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??? The Undercover Model ???

Episode 4
???Kayla Michaelson ???
“That’s a beautiful wrap” I smiled widely and hugged Oliver, my photographer for today. I walked to the dressing room and changed into my casual clothes.

“Your phone kept vibrating for the last hour” Vivian my manager said and I took my phone.

Andrew; 20 missed calls and 37 messages.

He called again suddenly and I picked it up right away.. it was a bad idea to give my phone number to him.

“Where are you?” He brusted and I put my phone away from my ear.

“Uhmm outside the school”

“You’re ditching? Wow”

“No I’m not ditching. I have something to do with my parents” I said and sighed big time. I hate lying.

“I need you to tutor ”

“What do you need to study this time?” Honestly I’m tired, I shot a commercial this morning and then Photoshoot. I woke up at 4:30 to exercise and now it’s 4pm.


“Can we study tomorrow?” I asked.

“No” oh boy….

“Why you can’t? Do you have something else?” He asked.


“It’s settle then.. 5pm at the Rooftop cafe” he said and ended the call.

“Who is it?” Vivian asked.

“Some jerk at school.”

“Let’s go” Vivian said and I stopped her.

“I need to be Carla” she looked at me with questioning eyes.

“School is over so why?”

“I need to tutor that jerk, wait okay?” I said and she nodded. She put my things in the car first and I quickly dressed as Carla.

Putting on my wig, erasing my makeup ? I took my hoodie.

Vivian drove me there and I quickly walked to the cafe. I saw Andrew already sitting there playing on his phone.

“Have you been waiting long? It’s 4:43” I said and he turned to me.

“Sit” he pointed to the seat across me, weird.

“I didn’t bring my books, did you bring yours?” I asked and he nodded.

“Let’s eat” he suddenly said.

“No I’m full” I lied, I’m on diet and I can’t eat.

“I don’t like eating alone” he said and I looked away.

“Don’t be a baby, eat by yourself” I said coldly, he called the waitress and started ordering. I yawned damn I’m tired.

“Until when do you need my tutoring?”

“Until we graduate” what? That’s 5 months away!

“You’re already smart and why do you still need a tutor?” I asked because I’m curious as hell.

“I want a car, and my dad decided to find my weakness by asking me to improve that which sucks”

“Only that?”

“Yeah only that” unbelievable!

“Does your girlfriend knows about this?” I asked and he nodded.

“She’s not my girlfriend Carla”

“Whatever… Let’s start studying” I started tutoring him. At first he didn’t understand.

He’s really smart and he easily understands the words that I’m trying to explain even when it’s quite hard to make the simple explanation to him.

I wrote the simple explanation for him so he could study easily. As the time gets by, I spend more time with him.

He’s not that bad… His attitude in school, is just arrogant because he’s one of the seven(7) Gold life’s son and the fact that girls worship him is making him more cocky.

“Thanks carla” he said as we were done for today, it’s 7:30 and I’m tired as hell.

I only ordered watermelon juice with no sugar in it and it’s damn good. After this I need to exercise for 1 hour and a half, then I can sleep.

“Yeah welcome”

“Do you want me to drop you home?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No thanks”

“I never take no as an answer Carla”

“I need to go somewhere else” I lied.

“That’s why you should allow me to take you there as thank you”

“No need.. I sware it’s near I can walk there” I don’t want to be in one car with him argh…

“Carla?” I turned to see Logan, Logan was my childhood friend and he knows that I’m Kayla. I hugged him really tightly.

“Hey Logan, how are you doing?”

“Good good, and you?”

“I’m great, oh this is my friend Andrew, and Andrew this is Logan my childhood friend”

I introduced them because it’s weird to see Logan giving me the is-this-your-boyfriend look

“I need to go… I have something to do” I said to him.

“Go… I’ll call you to hangout okay?”

“Will do” I smiled and waved at him.

“Explain why you don’t have friends at school” I turned to him after I pressed the lift button.

“I don’t have friends” Lies.

“You called your friend yesterday and today you have that guy as your friend”

“They both are my childhood friends, why are you fussing about it?”

It’s my life, go concern yourself about your own life” I said coldly and he shut his mouth.

We both entered the lift and none of us said anything, I really prefer this than talking with him because either we’d end up arguing or fighting.

“Thanks” he said and walked away immediately.

I walked along the street and just chilled before I got home and workout again.

I yawned a few times until I decided to take a taxi home..
Tomorrow will be plain like yesterday…

My school life is not interesting and the fact that being a nerd with no friends makes me bored even more.

How I wish my highschool life will turn out great….


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