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Episode 21
Prince DanPOV
I was sitted in my room when an unknown number call me,I didn’t pick it at first but when it wouldn’t stop ringing I picked it.
Good day to you love the fellow said
Who’s this? I replied
It me Lia she replied I have a very useful information and a question
What’s it? I asked
The girl you mention Tori, who’s she to you she asked
Just a friend,why? I asked
I know where she stays right now and I’m sure you don’t for that information send half a million to the account number I’ll be sending she said and hung up
Wait, how does she know I don’t know where Tori lives, does she really know,I need to find out.
I sent the amount to the number she sent.
It done I said and she laughed
I’ll text you the address she said and hung up
I saw the message and went to the address.
Victoria POV
I was on my way to give the gate man his food, when I saw him talking to prince Dan
“Oh my God, what’s he doing here?” I asked no one
“Sir here’s your food”I said dropping the food
” This guy here is looking for you”he said and I smile
” I don’t know him”I replied and walk away
I could hear him yell my name but I ignore it thank goodness he didn’t add princess.
It was getting late and 8 wasn’t aware because I was wondering how Dan knew this place, what if he meet Adrian and he told him my identity I can’t let that happen.
I prepare dinner and Wait for Adrian patiently.
Michael POV
I drove Adrian home,I couldn’t let him drive himself. On getting to his house he rushed inside, the gate man walk up to me and greeted me.
“Welcome sir Michael” he greeted”sir I have something to tell you”
“What that?” I asked
“A man came by today and ask of Tori”he replied
” Really,who was it?”I asked
” I don’t know him sir, but Tori said he’s unknown to him”he replied
” Is that so?”I asked and he nodded,I thank him and went inside.
Victoria POV
I saw sir Michael drive Adrian in,Adrian came in first,I rushed to the kitchen to avoid him but he followed.
“Welcome sir” I greeted
“Are you still angry?” He asked
“No sir”I replied
” Then why do you call me sir?” He asked
“I’m really sorry,I mean Adrian” I said and he smiled
“I’m glad we are okay”he said and I nodded
” Would you like dinner now?”I asked
” Yeah I’m starving”he replied and I laughed.
We ate dinner together with Michael, but I noticed Michael kept staring at me I don’t know why but I don’t care .
After dinner Michael left and I went to the kitchen to do my normal thing just then Adrian came in.
The next day
I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Adrian Walk up to me
“Need some help?” He asked and I declined
“Okay,can I talk to you about something” he asked
” Yeah”I replied.
” It more like a favor”he said” can you come with me to a presentation?”
“Sure” I replied and he thank me,we ate breakfast and he went back upstairs to prepare for the presentation and I did the same.
We drove to torsco restaurant,that our restaurant,I gulp down.
“What are we doing here?” I asked
“I’m going to buy this restaurant and I want you by my side” he said
We got down, some people welcome us or should I say him,we were shown around the restaurant and it was fun.
After a while we were informed that someone is there to sign the contract.
As we went back,I was surprised at who I saw.
“Cisco what is he doing here?” I thought within myself.
“Good morning highness” Adrian greeted bowing and I did the same.
God I can’t believe I’ll be bowing to Cisco, when we raised our heads I could see him staring at me
” Tori”he finally spoke and my heart skip a beat.
I’m happy that Adrian and Tori finally finish their fight
Hope Cisco won’t break our secret ohh
Something big is coming ♥️❤️

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