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“F*ck!!!” Phil shouted, twisting his body like a frustrated earth worm.

He was in his office now with Scarlett and Oscar.

“Scarlett!” He called.

“Yes sir?” She answered, calmly.

“What… was that earlier? Why didn’t you recheck the saved file before transferring it into the flash drive”

“I’m sorry but who would have known, you were interested in those things”

“Interested? Me?” He scoffed.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Just go back to your desk” He gestured, tiredly and went to his desk.

Scarlett bowed, and left.

“Have you discarded those phones and the flash drive?” He asked Oscar.

“I incinerated them” He replied.

“Thanks” Phil smiled.
“As for those brats who took those pictures, ready to destroy my career reputation,,, I’m gonna fire them all! Urghhhh!!!” Phil shouted.


Trina flung her expensive beautiful looking brown bag on her hand, as she walked elegantly on her black fitted dress.

She was walking along the dark and closed alley.

She wanted to know where Oscar lived.

Judging from where he passed through that day she first saw him, she thought she was following the right way.

And she was,,, following the right way, when her eyes finally fell on Oscar who was holding a white polythene bag.

He had gone to the nearest convenience store to buy his dinner which was cup noodle and a can beverage.

He was wearing a white singlet, over khaki green shorts.

He blinked his eyes in surprise and stopped when he saw Trina.

“Finally found you” She whispered,,and walked sexily to him, with her high heels, clicking against the ground.

“So,,, you aren’t definitely gonna still call me?” She asked.

“What are you doing here late at night?” He asked.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Why?” She asked.

“It’s risky”

Trina smiled.
“Are you being nice to me? You don’t want me getting hurt?”

He sighed.
“Goodnight” He said, and tried to leave.

“I wonder what’s under those shorts” She said to his hearing, intentionally.

“What?” He turned around.

“No…Nothing” She shook her head.

Oscar started walking away.

“I wonder how big it is” She chuckled and Oscar stopped.

“Please,,, Go home” He said.

“Not until you give me your number or promise to call me” She said.

“….Then,,, stay here” He muttered and walked away.

“Aiish I’m gonna wait for you here” She smiled, watching him leave.

Oscar was walking down the dark street when he saw 3 boys walking, down the opposite direction.

He also managed to hear their conversation.

“Did you see that beautiful girl?” Boy 1 asked.

“Sure. She looks rich too. Didn’t you see the way she was dressed” Boy 2 uttered.

“Even her bag looks tempting. I wonder what might be in it” Boy 3 added.

“Let’s go to her” Boy 1 smiled.

“Let’s f*ck her big time” Boy 2 said.

“She’s gonna scream” Boy 3 smirked, dangerously.

“Yes,,, She’ll scream our names when we start banging her and she’s gonna scream for help when we take her possessions from head to toe” Boy 1 giggled and they all laughed.

“Aiish” Oscar muttered, and followed another alley that took him back to Trina. It waa a shorter route.

“Awwn. You came back for me. I knew it” She giggled.

“Pardon me” He said, and grabbed her arm.

She widened her eyes and folded her lips in a silly manner as she got pulled by Oscar in a dark place.

It was a little bit tight so they had to manage and they ended up facing each other, and looking at themselves.

“Now,,, I can look at this face from up close” She touched it fondly.

“Stop it” He whispered.

“Did anyone ever tell you,,, that your name sounds so s*xy”

“Shut up,,, will you? You are in danger as well speak” Oscar cautioned.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“No,,, You are the one in danger” She whispered, rubbing her palm against his chest.

“Can you just stay still!” He snapped, and threw her arm off.

“Who told you to bring me here? You caused it” She smiled
“Your name,,, Oscar. I love it. Do you know why? It’s cause it sounds s*xy. Do you wonder how your name might sound if I moan while you f*ck me?”

“Hey!” He almost yelled.

“Sshh” She hushed, and placed her finger on his lips.

“Ooss…carrr….Yeah. Oss…car. I like it. Yeah,,, more. f*ck me mooreeeee,,, Oh yeah,,, Osscarrrr” She moaned softly.

He swallowed hard, with a hard glare.
“Can you stop that?”

“Did you like it? It sounds good, huh?” She smiled.

“Its irritating and foolish, stop” He warned.

She scoffed, and turned around.

She wasn’t facing him now.

She was against the wall, behind him.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

She just relaxed her butt well against his shorts.

“What do you think of this style?” She whispered, and bent a bit low.

“Can you sto-

He paused when he noticed shadows.

They both quickly turned to see the 3 boys of before.

They just looked at the boys, motionless.

“Sh!t. Someone got her before us” Boy 1 said.

“F*ck her hard, man” Boy 2 looked at Oscar who blinked confusedly.

“Let’s just go. We ran out of luck” Boy 3 said, and they all walked away.

Oscar got to his senses and quickly pushed Trina away.

She fell immediately.

“Oww” She winced.

“Excuse me! Wait! I ain’t f*cking her!!”

“Come back please!! Come f*ck her!!”

“Aiish!!” He screamed

He looked at her in frustration.
“Don’t ever talk to me again! You’re really irksome. You and I aren’t a fit! I don’t even like you!!! Trina,,, Leave me alone!!” He panted and walked away.

“He talks?” Trina smirked, from the floor where she laid.

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