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Oscar inhaled, and exhaled deeply before knocking the door.

While waiting for the door to open, he quickly adjusted his collar, and sleeve, and wiped his face with his hanky.

The door opened, and he smiled before strolling in.

He closed the door, and just then,,,

Suddenly, Trina came from nowhere, and pushed him hard, against the wall.

She fixed her elbow against his neck and tightened it there.

Oscar coughed lightly, and slowly took his eyes to the left side of his neck to see a knife almost right there, trying to pierce into his flesh.

He looked in front, to see Trina staring hatefully at him.

Her eyes were so teary, yet no tear fell. It was filled to the brim.

“What are you doing?” He asked, softly.

“You killed her!!” She shouted, and her tears fell. written by sommy pearl f.


“Didn’t you check it before switching it on!!” Phil shouted.

He was coming down from the platform, where he was making his speech.

He had also called for the people’s attention there.

It was now f*cked up.

Scarlett looked up, at the screen.

People were also looking at it, murmuring.

Felicia was smiling, while holding two glasses of red wine.

She walked to LX, and handed one to him.

“Cheers?” She smiled.

LX said nothing. He simply clicked the glass against hers, and took his, to his lips.

He looked up at the screen.

Instead of showing the project work, for its introduction.

Another thing was showing.

Phil and Scarlett felt like it was a deja vu. That was because, It had happened before.

P*rnography was playing instead.

It was causing ruckus in the big hall.

“It wasn’t me” Scarlett shook her head.

“It wasn’t me either!” Phil barked.

“Besides, Why didn’t you recheck it? You’re fond of that” He shook his head.

Scarlett sighed.
“I’ll rush to it, immediately”

She quickly ran back up, to switch it off, but it wasn’t working.

“C’mon, What’s going on there! Do something!” Someone shouted, and everyone laughed loudly.

“Its…Its not working” Scarlett muttered.

Phil sighed in frustration, and took his hands out of his pockets.

He walked out of anger and embarrassment, but little did he know his hotel card fell down his pocket.

Scarlett was confused. She didn’t know what else to do. She looked around, and saw an iron rod, which was quite long.

She quickly grabbed it and struck it twice on the system.

It gave sparks and the screen on the platform turned off.

Scarlett sighed in relief, and dropped the rod down. She ran back down but didn’t see Phil.

She looked around, before going to LX.

“LX, did you see Ph-

LX walked out on her, without making a sound to her.

Scarlett blinked with a loud sigh, and went out.

Felicia smirked, and took few steps. She bent down and took the card from the floor.

“I should give this to him, by waiting in his room” She thought and walked away.


“Phil,,, Listen,, Phil,,, Please- Scarlett said, hitting the car’s glass.

“Move please. I wanna be alone” Phil sniffed.
“Everything’s ruined” He muttered.

“Its not my fault. Oh yes, It is. I would have checked but- Scarlett paused, and made a grunt.

She held her chest tightly.

“What’s wrong?” Phil asked, worriedly and quickly opened the door.

Scarlett quickly dived in and chuckled.
“Got ya!!”

“F*ck. Did you just pull a prank on me??” He asked, with opened eyes.

“I’m sorry, but that was the only way. I just wanted to apologize for my mis-

“Don’t do that again” His voice was cold. written by sommy pearl f.

Scarlett looked at him.
“I’m sorry for making you feel emotional. I had,,, to do it so that I could talk to you”

Phil sighed deeply.
“I wanna cool my head off. Put on your seatbelt” He instructed.

She widened her eyes, and slowly wore it on.
“Where are we off to?”

“Maybe the sea side. I have a lot on my mind right now. All I need is the sea breeze and clear view”

Scarlett smiled.

Phil started the ignite and made to move but the car was stubborn. He tried over and over again but all attempts to move the car proved abortive.

“Dammit. Just why! why!!” He yelled.

Scarlett sighed.
“You shouldn’t frustrate yourself like this”

Phil looked at her.

Scarlett looked back at him.

“This is my dream country,,, so don’t make it frustrating”

“I’m sorry. I just,,, I don’t know. I…know this is part of your bucket list and letting my anger get in the way is awful,,, especially for you”

“Its okay” She said sadly, looking down.

Phil looked at her deeply, and stroked her hair.
“You won’t die, Scarlett…”

Scarlett blinked, and her eyes turned glossy. She slowly looked to him.

They stared at each other passionately, like their eyes depended on it.

Scarlett eyes rushed in blinks, when she noticed Phil’s face was moving closer to hers.

She knew he was about to kiss her. She wanted it too, but she was nervous.

He suddenly paused, halfway, and started struggling with his seat belt.

“What…what is it?” She asked.

“My seatbelt. I can’t take it off” He grunted.

Scarlett watched him, trying to take off the seat belt, which hindered him from kissing her.

She almost laughed watching him.

“Why…Why is it this stubborn!” He half yelled.

“The mood is almost gone” She teased.

Phil looked at her and shook his head.
“A minute, please”

“Aiish!!! Get off!” He told the seat belt.

“You wanna kiss me that bad?” Scarlett asked, and Phil looked at her.

“Uh,,,, I…i- he paused, and scratched his head.
“Do you mind?” He asked.

“That keeps getting in the way” Scarlett looked at the seatbelt and he nodded, in agreement.

“Then,,, I’ll gladly kiss you” She said, and took off her seatbelt.

She stretched her neck to him, and landed her soft lips against his.

Phil reciprocated, with his tongue fast.

He had of course, always wish for that.

It even left Scarlett on shock.

She had her eyes wide open, but when she felt its pleasure, she slowly shut her eyes.

Phil quickly pulled her towards him, and her butt landed on his thighs.

They didn’t stop feeding their lips with their deep and affectionate kisses.

Phil’s arms went around her waist, and he pulled her closer, that their chest collided.

Scarlett slowly took her right hand to his chest, and she took off the seatbelt gently, which went off obediently.

Phil broke the kiss and they locked their eyes together, feeling their fresh and hot breaths slapping against their faces.

“Do you wanna come over to my place?” He whispered.

Scarlett eyes ran around, nervously.

“Let’s…solve mathematical problems,,, your favorite” He smiled, and Scarlett giggled.

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