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Trina remembered it all, once again.


Trina slowly walked down the road, which had just few passer bys. She was extremely depressed.

Maybe, Its cause her brother was still lying down helplessly on the hospital bed.

“Even if I fight with him a lot, I still don’t want anything bad to happen to him” She whispered, and wiped her tears.

“Cho-gi-oh(Excuse me)” A weak voice stopped her, and she looked up.

She saw a girl, who looked like her.

Depressed and sad as well.

Red and sore eyes like her.

White and cracky lips like her.

Suicidal thoughts like her?

Trina raised her brows.
“How may I help you?” She asked.

“Do you know where the tallest building is?” She asked.

Trina looked around.
“I saw one earlier. I just passed by it. I think its 5 houses away. Its by the left side”

The girl forced a smile and bowed.
“Kumawo(Thank you)” She whispered, before leaving.

Trina nodded, and watched her leave.

She too, also took her steps slowly away.

Suddenly, her feet stopped moving.

She remembered something.

It was weird.

She also, had this feeling then.

This thought…

written by sommy pearl f.

“Why is she looking for the tallest building like I was, few minutes ago? Don’t tell me- She paused and swallowed hard.

“No, please, no!” Trina shouted, and ran off.


Trina panted deeply, after her legs stepped on the roof.

The stair case was something else, and there was no elevator in that particular building.

She was breathing heavily, that she had to bend down to relax.

She looked up to see the girl sitting down, on the roof sides.

Her legs were flagging down, on the air.

Trina sighed in relief and turned around to leave when she heard the girl’s voice.

“Do you just wanna leave like that?”

Trina slowly turned to her, and the girl looked back at her, with a smile.

“C’mon” The girl beckoned, tapping the ground.

Trina sighed and walked to her. She looked at her and sat down.

The girl smiled, and slowly took her eyes back in front.

“You came back cause you’re extremely wise. You read my thoughts…” She started.

Trina looked at her, with teary eyes.
“Why do you want to kill yourself! Suicide is never an option, and it shouldn’t be an option!”

“What can I do? I’m confused right now, and life isn’t fair with me” She shook her head.

“Life is not always fair. You should just struggle, or at least, pretend to be fine”

Trina sighed deeply, seeing tears running down her eyes.

“What’s your name?” Trina asked, feeling the silence already.

“I’m Jenna Jones, and you?” She asked, with a sad smile.

“Trina. Trina Counters”

Jenna looked down.
“Nice to meet you, Trina”

“Do you wanna be friends? You seem lonely. I could talk to you, if you need someone” Trina said.

“Okay then, I could be your friend. I could even be your best friend,, but then, I remember,,, people don’t talk to dead people…”

Trina slowly looked at her.
“What are you-

“Anio, chingu(Goodbye, friend)” Jenna whispered with a big sad smile, and tear running eyes,,, and from where she sat down on, she bent down and fell off within a wink of an eye.

Trina was motionless. She just kept staring at the empty space before her. written by sommy pearl f.

She heard a loud thud, but she refused to look. She was shaking, where she was seated.

Later, she heard loud screams, which came from downs, followed by the blarring sounds from the ambulance.

Trina continued sitting down there, crying her eyes out. She held her hurting chest, and she never stopped allowing her sore and red eyes, bring out tears.

“Why! Just why would you kill yourself!!” She screamed.

Her eyes met with her bag. She quickly opened it, and saw a notepad.

She flipped through it. It was more like a dairy.

It stated down her daily life, since the arrest of her best friend (Scarlett), and after her father suddenly remarried.

That was where Trina read about her step brother, who gave her misery, and placed her where she was now.

To her death…


“I….never meant it. I never ever prayed for that. I’m sorry. I really am” Oscar shook his head, crying profusely.

“Its too late!! I promised to kill you whenever and where ever I see you!”

Trina screamed in anger, and raised the knife up before stabbing it hard…


“Ugh…Ah…Phi…Phil” Scarlett moaned, holding the sides of his shoulders.

She closed her eyes tightly, as she felt his thrusting.

“It doesn’t…hurt, right?” He asked, over her ears.

She opened her eyes, and shook her head, giving him that puppy eyes.

“I’m sorry” He whispered, and placed a soft kiss against her lip.

She tied her legs around his butt, feeling his now, fast thrust. She couldn’t help but increase the loud sounds of her moans.

She never wanted him to stop. She had found love, finally…


Phil slowly opened his eyes.

When he saw Scarlett cuddled around him, he smiled. written by sommy pearl f.

He kissed her forehead, and she moaned lowly, still asleep.

He smiled and raised his eyes up, to see his card there.

“Seems I did forget it. Thought, I locked it” He thought.

He took his phone from on top the table, before him and touched the screen, which brightened.

The time was 5:30am already.

Just then, his phone started ringing.

“Who’s this now?” He arched his brows, looking at the private number.

He swallowed hard, and stood up from the bed.

He wore his underwear, and went to the balcony.

He swiped green, and placed it against his ear.
“Hello?” He asked.

“So, how was it with the pretty lady?” A deep voice sounded.

“You…” He blinked.

“I’m back for you. To kill you! Seems you forgot about me, that you even enjoyed with her last night. I’ve told you before, I’m watching you”

Phil quickly looked around.

“If I were you,,, I would check on your pretty lady” The voice said before ending the call.

Phil jerked and quickly ran back to the room.

He met Scareltt, now, sitting on the bed, with the duvet covering her body.

She had her phone on her ear.

Phil ran to her, grabbed the phone off her.

A startled Scarlett just looked at him.

Phil placed the phone against his ear.

“Hello!” He said, furiously.

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