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THE ROYAL: Tales Of Two Towns – Episode 14



(Tales of two town ?)

By: faidah Eniola

Episode 14

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Atlanta town***

The lantern festival is near, can’t wait”Karina gushed happily and Scarlett change her position on the bed

“The great kublan clan will be here”Karina added

“How is he related to the royal”Scarlett scoffed

“He queen Teresa father”Karina replied

“Who is queen Teresa”she asked

“Don’t tell me you haven’t had about her”Karina said sitting upright on the bed

“What?”she asked

“Queen Teresa is Everette mother”

“But where is she”Scarlett asked sitting upright too

“She is dead”Karina replied

“He has a sad story “Scarlett smirk

“That why he is a sadist”Karina said

“Gudnyt ?”Scarlett said covering her self with the duvet

“Same”Karina replied

Next Day*******

Maids quarter******

“You should all behave yourself, the great kublan clan will be here anytime from now on and the preparation started today”Ms sung said

“Yes my lady”they maids bow

“Scarlett, take the fruit to the crown prince”Ms sung ordered

“Yes,my lady “Scarlett said and Valentina glare at her and she stick out her tongue at her and carried the tray before leaving

She get to the crown prince chamber and drop the tray of fruit on a small stood, beside the stood her eyes caught with a pendant necklace

“It look familiar”she said and pick it and stare at it for a long time, she is trying her best to to remember where she have seen the necklace but she couldn’t

“Why are you touching my stuff”some one said behind her and she quickly look back swifty to see him standing before her,he is in his inner white robe,water dripping down from his hair and gush those tempted Pink lips,he is dangerously handsome

“Are you done drooling”prince Everette said coming closer to her and she shift back

“I..I.. saw..th..this in the floor”she shuttered showing him the necklace

He walk closer to her and she shifted back till her back reach the wall

“Why are you touching my stuff”he said moving his face closer to her,their breathe brushing each other, Scarlett only gulp down into nothing

He move his face closer again remaining an inch for their lips to meet, Scarlett closed her eyes and he smile and move his face away from her

“Do you expect something from me”prince Everette asked and her eyes flew open

“I.. will.. take my leave”she shuttered rushing out , she step on her hanbok and her leg slip and she started going down

Like a slow mo Everette rush to her and held her by the waist,her jaw drop in shock

“You will be the first girl I will be saving in my life”he said and push her away and she staggered

“Thank you your highness”she bow

“Come back after 5mins “he said

“Yes your highness”she bow and Rush out of the chamber


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