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??? The Undercover Model ???
Episode (16)

??? Kayla Michaelson ???

“Hey babe” I kissed Andrew’s cheek and linked my arm to his

“Now give me a hug, I miss you” He said, I smirked and hugged him really tightly.

What a liar…..??

“Let’s go” He said.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“A drive”

“New car?” Nice car.. you got this with my help asshole

“Of course, now let’s go babe” He kissed my cheek and opened the door for me. I got in and can’t help but admire the car. This car is damn cool

“Have you eat?” He asked

“I have, why?”

“I’m just worried if you haven’t eat yet” He said and I smiled

“I drink a lot of juice this evening” He suddenly lean to me and pulled my seatbelt for me.

He gave me a peck on my lips and smiled widely



“Of course” The whole ride, we’re singing to a lot of songs. I’ll be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy my time with him.

The fact that I like him is still there and I don’t think it will change that fast but he’s going to hurt me..

He’s planning to hurt me and I’m not going to let myself get hurt.

“Brooklyn Bridge?” I asked as he parked his car.

“Yeah.. it’s beautiful at night” we got out from his car and yes.. I never realise how beautiful is this place at night

“Let’s take a walk there” He hold my hand and we walked to the bridge together.

Hand in hand we walked in silence

“How are you doing these days at school?” I asked him

“Good, nothing new and special” He answered and I nodded

“How about you?”

“Same” I answered and I looked down to see our hands interwining together tightly.. I wish all this are real, but it’s not. I let out a big sighed.

“Are you tired?” He asked and I stopped walking, I turned to him and looked up to him.

“I like you a lot Andrew” I said truthfully and he smiled

“I like you a lot too”

Lair… Stop lying you bastard!

“You won’t leave me right?” I asked the most stupidest question that I’ve ever ask to someone

“No.. why would I leave you?” He answered



“I’m not going anywhere” He smiled and caressed my cheek.

I looked into that brown eyes wanting him to tell me that this is real not a game that he’s playing.

He leaned to me and I kissed him hard

I kiss him like I will break up with him after this..

“Damn it Kayla.. You’re making me crazy”
Another lie again

“Good… How crazy are you?” I asked while kissing him slowly

“So crazy that I need you to be by my side 24/7”

Big liar

“I want it too” I kissed him slowly again, he pulled me closer by wrapping his arms around my waist

“Do you really mean all of this Andrew? All that you do for me?

All the things that you say and everything that you give me?” I asked looking straight into his eyes, he smiled and nodded..

And again Liar

“Of course, I mean everything for you babe. Why are you asking things like this? Are you doubting me?”

Yes! Yes I’m doubting you dog meat. I said it in my heart

“No” I smiled at him

I turned my body to see the moon? shining brightly. I put my elbow to the bridge railing and Andrew back hugged me.

He put his chin on my shoulder

“Beautiful isn’t it?” I asked

“Yeah, it’s beautiful” He answered, I turned to him and kissed his cheek

“I’m going to London tomorrow for a runway”

“How long?”


“I’m going to miss you then” He kissed my cheek and I smiled.

Why do you keep lying and lying? I said in my heart

“We can text each other through Skype or FaceTime”

“Yeah we can” I said and turning to him. I looked at his face memorising it.

I hate you Andrew, why are you acting so nice while you know you’re going to break me in the end?

You only play me because I’m just game to you. Why do I have to know this when I already like him a lot? Why?

I’m going to break up with you soon Andrew Samuel.. I’m going to make you crazy about me first and then break up with you.

You have to feel the pain that I’m feeling.

Why pretending not to know about my identities? Acting cold and annoying when I’m Carla and act sweet lovingly when I’m Kayla.

Do you want to see me get caught that I’m one person that has 2 identities? Too bad I’m too smart to let that happen Andrew

After I’m breaking up with you.. I’m going to shut you completely out of my life and I don’t want to see you again.

3 months left before we graduated .. should I hold that long? I think I can do that

“Why are you so beautiful?” Damn it!! Andrew.. I don’t trust your words anymore, it doesn’t work anymore

“Stop saying things like that” I smiled to him and pretended to be shy

“Why? It’s truth” it’s a lie.. everything that you’re saying, do and act is all lie I said all these in my heart why looking at him

“I wish I can see a full moon ??? like this often” I said looking up the sky

“Yeah me too.. it’s beautiful” We both stay silent, it’s like the both of us busy with our own minds

“I really want to kiss you right now” He said and I turned to him

“Then kiss me no need to ask” He caught my lips and kissed me slowly.

I turned my body and he closed the gap between us. I wish all this were real.

He cupped my face while kissing me harder. I circled my arms around his waist. We both stopped and looked at each others eyes.

“There’s a Maroon 5 concert in 2 weeks, I got the tickets. I want you to come with me there” He said and I smiled

“I will love to, I love Maroon 5”

“We’re meant to be together babe”

Lies again.. I won’t believe everywords that come out from your mouth Andrew.

It’s all lies…..


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