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(I need to be a maid to find true love)
Episode 22
Adrian POV
“Tori” the prince called her, and I stared at her in surprise
“How do you know her my prince?” I asked and he kept mute
” Oh, I met him when I went to visit my sick friend the other day”Tori said
” Alright”I said and we all took a seat, after the signing, we had lunch with the prince and he was fun to with.
“If I may ask you something” he said
“Sure” I replied
“Who’s this girl to you?” He asked looking at Tori
“She’s my friend” I replied
“Alright, she’s pretty” he replied and I thank him.
Prince Cisco kept looking at Tori at first I wanted to talk but decided to keep shut.
He asked me how we met and I explained to him,he was surprised and funny at the same time
He asked me if I like Tori not as a friend but more than a friend and I ignore the question.
After lunch, Tori offered to help him with his things.
Victoria POV
I help Cisco with his things, as we got closer to the car and out of Adrian sight I pinch him
“What was that for?” He asked and I gave his things to his guard.
“For being an idiot” I replied
“I didn’t do anything” he said
“Why did you have to call me by my name?” I said”couldn’t you have just act like we don’t know each other”
” I didn’t know,that your identity is a secret”he replied sadly and I felt guilty for hurting him,I actually don’t like hurting him
“I’m sorry” I said and he smile
“It fine, you guys are not friends,I know you work for him but what type of work, are you his secretary or his personal assistant”he asked
” I’m his maid”I replied and he gasp
” A maid, you are a princess for Christ sake”he half yell.
” Keep it down will you”I said” I work as a maid but he doesn’t treat me as a maid”
” But I think he likes you”he said.
” No he doesn’t”I replied
” Didn’t you say he doesn’t treat you like a maid?”he asked and I nodded
” It only mean he likes you” he said
“I told him am an orphan that’s why he treats me that way”I replied
” If he likes you what will you do?” He asked
” I don’t know”I said
” Okay”he replied
” You won’t tell mother and father right?” I asked and he nodded.
“That’s my bro,I should leave before he start looking for me” I said and bade him good bye
” What were you two talking about?”Adrian ask as I got closer.
” He talk to me about my maid friend” I replied and he nodded
“Let go home”I said and he smile
Authoress POV
Prince Dan went to Adrian resident again,he kept arguing with the gate man until Michael came.
“What happening here?” He asked
“I want to talk to a girl in that lives in this house but this man wouldn’t let me in”prince Dan said
Michael signal to the gate man to come over and he asked”is he the same man that came yesterday? ”
” Yes sir”he replied and Michael nodded
” Let talk”Michael said to Dan and they went to a quiet place
“Who are you and who are you looking for?” Michael asked
“I’m Dan and I’m looking for Tori” he replied
“What is your relationship with Tori if I may ask?” He asked
“I can’t tell you not until you tell me your relationship with her first” he replied
” Okay, she’s my friends maid”Michael said
” Did you just say maid, you mean Tori is a maid? “He asked in surprise
” Now you know our relationship tell me yours”Michael asked
I hope prince Dan won’t spill the truth.

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