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Episode 14
Adrian POV
I left Micheal’s place a bit late,I drove into the house in full speed after closing the gates the gate man rush to me ,I know he only does that when he has information for me
“Welcome sir” he greeted
“Thank you” I replied, what I saw that he wasn’t moving,I asked”what’s it you want to tell me?”
“Umm sir Tori borrowed my phone today”he said
” Do you need money?”I asked
“Not really,I just thought it would be great if you could buy her a cell phone too”he said
” And why would it be great?”I asked
” I mean she’s a good girl, buying her a phone shouldn’t be a big deal,I mean you bought mine for me”he said and I smile
” Thanks for the information” I said and walk inside
“Hey” I said as I walk in,Tori was coming from upstairs,she look kinda tired
“Welcome sir, how was your day?” She greeted, but I didn’t answer her
I sat on a chair,she rushed to me and ask”sir are you hungry or are you tired”
I ignore her,she put her head across my face waving it,I caught her hand and pulled her closer making her sit right beside me, there was no space between us.
“Sir what are you doing?” She asked
“How can you forget things do easily, until you remember what I told you this morning I won’t let go”I replied
” What that si…oh I mean Adrian”she correct herself and I let go
” How can you take that so serious?” She asked and I smile
” What would you like to have for dinner?” She asked
“Nothing I already ate, you can prepare your food”I said
” Alright s.. Adrian”she said and I smile
” Gosh she looks so cute whenever she makes a mistake”I thought within myself
” Good night”I said and peck her forehead,she stood there dumbfounded,she must be surprised that I peck her.
The next morning
Prince Dan POV
I’ve been expecting a reply from the princess,even if it an unpleasant one,I mean she should have gotten the dress.
“I should go see her again” I thought
I asked a guard to prepare my car,we drove to her house
King’s palace
I Saw prince Cisco playing with a dog,I smiled and went to him
“Good morning your highness” I greeted
“Morning” he replied less concerned
“Umm,I’m just wondering is her highness in?” I asked
” No”he replied sharply
” I’m talking about your sister” I said
“Yeah,I know, she’s not inside”he replied
” ohh I see,Did she receive the gift I brought the other day?” I asked
” No,I burnt it”he replied
” What!!that cloth was Worth a fortune”I yell
” Hey who do you think you are to raise your voice at me?”he yelled back
” Will you guys quit shouting” someone said when we turned around to see who it was,it was her Majesty the queen
“Your majesty” I greeted bowing
“Good day to you prince Dan” she replied
“Mother, don’t greet him it was him that hurt Tori”prince Cisco half yell.
” Take him inside” the queen said to one of her maids and she left to take him inside
” But mother” he tried to say but she cut in”it time for your study”
“What brings you here my prince?” The queen ask right after prince Cisco was taken inside.
” I came here to see princess Tori” I replied
“The princess is not at home at the moment but we will let her know you dropped by”she said and I thank her
” I need to buy her a gift again”I thought to myself as we drove out,I told my driver to head to the mall
Victoria POV
I finished my chores early and Adrian woke up a bit late because it was Saturday after breakfast he told me to get dress that we are heading somewhere
We went to the mall,I wasn’t expecting the mall of all places,I was still young the last time I came to the mall, but it wasn’t fun,the mall was closed down because of me so I shop alone with some maids and guard but now it different I don’t have maids neither guard.
“What are we doing here s… Adrian” I asked
” I see you are still not use to this”he said and I smile.
” I want to get you a cell phone,the gate man said you always borrow his”he countinue
” He did”I exclaimed in shock
“Yeah,let go” he said holding my hand
We shop for a while,it was fun,I decided to get the gate man something, since he was so considerate.
I was wondering what to pick for him when someone called me
“My princess” some one said,I turned to see who it was
Who called her, let’s guess

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