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Jenna was on her knees.

The boys kept touching her.

“This…is s*xual harassment, stop” She cried, and a slap ran across her cheek.

She gave out a small shriek. written by sommy pearl f.

“Take your shirt off” The biggest commanded.

“Wh…at?” She stuttered.

“Oscar told us everything. He said your b**bs are big and wonderful. Seeing is believing, ey?” He said, and the other 3 laughed.

Jenna quivered, and tears ran down her eyes, in loads.

“That as*hole” She cussed.

“Aiish! I said, take it off! Let’s see. Oscar can’t enjoy alone” He said, and ripped her buttons off.

“Who asked your dad, to get remarried to a woman, whose son is a talkative” He smiled, and squeezed her covered b**bs, allowing her to cry the more.

“F*ck,,, guys… I felt it. Its quite huge. Check it out” He said.

His gangs smiled, and took turns in squeezing and fondling with it.

“I’m gonna kill you!” She cried.

The guy smiled, and took down her shirt, and also her singlet.

“Wow. Pink. I love pink” He smiled, seeing her bra, and they all laughed.

“Help!!” She shouted,, and she was slapped again.

“They won’t hear you, slut!” One of the gang said.

They took down her bra, and her b**bs got exposed.

“Wow. Will you look at that!!” The leader said, and pinched her right nipples.

He fondled with her b**bs, and kissed it.
“Nice…” He muttered, after feeling its scent.

“You’d better not tell anyone, we did this or- He paused, and took 3 quick pictures.

“I’ll post this, so its better you keep shut. Don’t tell things around like your step brother does, okay?”

She sniffed.

He touched her cheek, and walked away.

“Let’s go” He told the other gangs, who laughed, following him from behind.


Jenna barged angrily into Oscar’s room. He was using his phone,, apparently, the messenger app.

“Aiish! What’s it??” He asked, angrily.

“Why! Why did you?! Despite begging you!!” She screamed in tears, folding her fist.

Oscar scoffed.
“What are you talking about?”

“You told your friends what you saw this morning, right?!”

“So? I just told them you have wonderful b**bs”

“And cause of that, they harassed and molested me. Happy now?? I’m sure they’ll certainly continue this to me, and right now, I’m stuck. I’m confused on the next step to take!!”

Oscar stood up slowly from the bed.
“They did what?!”

“Why? You wanna protect me now? This is practically, medicine after death, you as*hole. Remember, what ever happens later, you’re the cause, especially that running stream you call a mouth! Keep it shut for once!” She yelled, and left.

Oscar ran out in fury, and went directly to his friends place.

He was allowed in.

“Hey, Oscar. I saw them today. And they’re indeed wonderful” His friend smirked, and showed him, the pictures he took.

“You foól, I never planned for this! How dare you do this to my sister!” Oscar said, and landed him two rough and mighty punches on his face.

“F*ck!” His friend sceamed, seeing blood on his lip.

He pushed Oscar down, and began to land him blows after blows.

“And who told you to talk! If only you didn’t say a word, and just pretended like you saw nothing,,, this wouldn’t have happened! It’s all your fault!!” He screamed, still hitting Oscar’s bleeding face.


“How do you know all this? Did you ever know Jenna?? And how??!” Oscar screamed, in tears.

Tears also ran down Trina eyes.
“After I’m done, I’m gonna kill you myself with this knife, its a promise”

“And I won’t stop you” He continued crying, remorsefully.

“I knew her the day,,, she died. We also became tight friends, that day….


Felicia was inside Phil’s hotel room. She had taken advantage of the card, and was now now using his things.

She sprayed his cologne.

“Wow. This dress looks good on me” She smiled to herself, remembering the day she paid a steward then, to serve Scarlett.

Her main target was to get the dress Scarlett was going to wear.

The steward did so, by entering the room, and at the midst of serving food for her, she asked for Scarlett’s dress, which she would wear for the party.

Scarlett, being the care free type, showed her and the steward quickly took pictures of it, without her notice.

She ended up showing Felicia, who got the exact same dress.

“Phil, C’mon,,, Show up. Come to mummy” She laughed.


Phil and Scarlett were all over each other. They kept kissing, without embarrassment, even at the corridor.

Some passerby just stared, murmured, and smiled, before walking away.

Phil broke the kiss, and searched his pocket for his card.

“Sh!t” He muttered.

“What’s it?” Scarlett asked, worriedly.

“My card. I can’t find it”

“Maybe you didn’t lock your room” Scarlett said, and turned the knob.

It opened at once.

“He’s here” Felicia muttered.

Phil smiled at her, and went to her lips again, feeding on it, slowly.

They went in, still kissing and didn’t even notice Felicia sitting down on the bed.

“What’s this?” She muttered, watching them with blinking eyes.

“This isn’t supposed to happen! It should be me!!” She thought, and ran off in tears.

They never noticed she left.

She closed the door harshly before going back to her room to bawl her eyes out.

Phil laid Scarlett on the bed, and slowly munch his lips on her collarbone.

She giggled, and held his face looking at him.

He smiled at her.
“I love you, Scarlett”

She smiled warmly.
“I love you, Phil”

He was about to kiss her, when she quickly placed her palm on his lips.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked, with widened opened eyes.

“Yes” She nodded.

“What?” He grew his eyes, bigger.

She pushed him off gently and stood up.
“We shouldn’t be doing this”

Phil sat down and looked at her, checking his drawers.
“What should we be doing then?”

“Solving maths, remember? Are there books here?” She asked.

Phil looked at her and frowned.
“Maths? You don’t understand what I me-

“Shh. Let’s learn” She winked, taking a jotter.

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