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“You sure you can convince him? I know how Phil is, to you” Mr Davis said.

LX sighed.
“I’ll try. Please, let me know when we get there” He said, and brought out his phone.

He went through his instagram and then moved to his followers.

He had 22.4 million followers.

He entered his follower list and began to check each follower’s picture.

He wanted to find out and know who that cap girl was, through that procedure.

He wanted to know why she had always been on his mind.

He had to find her, and that was what he had been doing last night.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

But hey,,, it wasn’t that easy. He had millions of followers and checking for just one person picture??

It’s certainly a headache.

“Gosh,,, This is exhausting. How am I gonna find her? Its hard,,, seriously” LX said.

“Find her? Who?” Mr Davis asked, and the driver almost looked back.

“Nothing” LX replied and looked back at his phone.

“What if she didn’t use her real picture? Gosh,,, How am I sure she’s even following me. What am I even doing!” He growled lowly at himself, and switched off his phone.

The driver stopped and Mr Davis looked at him.
“We’re here” He said.

LX nodded, and looked out, from the window.

The window was tinted black. Nobody would be able to see anything from outside but those inside the car, can see everything.

The outside was clear, but LX had to still be careful.

He didn’t want any crowd and disturbance like photos, videos, autographs, questions, etc.

“Here” Mr Davis said, and kept a black mask and face cap on his thighs.

“Thanks” LX muttered, and wore it, which concealed almost his entire face.

He opened the van door and stepped outside, before walking quickly into the huge company.


Phil’s mind wasn’t at rest. He was still thinking of how to avoid LX.

He remembered LX saying he would be coming today to kneel down and beg.

“He can’t even allow me concentrate. What a pest!” He seethed and jammed his laptop.

He quickly made a call to Scarlett through the office telephone.

“Hello sir?” She picked right away.

“Scarlett” He called, carefully.

“Yes sir?” She answered.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“I wanna be alone for today so make sure no one enters my office. No visitors allowed at all, got that?”

“Sure sir” Scarlett replied.

“Good” Phil muttered before hanging up.


LX was walking down, when Scarlett quickly halted him.

“What is it, sir?” Scarlett asked him.

He adjusted his face cap lower and looked away.

“What business to you have here?” She asked, from her desk, now on her feet.

“F*ck” He muttered, and kept his head low. He had to avoid her gaze.

He didn’t want her seeing her as LX. Who knows what might happen.

Perhaps,, she might scream and everywhere might get crowded.

“I want to see Mr Phil” LX forced a hardened voice.

“Mr Phil? Do you have any important business with him?”

LX cleared his throat, and adjusted his cap a bit low.
“Yes” He replied.

“You can’t go in though, I’m sorry”

“What? Why not?” He didn’t for once, take his gaze up at her.

“That’s how he wants it. He doesn’t wanna see anyone. Come back or call in” She said.

LX scoffed.
“The hell is she spewing?”

“Excuse me?” Scarlett frowned.

LX hissed, and just went his way.

“No, you don’t!” Scarlett snapped, and went to him hurriedly.

She quickly grabbed him, from the waist, and gave him a flip.

He flew over her head, and while he was on the air, he kept screaming.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

And also due to this, his face cap fell off.

He later landed harshly on the ground, and Scarlett went to him.

She quickly sat on his stomach and looked at his masked face.

Her hair was all over her face, covering it.

“Who are you! What do you want!!” She barked.

LX struggled.
“Let me go!!” He snarled.

Scarlett shook her head vehemently and her hair, scattered, around the air.

She slowly drew her long hair back, by brushing it down with her palm.

After doing this, she quickly stripped his face mask off.


*Awkward Stares And Eyes Blinking*

“LX!!!” She suddenly screamed.

LX just kept staring at her.
“Found you, my number 1 fan” He whispered, with a smile.

“What that noise?” Phil demanded and came out.

He was astonished when he saw Scarlett on top of LX, and the worst thing was that, he saw them smiling.

Smiling like idiots.

“The f*ck!!” Phil screamed.

They both turned to him.

“Oh no!!” Scarlett said, and quickly stood up.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

LX smirked, and also stood up. He dusted himself and looked at Phil.

“Today is the best day of my life” LX told him.

“What? Cause you finally met with me?” Phil scoffed.

“No,,, It’s because i met with her…”

Phil blinked his lids fast.

“A secret” LX winked .

Phil scoffed in annoyance.
“Leave, I don’t wanna see you. You aren’t gonna be my company’s model!”

“Okay” LX said.

Phil was surprised by his response.
“What did you just say?”


“Just okay? Won’t you say anything else? Won’t you-

“Its fine. I saw something worthful and priceless than being your company’s model” LX winked.

Phil glared at him.

“I’m really sorry” Scarlett whispered.

“Its fine. We make mistakes too. Just call the security guards to drive him out. Why aren’t they even doing their jobs right!” Phil said .

“No,,, I wasn’t apologizing to you” said Scarlett.

“Huh?” Phil whispered.

“I was saying that to him” Scarlett pointed at LX.

Phil took his eyes to LX, and he had a smile on his face.

Phil rolled his eyes and walked into his office.

Oscar noticed he was sulking, as he sat on his desk.

“Are you okay,… sir?” He asked.

“No!!” Phil screamed, and banged his palm against the desk.



“Why aren’t you okay?”

“…Huh…I…I don’t wanna see LX,,, that’s why”

“Should I drive him out then?”

“Huh…Its fine” Phil said, and cleared his throat.

He stood up and walked to the door. He started eavesdropping on them.

“What are you doing?” Oscar asked.

“Sshhhh!” Phil hushed.


“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know it was-

“Shh. Don’t apologize” He smiled.

She flushed red. Seeing his handsome smile gives her joy.

“What are you doing here by the way? How do you know my boss?” She asked.

“I came to see him concerning business. He’s my cousin” He answered.

“Wow. Daebakk!!!” She gushed and quickly covered her mouth with her palm.

LX laughed.
“I guess you are his secretary”

She smiled and nodded.

“Huh,,, Can I have your number?” He muttered.

“Huh?” She widened her eyes, and opened her ears for rapt attention.

“Your contact. Mind if I have it?” He asked.

Scarlett smiled brightly.
“Of course. Why not!”

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