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??? The Undercover Model ???
Episode (15)

??? Kayla Michaelson ???

5 months with Andrew is crazy, I really like it.. no I love it. He’s really sweet and I never thought he has this side.

Let me tell you.. I never been this happy before and he’s just amazing.

When I got back from Paris, he gave me a big bouquet of roses?? and give me a small teddy bear.

We spent a lot of time together and he always surprise me. We go to the Central Park together and ride bicycle?.. he even prepare picnic.

One day.. he baked me cookies? and give it to me when my mood really drops and even gave me my favorite hot chocolate.

When I’m home alone, he company me by watching some movies and even eat pizza ? together.

He’s really sweet that it make me really like him. I really like him.. it’s like he make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I really really like him and I can’t believe I like him.. I know this is crazy but I’m loving the feelings.

That’s Kayla’s part, but as for Carla’s part.. he make me insane. He asked me to tutor this, tutor that.. I mean he’s not that mean like he uesd to be.

But still he’s still annoying when it comes to Carla. “Are you sure you want to go to school today?” Vivian asked.

“Yeah.. I’ve miss a lot of things so I need to catch it up” I answered as I clean up my make-up.

I just got home from an interview and it’s still 10:30 so l can go to school.

“Okay then.. Tomorrow you don’t have any schedule so you can go to school like usual”

“Okay” I quickly change my clothes and since I already put my wig on earlier with ny hairdresser so now I’m done.

Taking my school bag from the back of the car and ready to go.

I got out from the car and walked inside the school. I have to take a slip at teacher’s office.

I walked there quickly because my class is biology now. I walked passed the boys and girls changing room and saw The Seven (7) Gold Life’s boys there..

I walked passed them and go in the teacher’s office to take the slip.

“Again Carla?” I nodded

“Here’s your slip and please go to class”

“Yes Miss” I nodded and walked out from the office. I walked slowly and stopped as I heard my name from the boys changing room.

I immediately stand to the wall to hear that conversation.

“I mean I can’t say that she’s not hot dude, she’s a one hot chick but until when you’re going to pretend that you don’t know that she has 2 identity”

My eyes widen… Andrew knows?

“I just like to see her confuse and I want to see her get caught that she’s undercovering here” unbelievable!

“Don’t you think that you act too much? You seems serious about this and even uploading her photos to your Instagram” I don’t know who said that but nice question

“I need to make her believe, dude it’s really fun to see her having this 2 identity.. when I was tutored by her.. I pretend wanted to eat her chocolate bar

But since she knows I have a chocolate allergy, she stopped me by saying that it’s hers.. She always like that” Andrew laughed.

Is it funny to you? I can’t believe he knows but I was so stupid that I didn’t realise this.

I was to caught you in to moments when he treated me right.

I thought he’s really serious but he’s just playing me. My heart hurts and I find myself crying on the spot.

“Until when?”

“I’m planning to keep going until she can’t handle it anymore. Dude this is fun! We can expose her”

“Don’t you like her? If you don’t want her, can I have her?” Iuw gross.

“Once a nerd, always a nerd and forever will be a nerd. She’s lame”

That stabbed my heart because Andrew is the one who said that.

“What if she finds out?”

“She will never find out, I’ll be so nice to her until she fall in love with me”

“So that’s his plans? I’ll make a revenge to you Andrew, you’ll see!

Since I already admit that I’m falling now.. I’m going to make you fall for me until you can’t handle it anymore.

You won’t stay still after this Andrew Samuel.

I will break you in pieces.. you’ll see.

“Dude she’s a nice girl, she helps you a lot and the fact that you already got your car with that help but you’re going to ruin her and embarrass her in front of public”

I’m going to find who say this and I’m going to make a plan for it. I think it’s Aiden or Axel.

“I only used her nothing more, if you want to take her then take her.

I don’t mind” Don’t mind? Let’s see if you don’t mind about it.

I wiped my tears and I have to get my revenge. If you’re going to play game without me knowing then I’ll play a game without you knowing.

“Really dude? Fine, I’ll take her then”

“Axel don’t be crazy”
So it’s Axel, let the game begin.

“Dude Andrew doesn’t want her so I’ll take her besides she’s beautiful and cool”

But if I play this game, Axel may be hurt but maybe I can ask him to team up with me.

“Do you really want Axel to take her?”

“Yeah why not? Besides I just want to play her. It’s fun though”

“You’ll regret that Andrew”

“Yeah right” I’ll make you regret that Andrew.


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