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“Ahh…Cheers” Phil made a refreshing sound and clicked his filled glass of soju against Scarletts’

“You’re gonna get drunk. Isn’t this your 2nd bottle??” Scarlett asked worriedly, and Phil chuckled in a silly manner.

“Me? Get drunk? I don’t get drunk! I’m a man!!” He gushed.

“He’s drunk,,, again,, and just like the first time we met” Scarlett said, and shook her head, before taking down the soju.

“Scar…Lett” He behaved like he wanted to cry.

“What again?” Scarlett moaned and looked at him.

“Don’t die,,, please” He muttered, with half closed eyes.

Scarlett sighed deeply.
“You know what,,, we will talk better tomorrow, when you’re sober but as for now,, you really need to get home”

Scarlett stood up and helped him stand. written by sommy pearl f. on fb


“Shh!!” He shouted and she bulged out her eyes.

“Don’t call me that! Call me Phil!” He smacked his lips.

Scarlett looked at him weirdly.
“Huh…Okay? So,,, Phi…Phil,,, Are you seriously drunk? Can you drive yourself home?”

“Yeah… I’m quite okay” He belched loudly and stood upright.

“Yes,,, that’s it. Good! So,,, I guess this is where we say goodnight? See you tomorrow at the office”

She waited for his reply but he said nothing.

“Goodnight” She uttered and turned away.

He quickly grabbed her arm from behind.

“I…really need to leave. My mum doesn’t know my whereabouts” She smiled, and folded her lips, flushing red.

“You…forgot your notepad” She heard him mutter and her eyes widened.

“Oh my!” She gushed out in embarrassment and ran back to the table before taking it.

“Thanks” She bowed.

He nodded.

written by sommy pearl f. copy or repost and face wrath!

“Leave… Quick,,, enter your car” She said.

He sniffed and shook his head.
“You leave. I’ll watch you”

“Come on, My house is just 3 blocks and 35 steps away, so, let me keep you safe since I don’t know if you’re really sober or still drunk” She smiled.

He smiled back at her and she looked down, hugging her notepad against her chest.

“Goodnight” He muttered.

She looked up at him and nodded.

He turned over to his car, arched his brows again and turned to her.

“This cardigan” He pointed at it.

She looked at herself and scratched her head.
“Yes,,, My mother made it”

“She’s good despite her blindness” Phil muttered.

“I told you…”

“I guess you’re wearing it now, since you might not wear it during win- He paused and sighed, looking down.

“Its fine… I’m still okay, regardless”

“Indeed,, you’re a good liar. Don’t try to hide your pains and let those that care for you, show their sympathy by staying more with you…”

Scarlett blinked.
“I can’t still tell my mum though. I…don’t think I can. That’s why I need my sister so she can keep her less lonely”

“Your…sister?” He softly asked.

“Yes,,, She has been missing for almost 7 years now”

Phil ran his eyes around.
“I…gotta go now”

“Yeah,,, sure…”

He turned and held his car handle when he suddenly heard her voice.

“Sir?,,, Sorry,,, I mean…Phil?”

He slowly turned to her.

“Are you being serious about fulfilling all my bucket list?” She asked.

“Yes,,, Its gonna make you happy, right?”

She beamed and nodded.

“Did you see the part about the boyfriend and the,,, kiss part where I checked?”

Phil swallowed hard.
“Yes,,, I’m sorry for prying”

“No,,, Its fine. But I hope you won’t let the cat of the bag”

“Why would I? Trust me”

“So,,, what are we gonna do about the restaurant part? I made mention of I and my boyfriend eating in a cuisine eatery. You aren’t my boyfriend so,,, how’s that gonna happen?”

“Doesn’t matter if its a boyfriend. As long as its a ‘male’, It’s fine. So,,, I’m gonna go on his stead. Let’s eat out whenever, we aren’t tight” He coughed slightly.

“Good idea” She chuckled awkwardly.

He nodded with a smile.

“Thank you, Phil….

He smiled sadly.

“…For everything” She added, with teary eyes.

“And oh,,, your back hug,,, its really comforted me surprisedly…”

“I’m…glad” He muttered, and sniffed his tears in. written by sommy pearl f.

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