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??? The Undercover Model ???
(Soon To Be Samuel)
(No Questioning)
Episode (30)

??? Kayla Michaelson ???

4 years later…

“Leah, I’m tired” I whined

“I don’t care, come on you have to company me. You promise last week about this”

“I know but I’m damn tired and i didn’t know that I will be this tired” I said, I threw my body to the bed and closed my eyes ready to sleep.

“Kayla.. You’re damn mean”

“Give me 1 hour sleep then I can…”

“We have to go now, come on you will love the exhibition” Leah took my hand and pulled it forcing me to go with her.

“Go with Wilson” I said

“Kayla, Wilson is in Maldives with his family”

“Argh fine.. wait 20 minutes” I hissed, forcing my body to get up and dragged myself to the bathroom.

Looking at myself in the mirror and yes..I looked like a zombie. I just got home from France yesterday and I have a commercial shoot today morning so I’m completely jetlagged.

Taking a shower quickly and dried my hair inside the bathroom. Walking out from the bathroom with my towel and looked at Leah with questioning eyes.

“What are you going to wear?” I asked because she’s still in her comfortable clothes, she pointed at the wall and I turned my head

To find a beautiful blue dress. I walked to my closet and scanned it with my sleepy eyes.

“Let me pick it for you” I nodded weakly and dragged myself to the bed

“How about this?” I looked up to see Leah holding my soft blue halter dress, I nodded not even caring about anything right now.

I need to sleep, I don’t even reply Andrew’s texts.

“Wear it now, should I do your makeup?” Leah asked and I shook my head. I quickly put It on and wear my necklace, earrings and put my makeup on.

“Let’s go” Taking my soft blue high heels, it matched my dress really well.

I followed Leah to her car, as soon as my butt met her soft seat..My eyes immediatelly shut off..

“Kayla..hey Kayla” I opened my eyes slowly, turned my head to Leah. She pointed at the building and

I quickly looked at the mirror to check my hair and everything. I’m good.

“Sorry Kayla but I can’t come here alone”

“Okay” I nodded and got out from her car. Put my dress in place since it’s a little bit pull up when I sat in the car.

I walked to the lobby first and looked at the sign. Leah linked her arm to me and dragged me inside.

“This will be exciting” She squealed

“Yay” I said sarcastic, I love my best friend but I can’t focus nor think in this situation.

“Can you wait here for a moment? I need to check in and gave them the invitation first” Leah said and I nodded.

I’m seriously don’t have any idea what or where we are. I sat on a big sofa and closed my eyes.

“Ms. Michaelson” I opened my eyes and looked at the tall guy in front of me

“Huh?” I asked, since he’s wearing a full suit and ear thing like bodyguard do so I’m assuming that he’s a bodyguard.

“Follow me” He said and I felt alert, I’m completely awake now and scared at the same time

“No..Who are you?” I asked suddenly my phone rings and it’s Leah

“Where are you?” There’s a guy here…”

“Just follow him, I’m already inside he will lead you there and his name is Bobby” she ended the call before I can protest

I followed the big guy and looked at my phone checking my notification along the way.

He opened the door for me and I looked at it weirdly because it’s dark. I turned to him and he gestured me to get in

“It’s dark” I said

“Just get in, I have to take another guest” Meanie

“Don’t tell me that…”

“Just get in Ms. Michaelson” He said in a really serious tone and I slowly Walked in.

He closed the door damn shit! I’m scared. When i wanted to turn on the flashlight from my phone.. suddenly the whole lights got turn on.

My eyes widen when I saw Andrew, my family, his family and our friends standing at the front.

“Andrew?” I called

“Hey beautiful..” He said

“What is going on?”

“We met in a really unpredictable way but I ended up liking you crazily, you make me crazy in every way.”

I love you kayla.. I really do love you” He smiled to me and I can’t help but be so happy right now.. He walked to me

“Today is our 4th Anniversary babe” My eyes widen.. OMG!! How can I forget that.

“I’m sorry for forgetting about it…”

“It’s okay, hey it’s fine” He hugged me so tightly and I buried my head to his chest

“Happy 4th Anniversary” I whispered to his ear and he chuckled. Stroking my hair and he kissed my forehead.

He let me go and suddenly kneeled in front of me

“Andrew” I gasped and he took a small box, opened it in front of me.

“Kayla.. I want to spend my whole life with you, I really do. I want to wake up with you by my side, buying the whole waffle store for you..”

I laughed as he said that.

“I will make you happy and I promise that, I love you so much and I can’t think of anyone besides you fill my life with happiness”

Damn him..he’s the sweetest man alive

“Kayla Michaelson..I want you to marry me. I won’t ask the question because you don’t have any other choice”

He smirked and I glared at him.

“What kind of proposal is this babe? You should ask the girl”

“I mean you will answer yes anyway” I laughed and hugged him. Crashing my lips to his immediately and of course my answer will be yes..

He’s everything for me and he is the one for me..

“Yes babe” I said

“I know sexy” Everyone congratulating us and I can’t help but be so happy tonight

love you kayla soon to be Samuel” Andrew whispered I my ears

“Love you too Andrew” I kissed his cheek.

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