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The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 2&3 ⬅️

>The Marriage<

Stanford University***

Tilley drove In speedily into the college, immediately she hopped out of the car, she met her boyfriend Roman and her best friend Gigi standing in front of her, she hugged Gigi and kissed Roman. Gigi frowned and scoffed.

“You guys are making me jealous, I think I have to find my dream guy” Gigi said with a smile.

She chuckled.

“Babe, let’s go inside the car” Roman said and she nodded then they went to the class holding hands.

Before they got to the class the lecturer was already there, Gigi frowned at her and then they pleaded with the teacher.

“Okay, come in” The teacher and they went in.

An hour later, which looked like an eternity, the lecturer left the class. As soon as he, the students started leaving the class one after the other.

“I don’t think we have any lectures today again” Gigi muttered and Tilley nodded.

They were about to leave the class when three girls showed up, they frowned and smirked.

“What do you guys want?” Tilley asked, glaring at them.

“Why would the lecturer allow you guys to come in? Tilley, I know it was because of you Roman came to the class late” One of the girls named Ivy said with a frown.

“And what is your business? Have you guys forgotten that Roman is Tilley’s boyfriend, he cares about her that was the reason why he waited for her at the college entrance… I think you guys should mind your business and stop poking your nose into someone’s life” Gigi said as she folded her arms then she glared at them.

“How dare you say that?” Brooklyn said and was about to slap Gigi when someone held her hand.

They turned back to see Roman standing in front of them with a frown, he yanked Brooklyn’s hand then turned to Ivy.

“Ivy, haven’t I warned you to stay away from my girlfriend” He said, furiously.

“I know you warned but I am not gonna back off, she was the one that snatched you away from me so how am I gonna let her be,,, Roman, is this girl worth your love, can’t you…”

Her sentence was interrupted.

“If you say one more word there, you will see what I am gonna do to you” Tilley frowned.

“What do you want to do? Is she lying, were you not the one that snatched Roman from Ivy” Miriam said and smirked.

“It was not her, I was the one that broke up Ivy” Roman muttered and held Tilley’s hand then they left the class with Gigi.

Getting outside, Roman hugged Tilley and apologised to her about everything that happened in the class, she nodded and kissed. Gigi stared at the both of them, she smiled.

“Can you guys stop this and let’s go home” Gigi said, smiling.

“Gigi, is your driver not coming? Should I drop you home” Tilley said.

Gigi nodded.

“Bye~Bye, baby” Tilley said and waved at Roman then she hopped into the car with Gigi.

On their way home they kept chatting until they got to Gigi’s Mansion, They hugged themselves, Gigi hopped out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride, Pumpkin” Gigi muttered and she smiled.

She waved at Gigi and drove off the Mansion speedily.

Hours Later***

She got home and parked her car in the car park and hopped out of the car. When she got into the Mansion, she met her mom sitting on the couch lost deeply in her thoughts, she walked towards her and tapped her.

“Hey Mom, what’s wrong?” She asked as she sat down beside her.

“Tilley, when did you come in? Do you see a lady in black when you are walking in” Ms.Venessa said, gazing at her daughter.

“No, mom” She shook her head.

Tilley was about to ask her Mom who it was when she saw her Dad climbing the stairs down.

“Tilley, we need to discuss something with you” Mr Richard said, sitting on the couch.

“I guessed… Dad, can you please tell about the person that came here” Tilley asked and Mr Richard nodded.

Mr Richard sighed and narrated everything to her when he was done, Tilley couldn’t believe what she heard.

“What do you guys mean? Do you expect me to go and marry into the Vampires Kingdom? Wait…are you guys kidding me” She yelled.

“Tilley, we are not,,, everything your Dad said is true. There are vampires and you are getting married to their prince because we made a deal with them” Ms. Venessa said, holding her hands.

She yanked it away and ran to her room. When she got inside, she jumped on the bed and burst into tears.

“They shouldn’t have asked them for help, how could they tell me to get married to the person I don’t even know” She thought as tears rolled down her cheek.

Vampires World***

King Kingsley was speaking with his secretary when a young handsome Prince Damon walked in, he greeted his Dad and King Kingsley responded with a smile, he gave his secretary an eye signal to leave.

“Dad, I am back from college…Armand said you wanna discuss something with me” He said, gazing at the floor.

“Yes, have a sit” Kingsley said and he sat down next to him.

“Damon, you are getting married soon” King Kingsley blurted out.

He chuckled and shook his head.

“Dad, are you joking? Why would I be getting married and moreover who am I getting married to” He said.

“Damon, I am serious, you are getting married to a lady from another world…she is a human” King Kingsley said in a serious tone.

“No, no, no way,,, a human, you know how I detest them…Dad, how do you expect me to get married to a lady I don’t know” He said, furiously.

“I mean it,,, that’s final, you are get marry to her, she will be here very soon and you guys will be attending the same college” King Kingsley said with a frown.

“Dad?? I need to speak with mom” He said as he stood up.

“Your mother knows about it… I heard your Yvonne is coming here tomorrow and she will be attending K & F college with you,,, take care of her, you know she is your cousin so take care of her” King Kingsley said.

He glanced at his Dad and stormed out. Not long after he left King Kingsley’s secretary Lenora entered.

“Make sure when Tilley turns eighteen you bring her” King Kingsley said, gazing at her.

