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Episode 30
Regina POV
It been hours since I heard from Tori or Michael, I decided to go check on them when I saw Tori talking to a girl.
I wanted to leave but I heard the girl call her your highness I was confused, so I decided to wait and listen. I heard every bit of their conversation.
I was surprised, I check it online if there’s any princess in new York and there is, princess Victoria kings.
Her friend left, I hid so well to make sure they won’t see me and they didn’t, I confront Tori as she was coming back.
I called her your highness and she stutter then I knew I got her, I did some funny introduction.
“Who would believe an ordinary maid is a princess”I said moving around her in circles leaving her in the middle.
“Regina let talk about this” she said, with that I knew no one knows, good I can use this to get what I want.
“Okay let sit and talk” I replied and we sat down
“Please don’t tell anyone about this” she pleaded and I like it
” I won’t tell anyone in one condition”I said
” What is your condition?”she asked obviously scared
” You don’t have to be scared I won’t ask for your head”I said” I want you to disappear out of Adrian’s life”
.” I can’t do that”she said and I stood up
“Then get ready, because I’m gonna tell Adrian as soon as he wakes up and Imagine how he’ll feel”I said
” Please Regina anything but that”she pleaded
“Sorry princess that’s what I want” I said and left I call Lia and ask us to meet.
Soon I got to her place she was sitting down on the couch, I moved closer to her and pull her hair.
“You WITCH if you want Adrian I do why did you shot him” I yell
” I don’t understand”she said
I leave her and switch the TV to a news channel.
” Earlier today Mr Adrian diamond was shot right in front of his company along with his receptionist, Mr diamond was rush to the hospital but we are yet to receive news of his health”a girl said on the TV
” Now do you understand”I half yell
” They must have thought the receptionist was Tori and I gave them no order of hurting Adrian”she said
” Why can’t you do anything right? “I screamed
” What do we do? “She asked
” We have to stay low for now I have something on that bitch”I said with a gritted teeth.
Victoria POV
After Regina left I kept thinking about her offer, I should tell Adrian as soon as I have the chance.
“Miss are you close to me diamond?” A girl I assume to be a nurse ask
” Yes why? “I answered
“He’s awake you can go see him but, you can’t talk to him about something that will hurt him, or bring fear to him”she said and I nodded
How do I face Adrian? What if he hates me? All this ran through my head
I opened the door slowly and he looked at me, as if he just saw a ghost
Why is Adrian looking at Tori like a ghost?
Hope he didn’t lose his memory ooo
Regina and her stupid plans

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