important too” Scarlett replied.

“Oh,,, I see. Well, you will see about that after you calculate all this” Phil said, and brought a big book.

It was the calculation book.

“What’s that?” Scarlett asked, taking it.

Phil ignored her.
“Calculate every damn thing your eyes comes across there within an hour. I need it for a shareholder meeting”

Scarlett sighed.
“There will be no problem”

“Go” Phil said, and she bowed before leaving.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“That’s my punishment for you, Scarlett. You’ll calculate everything there, which will definitely take 5 hours of your time” Phil whispered, with a shrill laugh.

Oscar glanced at Phil, who quickly cleared his throat loudly.

“Wait,,, Something is wrong though” Phil muttered.

“Why didn’t she ask of the fast method calculator?” He thought, quite surprised, and confused.


“The f*ck!!” Phil wished he could shout but he managed to keep it in his throat.

His eyes traveled, as he kept rampaging on the leaves of the book.

“You…are actually done with this? Everything!” He gulped.

Scarlett smiled.
“Its a short cake for me. I’m really good in maths”

“Why didn’t you tell me!” He shouted.


“No,,, I mean,,, you would have told me so that,,, I’ll be coming to you for help just in case” Phil smiled, forcefully.

“Oh,,, I see. but there’s no problem. Call me when you need my help in numbers” She winked.

Phil ran his eyes around.
“I know how to get back at Beverly” He muttered.

Scarlett bowed lowly and was about to leave when Phil voice stopped her.

“Scarlett?” He called.

“Yes sir?” She answered and turned to me.

“Can you follow me home tonight?” He whispered.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“What? I mean,,, wae (why)?”

Oscar slowly looked at both of them.

“I want you to solve some mathematical problems for me” He whispered and Scarlett blinked, confusedly.

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