“Okay, Your Highness” She said with a nod.

“You may leave” King Kingsley muttered then she left.


The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 3 ⬅️

>She is a Vampire<

Two days later, it was Tilley’s birthday. She was in her room standing in front of the mirror, dressing up when Lenora appeared. She was shocked so she turned back to look at the person but she didn’t see anyone.

“Have I started seeing things?” She muttered and hissed.

Not long after she was done dressing up, Roman showed up, immediately she saw him she hugged and was about to kiss him when her mind drifted to what her parents discussed with her, she sighed out loud.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Roman asked, gazing at her.

“Roman,,, I need to discuss something with you” She said, staring at him.

“Okay, I’m listening” He said and they sat down on the bed.

“Roman, let’s break up” She blurted out.

“Are you joking? Why would you say we should break up, did I offended you,,, if I offended you, I’m sorry” Roman said, holding her hand.

“Roman, I am not joking…my parents made a deal with vampires by getting married with their prince” She said and he chuckled.

“Stop playing pranks, we all know vampires doesn’t exist so please stop all this” Roman said and as soon as he said that everywhere became dark then Lenora appeared showing her fangs.

Roman and Tilley both stared at her, they were scared. Immediately Roman ran out of the room, Lenora held Tilley’s hand, angrily.

“Leave me alone, I don’t want to get married into your Kingdom” She shouted and yanked her hand away.

Mr Richard and his wife entered the room, they saw Lenora standing in front of them, they glanced at their daughter, they felt so sad for her but they had no choice because they already made a deal with the vampires.

“It’s time to take her away” Lenora muttered and they nodded.

Ms. Venessa moved closer to her daughter and hugged her, she wiped her tears away as they disengaged, Mr Richard looked away, he couldn’t bear to look into Tilley’s face. Lenora greeted them and disappeared with her.

Vampires World***

Tilley and Lenora got to the vampire world and immediately Lenora took Tilley to the hall. Getting inside the King’s subject were already there waiting for them, as soon as Tilley saw everyone she became scared, she tried to free herself from Lenora’s grip but couldn’t.

“Lenora, well done…you did a great job” King Kingsley said and she nodded.

Tilley stared at everyone and tears rolled down her cheeks, Lenora released her hand and she ran away. She was about to get out of the hall when someone came in. The person is no other than Damon, she stared at him and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Lady, stop staring at me. Wait,,, you are a human” Damon said and he strangled her neck and was about to bite her neck when Lenora stopped him.

Tilley became scared and moved back, tears rolled down her cheeks, Lenora held her and she yanked it away.

“Please don’t kill me” She muttered.

“Chill baby girl, we are not killing you… that’s prince Damon” Lenora said.

“Damon, what has gotten into you? Haven’t I warned you not to suck on human blood again, we only fed on animals” King Kingsley said as he walked towards him.

“Dad, you know how I detest them,,, I don’t like them” Damon said and King Kingsley slapped him angrily.

A gasped tore from everyone.

“How dare you? You are getting marry to her and that’s final” King Kingsley yelled.

“Dad, you slapped me because of her” Damon said, holding his ear.

“Yes and if you say one more word I will slap you again” King Kingsley said.

Damon turned to Tilley and glared at her and then he left the hall angrily.

“Lenora, take Tilley to the room we prepared for her and get her change, tomorrow I want her to start K&F. College with Damon” King Kingsley said and she nodded.

They left the hall and headed straight to the room, they were on their way to the room when they bumped into Queen Felicia. Lenora greeted her while Tilley stood there staring at her.

“Are you Tilley? I heard about everything that happened in the hall… I’m sorry for what Damon did to you, can you please forgive him” Queen Felicia said as she held Tilley’s hand.

Tilley nodded slowly and she patted her hands.

“Don’t worry, very soon you will get used to everything here, I promise” Queen Felicia said with a smile.

“Th…Thanks, ma’am” She stuttered.

Queen Felicia smiled and raised her chin up.

“Lenora, you may leave…the maids will take her to the room” Queen Felicia said and called two maids.

Lenora greeted her then left. The maids stood next to Tilley.

“You guys should take care of her, I need to discuss something with the King…Tilley, don’t worry you will be fine” Queen Felicia and she nodded.

She left with the maids. They got to the room and met everywhere . One of the maids walked toward a closet and brought a crop top with a bum shirt. Tilley was surprised when she saw it.

“Are you surprised? Don’t be, we dressed the way Humans dressed…tomorrow when you get to the college, you will meet many vampires students” One of the maids said.

“Okay…what are your names?” She asked, gazing at the maid.

“I’m Nana and this is Blair” Nana said with a smile.

“Have you met the prince’s younger sister when you were in the human world or should I say earth” Blair said.

“Blair, we are also on earth…it’s just that we are staying In the forest,,, no human can step into this forest” Nana muttered and she rolled.

“I don’t think…I… met her” She shook her head.

“I heard some couples stepped into the first some years ago but how did they manage to step in here… maybe it’s fate” Blair said.

NaNa undresses Tilley’s clothes and takes her to the washroom while Blair chooses the clothes she is gonna wear. Some minutes later, Tilley came out of the washroom, she was dressing up when someone came in and when she turned back, she was shocked to see Gigi.



By: Ghaniyah.M

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