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Episode 5

Yes o! It was. Ayomi replied.

How did you manage it then? The presenter quizzed.

I put up an attitude. Ayomi said

Interesting! How did it go? They presenter asked.

Ayomi was seen stretching his body as knelt to observe his daily devotions.

Good morning Ayomi. Ifemide greeted coming out of the bathroom.

Morning love! How was the night? Ayomi asked entering the bathroom.

It was awesome! And yours? She asked turning to hug him but he quickly freed himself.

I will go ahead to the bathroom. He said shutting the door.

Ayomi! Your phone!

Help check the caller please! Ayomi said from the bathroom.

It’s an unknown number! She said

Alright, I will give the caller a call when I’m done. Ayomi replied.

He came out after ten minutes. He reached for his phone as he dialled the number.

Hello please who is this? He asked as Ifemi giggled

Hi Ayomi. A feminine voice replied.

Who is this? He asked eagerly.

Simisola! The lady said excitedly.

Simi Simi Simi! He called trying to remember who goes by that name.

Oh! Simisola Aderinola! He called out excitedly.

Wow! It’s been a long time.

Yes o! It has! She said.

But, how did you get my digits? He asked confused.

I saw it on your profile on IG. She said.

I wondered! So, how is family and everyone? Ayomi asked as he tried getting dressed at the same time.

We’re good by God’s grace! I saw your advert while I was scrolling so I decided to check your profile. Luckily enough, I saw your digits.

That’s good! Thanks for contacting me.

It’s my pleasure! Sure to call you some other time. She said.

Okay! Catch ya later! Bye! Ayomi said hanging the call.

Simi Simi! He called smiling staring at the phone.

Has Ewa called you? Ifemi asked

No! She hasn’t. Ayomi replied simply.

Okay! I set the table already. Should I pack some for you? She asked putting her shoes on.

Yes dear! He said as he took his bag.

See you in the evening! Ayomi said dropping his cup.

Alright Joy! She said packing the plates to the kitchen as she checked her time to be sure she was still on time.


Ah! Ifemiiii. If you see the way my husband is treating me ehn, kanipe I have known ni. I would have got married long ago. Sikemi, Ifemide’s friend when she visited her in the office.

Ehnehn! She asked surprised

Ehnehn na, you can’t imagine how caring and loving my husband is. Apart from him being spiritually strong, my sister! You won’t believe how strong he is on bed. Sikemi said as Ifemide watched her with an irritating look.

Sikemiii! Must you say all those dirty things with the same mouth you use to worship God? Ifemide said rolling her eyes.

Wo Ife, that was when we were still single but now that we are married. We own each other and whatsoever is what we can do with each other. Sikemi said defensively.

Good for you! Ifemide said concentrating on her laptop.

Wait! Hope you are not starving your husband? Sikemi asked with a serious look.

My marriage isn’t none of your business my dear friend. Ifemide snapped.

Eti binu? Sikemi asked teasingly laughing out loud.

Madam holy Mary! Me I’m going to my husband’s office before the break over o. If you like leave him and let them snatch him. I wan remind you, I no Sabi fight devil over matter like that o. Sikemi said playfully as she shut the door behind her.

I don’t even know what problem they all have with me, is it their marriage abi my own? My husband understands me and that’s it! She said arranging her files to go home.

No evening service today, thank God! She said opening the gate.

Ah! She said yawning. I’m damn tired

Hmmhmm! Ayomi is not home yet. She said checking the car park.

Maybe he has an emergency or could he be on evangelism? No! He does that on Thursdays. She said heading to the kitchen.

Let me even call Ewa sef!

Ah! Talk of the devil! She said smiley as Ewa call entered her phone.

Hello babe!

Hello sis.

You are a true child of your father o! I wanted to call if you’re in school already. Ifemide said as Ewa chuckled.

You see na! No need for DNA. She replied jokingly as they both laughed.

How is bro Ayomi? Is he there with you?

No, he is yet home. I guess he may be busy at work. Ifemide said

Okay then! Extend my greetings.

I will my dear. Be a good girl at school okay! It’s just few weeks to final exams. Ifemide advised.

I will sis! Be good at home too! She said before cutting the call.


You can’t be serious with that? Ayomi asked staring at Simi.

I’m double serious my brother! That was how Dare left o.

And you haven’t taken time to check on him or something? Ayomi asked.

See Ayomi, not every man will be a ever clingy one like you. The fear of God is also with you. I envy your wife o. She said as Ayomi smiled.

That’s one of the reasons why I always say salvation is a key to a peaceful life. If I will not deceive you, a life without Christ is full of crisis. Simi, you have to give your life to Christ and be born of God. Then, you will see what God can do. Imagine how many guys that have toiled with your heart! There’s nothing like that in the body of Christ, it’s God that do the choosing. Ayomi enlightened.

I understand you Ayomi. I pray the Lord help me.

Amen! Oops! The time is far spent. I have to go now! Ayomi said standing to leave.

Thanks for your time. I’ll call when I get home. She said.

Make sure you go through the pamphlet I gave you. Ayomi added as they headed for their cars.

Good night!

Ifemi was seen sleeping on the couch.

Ayomi walked in as he shook his head.

Get up Ifemi! You can’t even watch for an hour! He said teasingly.

Welcome Ayomi. You’re late, what happened?

I met with my friend, the one that called this morning. You remember right? Ayomi asked.

Yeah! Simi abi what did you call her?

Yes Simi! I’m sorry for… Excuse me. He said as he made to pick a call.

Hello Simi!

You’re home? She asked


Thanks for coming over! My pastor daddy. She said playfully as Ayomi laughed heartily.

Uhnuhn! He said smiling as he went upstairs.

Ifemide watched him go upstairs as she tried to stop him to eat his food but he politely turned it down!

I’ve eaten! He whispered.

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