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“LX!!” Mr Davis screamed, and stood on his feet.

His eyes was on his phone.

LX who was playing a noisy game faced him.
“What’s it?” He asked.

His face wasn’t that innocent and cute anymore. He had this cold and hazy look, which still made him handsome. More handsome and s*xier, precisely.

“They just messaged me!” Davis smiled, and looked at him.

“And I wish I understand” LX rolled his eyes, and continued with his game.

“RM companies just messaged me, saying you’re their newest model for their upcoming product launching first in Paris”

When LX heard this, his fingers stopped controlling the game, and he failed, despite almost being at 97%.

He was about to win, but the news caught him off guard.

*GAME OVER* was written boldly with red and a very bond font on his android screen, as if to ridicule him for his sudden defeat after passing a lot of rounds.

“Aren’t you gonna talk? You aren’t happy? Besides, You always begged Phil for this,,,Its a wish come tr-

“I ain’t doing it” LX said, coldly.

“Wh…at?” Davis stammered.

LX took his icy gaze to him.
“I said I ain’t doing it. Go tell those RM companies, LX declines!” He said, before storming out, wearing his mask, which he took from his pocket.

“What’s going on now? What’s happening to him? LX!!!” Davis called loudly but he was out.


“What? Why? You aren’t doing it?” Phil asked, over the phone.

“Yes” LX sounded sharp.

“Why not? You wanted this”

“Yes,,, but that was in the past”

“Come on. Do this for me. We are siblings”

“Cousins” LX corrected.

“Yeah,, yeah,, all the same. Anyways, I’m begging,,, Just do this for me”

“I won’t”

“For the sake of Scarlett who recommend you” Phil said, rushly.


“Scarlett asked for you to be the model. We all need you in Paris, huh?”

There was a deep silence.

“LX? You still there?”

“Is she coming too?” LX finally asked.

“Why not?” Phil replied.

“Okay then. We have a deal. Send in the contract so that I can sign”

“Thanks a mi-


“Geez, He ended the call. That was so rude” Phil pouted.

“And I’m more rude for saving your number as Parasite” Phil shook his head, and edited LX contact.

He saved it as LX bro.


There was a meeting in the huge hall and everyone took their seats.

Phil was already standing on the podium with his mic attached around his ear, which was directed to his mouth.

“Hope all employers are here?” He asked.

There was a striking silence.

Phil scanned the eyes before him and raised his brows briefly.

Scarlett was standing at the edge of the curtains, almost by his side, while Oscar was behind him standing close to the curtains.

There was a huge screen occupying the middle part of the curtain.

Felicia sat in front, wanting to watch him from up close.

She sparked in anger whenever her eyes mistakenly fell on Scarlett.

“Even her face alone irks me” She muttered under her breath.

“So,,, everyone… I welcome y’all” Phil started and there was a roar of clapping hands.

He cleared his throat and Scarlett quickly tapped few buttons on the computer’s keyboard facing her.

The screen on the curtains showed brightly and boldly;

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