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The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 17 & 18 ⬅️

>Double Trouble<

Tilley was in the room eating when a guard shouted the King’s arrival, she immediately got down on the bed and sat down properly. King Kingsley entered, she greeted and he responded.

“Tilley, I hope you are enjoying everything here” He asked, gazing at her.

“Yes, Your Highness” She nodded and he smiled.

“I’m sorry for everything you are going through here, don’t mind whatever Damon did, he is very stubborn outside but he has soft mind… the Queen informed me that he is already falling for you” He said.

Tilley glanced at him.

“That idiot, I will make sure I give him a hard time…I don’t even like him” She thought.

“I only come here to speak with you about” He said, walking away.

He suddenly stopped and faced her.

“Hope you like the college” He asked.

“Yes, Your Highness” She replied.

He smiled at her and left the room. Not long after he left Gigi came in and sat down next to her on the bed.

“Why haven’t you get dressed? Is everything alright?” Gigi questioned, gazing at her.

“Yes, the King just left now” She said.

“Oh! Why did father come in?” Gigi asked.

“Let me get dressed, I will tell you on our way to college” She said as she chose the dress she was going to put on.

“Is this one okay?” She asked, facing Gigi.

“Yeah, it looks good” Gigi replied.

After she was done dressing they left the room, they hopped into the car and the driver drove off. They got to the college and met only a few students there.

“Where is everyone?” Tilley asked as they sat down.

“I think they haven’t come” Yvonne said.

Some minutes later, the students rushed in, Damon and Gold also entered the class. He was busy chatting with Gold when Melinda and Quinne sat down next to them, Tilley smirked and rolled her eyeball.

“Did she think I care if she is with him?” She thought.

Damon glanced at Tilley and she looked away, he turned to Melinda with a frown and covered her exposed b**bs.

“Didn’t I warn you not to show your ugly face to me again?” He glared at her.

“Damon, I’m sorry…I have changed, please give me a second chance in your heart, I truly love you. Don’t let that fool come between us” Melinda pleaded.

“Melinda, how many times will I tell you that I don’t love you, stay away from me?” He said, angrily.

“She already apologised to you, what else do you want?” Quinne yelled.

The students turned to them and stared at them.

?“Are they fighting?”

?”What causes their fight”

?”I don’t know the reason why Melinda is forcing herself on my Prince Charming”

The students murmured, Tilley ignored them and continued with what she was doing. Gigi tapped her.

“Tilley, I think Damon and Melinda are fighting” Gigi said.

“It’s none of my business, that’s their problem” She said, not taking eyes off the phone.

Melinda stood up from where she was sitting and held Tilley’s hand.

“Is it because of her that you wanna break up with me, Damon?” Melinda said.

Damon got angry, he walked speedily to Melinda and held her neck, he strangled it, his eyes turned red, his fang were already showing. He lifted Melinda up and was about to strangle her to death when Tilley held him.

“Can you please leave her?” She said.

Damon glanced at her and released her, Melinda coughed, Tilley tried to help her up but she yanked her hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch me, it’s all because of you this happened… if you hadn’t shown up, he wouldn’t have done this to me. I hate you” Melinda said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s not her fault, it was your fault…you are sleeping with me and you are also with my best friend, how dare you. You are nothing but a b**h” Damon shouted with anger lamed in his voice.

“But Damon I already apologised to you, I am sorry please. I truly love you” She said.

“Are you deaf or what? I have told you several times that I don’t love you” He muttered.

He left the class with Gold, Melinda stood up and called him as she ran after him. Tilley sighed and went to sit down.

“I think Melinda truly loves Damon” Tilley said, gazing at her friends.

“Do you think she likes him, she is only with him because he is a prince” Yvonne said.

Prof.Raven entered the class, immediately the students saw him, they groaned and frowned their faces, he didn’t bother, he gave them a test. After some hours which looked like an eternity, the students were done, then he left the class.

As soon as Prof.Raven left the class, the students also left the class one after the other, Tilley was about to leave the class with Gigi and Yvonne when someone stood in front of them, it turned out to be Quinne.

“What do you…”

Her sentence was interrupted.

“Tilley, you know you are the one that caused everything that happened today, if not because of you Damon won’t break up with Melinda and insult her” Quinne said, angrily.

“Because of me? Are you deaf, huh? Don’t you hear him when he says it is not my fault but hers so stop saying it’s my fault… moreover why don’t you go and talk to Damon about it, why me? Do you think he loves me, he doesn’t love me and I don’t love him too” She yelled.

Quinne slapped her.

“What did you just do?” She asked, moving closer to her.

She slapped her twice, Quinne was about to slap her again when Gigi held her hand.

“That’s enough, how dare you lay your hand on her” Gigi said, angrily.

Quinne yanked her hand away then left angrily, the girls burst into laughter.

“She is very stupid” Tilley muttered as they walked out of the class.

They got outside and hopped into the car then the driver drove off out of the college.


The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 18 ⬅️

>She is Mine<

In the night, Tilley was already in pyjamas and was about to sleep when Gigi and Yvonne entered, all dressed up with cosmetics on their faces.

