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(I need to be a maid to find true love)
Episode 33
Victoria POV
As I alight from the taxi I saw guards and maids standing outside, I knew they were waiting for me.
As I moved closer they bow to me and mother rushed outside to welcome me.
“All this isn’t necessary mother” I said looking at the guards and maids
“You are a princess and you haven’t been home for the past three months, so all this is nothing”she said as we walk in
” Welcome your highness” Lola greeted bowing
“Nice to see you Lola” I replied
“You too princess” she replied
“You guys can catch up later, I want you to tell me everything that has happened for the past three months”mother said dragging me away.
We walked to her room, nothing has changed everything is still the same.
“Where’s Cisco?” I asked looking around normally Cisco would have yell my name
” He went to school” she replied
“School!!” I yell
“Yes why the surprised expression?” Mother ask, noticing my expression
” it just that I am surprised that father agree to that” I replied
Father never let me go to school all my lessons were at home or online, when I was in elementary school I always have my lessons at home, I was jealous of other kids but father said am a princess so I need to be treated as one.
“Yeah, he agreed, enough about your father and brother tell me about you”she said
” What exactly about me do you want to know?” I asked
” Everything, have found a groom? “Mother asked and I nodded
” Really who is he? Is he handsome? Is he Rich? Is he a prince or a commoner?”she asked in excitement
” Calm down mother”I said” well he’s handsome and rich, but he’s not a prince nor a commoner”
” Really, oh about the incident yesterday are you alright? “She asked
” Yes I’m fine”I replied
” You told your father that the person who got hurt is your friend is he the one” she asked and I nodded
” Wow so Adrian diamond, is going to be my son-in-law” she giggled
“Mother, you remember his name”I said and she smile
Father walk in and we both stood up
” Good morning father” I said bowing
“Let talk” he said and mother gave my hand a gentle squeeze before I followed him.
“Sit” father ordered and I did
“I’m going to get to business” he said”have you found what you are looking for”
I knew what he was talking about so I nodded
“Good but there’s something you need to know”he said and I gulp down
” What that father?” I asked
“If you soon to be husband is not a prince I won’t accept him”he said and I stood up
” What are you talking about father, you said you’d agree to whoever I want why are you changing your mind? I asked
“I said that and I’m saying this now, if he is not a prince you are going to marry prince Dan”he said
” Father my boyfriend is a good man and you’ll like him mother already likes him”I said
” My decision is final”he said
” Please father for once let me make my own decisions, please”I pleaded
” You are a princess”he said
” Darn it, hell with the princess of a thing, how can you do this father? I’ve been living under the same roof with you for over twenty years not one did you call me by my name, you made me study in the house I never once leave your sight, even when I travel there’s always guard and spy to report to you, and Cisco he’s at school now right, you let him sell the restaurant and see affairs of things, why are you doing this? Is it because am a girl and Cisco is a boy? “I said with tears in my eyes
” Princess I”he tried to say but I cut in” enough father I’m so tired of this”I yell
” Do not raise your voice at me,”he said
” I’m sorry”I apologise bowing
” Living out of the palace for three months has poison your mind” he said
“No father, it living with you that has done that”I said and turn to leave but I paused
“I wish we can talk without arguing” I said
” You must come back in the next two weeks or else” he said and I cut in
“Or else what, you are going to disown me? Or banish me?, Whatever you do nothing scares me”I said and left
Mother was standing at the door, he was crying
“I’m sorry mother I have to go” I said and left.
As I walk out of the house I stood at the entrance and wait for a taxi as tears pour out of my eyes.
“Princess Victoria” someone called and I turn to see Michael standing in front of his car.

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