“Pumpkin, let’s go out and have fun” Gigi said with a smile.

“Where are we going? I am tired so I need to rest” She muttered.

“Rest? No, let’s go to a club tonight and have fun” Yvonne said and dragged her up, they took her to the closet then dressed up for her.

After they were done, Tilley glanced at the mirror smiling, she packed her and took a small.

“You look stunning, sweetie” Gigi said and pecked her.

They left the room smiling. Some minutes when they got to the club, they sat down on the empty chairs, they ordered wine and the waiter brought it for them. They were busy drinking and laughing when Vesper showed up, Yvonne was so happy to see him, she sat up comfortably and stared at him.

“Hi, Vesper” She waved.

“Hi” He replied as he turned to Tilley.

Tilley looked away and stood up, they went to the dancing stage, leaving Vesper and Yvonne alone, Tilley winked at Yvonne and she gave her a thumbs up. They swell their butt as they dance to the tunes.

Minutes later, they were still dancing. Someone wrapped his hand on Tilley’s neck, she turned back with a frown, she was about to hit the person when he held her hand, the person removed his face cap then it turned out to be Damon.

“It’s you” She muttered.

She glared dangerously at him, Damon gave Gigi an eye signal to give them so privacy, she left. Tilley was about to follow her when Damon held her hand.

“What do you want again, Damon?” She asked, glaring at him.

“I want you” He muttered.

“Me?? Tell me you’re joking…why would you want me? You so many b***h that want to make out with you and those that are crushing you” She said as she folded her arms.

“I’m not joking” He muttered.

“If you don’t have something reasonable to say, excuse me” She said and left.

She went to sit down next to Gigi, who was busy drinking. She collected the wine from Gigi and poured herself the wine in a glass up, she gulped it immediately, she held Gigi’s hand then they stood up, dancing.

“What did my brother speak with you about?” Gigi asked, as they were dancing.

“I don’t think he is not in his right mind, maybe he is drunk and didn’t know what he was saying” She said.

“Did he confess his love to you?” Gigi asked.

“Who is that?” Yvonne asked.

“Hey, you’re back…where is Vesper? Did you guys chat?” Gigi questioned.

“Not really, he is the same as usual…cold hearted” Yvonne replied.

“That fool, how dare he? Yvonne, I think you should get rid of the feelings you have for him” Tilley said and she glared at her.

“Yvonne, do you think Tilley likes Vesper? Why would she like her, the only person I know Tilley’s loves so much is Roman, her boyfriend in the human world…if not for the deal, she wouldn’t have come here, she would have been with her boyfriend, she didn’t even give my brother chance in her heart because her heart only beat for Roman” Gigi said with a frown.

“Gigi, it’s okay” Tilley muttered.

“Nothing is okay, let her understand what you are going through, I know Damon is my brother and I should be siding with him but I can’t because the truth is the truth…she was forced here, she doesn’t have any feelings for Vesper, I know her very well” Gigi said.

Yvonne sighed and felt pity for Tilley.

“I’m sorry, Tilley…it’s not as if I hate you but I love Vesper” Yvonne said, as she faced her.

“I’m not angry, Yvonne and please don’t mind whatever Gigi…”

Her sentence was interrupted.

“That’s the truth, sis” Gigi mumbled.

Hours later, the girls left the club and headed straight to the palace. Getting inside the palace, they all went to their rooms. Tilley got to her room and was about to climb onto the bed when someone covered her mouth, she kicked the person and he groaned.

“It’s me, stop kicking “ Damon shouted and groaned again.

She stopped and pushed him away.

“What are you doing in my room? Wait… we are in the club together, how come you get home before us” She asked with a frown.

“Have you forgotten I’m a vampire, we run speedily” He said.

“Okay, answer the second question…what are you doing in my room?” She asked.

“Father asked…”

His sentence was interrupted.

“Don’t lie, I know father does not say that”’She said and threw a pillow at him.

“Okay, fine…you know the truth, can I sleep here? I am so tired of going to Gold’s Mansion and I don’t want anyone to know I am in the palace, pleaded” He pouted.

She turned around and chuckled.

“I don’t accept” She said as she faced him.

“Please” He pleaded and she was shocked.

She stared at him for a while and nodded.

“Thanks…I need to take a shower” He muttered.

He undressed his shirt and trouser, he wrapped a towel on his waist then entered the washroom. Before he was done, Tilley was already in her pyjamas, he came out of the washroom with a small towel on his head, Tilley drooled on him.

“Tilley, where will I sleep?” He asked.

“You can sleep with me” She said, not taking her eyes off him.

She later realised what she said and bit her upper lips.

“Are you done drooling on me?” He asked with a smile.

She rolled her eyes.

“Drooling on you? No way, you are not even my type” She said.

“What did you just say?” He asked, angrily.

“Calm down… I wanna sleep now, good night” She said as she closed her eyes.

He scoffed and sat down beside the window, he stared at the bed for a while before laying on the bed next to her, he dozed off.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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