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The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 4&5 ⬅️

>Arranged Marriage<

“Gigi” She called.

Gigi smiled and hugged Tilley, she frowned and pushed her away, angrily then she burst into tears.

“Gigi, don’t tell me that you are also a vampire” She said, furiously.

Gigi gave the maids and eye signal to leave and as soon as they left, she held Tilley’s hand.

“Tilley, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you… I was given a mission to monitor your steps there, I wish to tell you but my parents asked me not to, I know you are getting married to my brother” Gigi said, gazing at her.

“How could you do this to me? Leave, I don’t want to see you” She said in tears.

“Tilley, try to understand…I’m sorry” Gigi apologized.

She yanked her hand away, she was still speaking with her when someone barged in, they turned back to see a lady standing in front of them.

“Gigi” The lady called with a smile.

“Yvonne is that you” Gigi asked and she nodded then they hugged.

“Tilley, this is Yvonne my cousin” Gigi muttered.

Tilley glanced at the both of them and burst into more tears.

“You guys should leave, please” Tilley said.

“Gigi, she is a human…is she the one Damon is getting married to?” Yvonne said, gazing at her.

Gigi nodded.

“Oh, how did she know you?” Yvonne asked.

“It’s a long story…let’s give her some privacy” Gigi said and dragged Yvonne out of the room.

Gigi took Yvonne to her room. Getting inside they met Damon sitting on the bed, frowning.

“Damon” Yvonne called with a smile.

“Yvonne, when did you arrive?” He asked.

“Not long,,, Damon, your wife or should I say wife to be is very pretty, I think I like her” Yvonne said and Damon frowned.

“I don’t like her and I don’t want to get married to her… Gigi, can you please speak with dad about this,you know he only listens to you” He said.

“Brother, there is nothing I can do and this girl we are talking about is my best friend, do you know that I also betray her by not telling the truth about who I am” Gigi said as she faced Damon.

“Oh shit, why would I get married to a human?” He said and clenched his fist on the wall.

“Damon, calm down…there is nothing bad about marrying a human” Yvonne said.

He glared dangerously at her then left the room angrily. Not long after he left Queen Felicia came in with her maids.

“Mom” Gigi called.

“What’s wrong, dear? Hey, Yvonne you have arrive” Queen Felicia said and she nodded smiling.

“Mom, please listen to me” Gigi said, holding her hand.

“What is it, sweetie? Is it because of Venom or your best friend Tilley” Queen Felicia asked.

“Both,,, Mom, I don’t know what to do, right now Tilley is angry at me, brother is not happy…can’t we cancel the marriage” Gigi said and her mother frowned.

“Don’t you dare say that again, if your Dad heard what you said, you know what he will do to you, keep quiet…very soon, your friend will get use to everything here and I think you should give her some privacy so that she can think about everything” Queen Felicia said and she nodded sadly.

“Yvonne, stay with her” Queen Felicia said as she left the room.

“What is wrong with everyone? Can’t they see that they don’t love each other, Tilley already has a boyfriend in the human world” Gigi said, angrily.

“You should have let her know before she has a boyfriend” Yvonne said.

“Do you think if I tell her she will believe me? Everyone in the human world thought vampires don’t exist” Gigi said.

“You are right” Yvonne nodded.


Damon got to his best friend Mansion and met him fu***king a lady, he left the room and went to the living room to sit. He brought a cigarette and a blood filled in a glass up then he began to smoke.

“I can’t get married to her, never” He muttered as he popped out the smoke of the cigarette.

Minutes later his friend showed up with a lady next to him, he kissed the lady and then she left. He smiled and sat down next to Damon.

“Gold, I’m fed up with this” Damon said.

“Bro, What’s wrong?” He asked, gazing at him.

“Why would I be getting married to a human? Father knows I don’t like them” Damon muttered.

“Damon, calm down…I know you don’t like humans, I think you should do what they want and after that you start living your life the way you want it, you will make sure you maltreat the bitch” He said and collected the cigarette from him.

“I just don’t want to be near her, you know I detest humans…I don’t like them at all” Demon said, angrily.

“Then what do you want to do? Will she be attending the same college with us?” He asked.

“Sure, you know Dad will want her to also attend the same college as me… I don’t need to worry about that because she will be with Gigi and Yvonne” Damon said.

“Oh? Has Yvonne arrived?” He asked and Damon nodded.

“Don’t tell me you still want my cousin…no way, you know I can’t give her to you” Damon said.

“Bro, I promise I won’t hurt her… I love her, Damon” He said.

Damon shook his head as he stood up, he gulped the blood in the glass up and dropped the cup on the table.

“Let’s go and fu**k some b***ch” Damon uttered.

“Don’t change the topic, Damon. I love Yvonne, I mean it” He said, gazing at him.

“Gold, it’s not possible…even though I accept, do you think Yvonne will accept, you know she is crushing on Red” Damon said.

“I know but…”

“No but, let’s go to the club I need to f***k some b***h tonight” Damon said and he scoffed.

Gold stood up and got changed then they left the room together when they got outside, they hopped into the car and Gold drove off speedily.


The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 5 ⬅️

>The Vampire’s College<

The Following Morning***

Gigi and Yvonne were done dressing up to go to college, they left the room and headed straight to Tilley’s room. When they got inside they met her dressed and sitting beside the window, Gigi walked towards her, she tapped her jolting her out of the review. Immediately Tilley saw them, she frowned and moved back.

“Tilley, you know that I can’t hurt you so don’t be scared of me” Gigi said, trying to touch her.

“Don’t you dare touch me, stay away from me… vampires” She said as she moved backward.

“Tilley, calm down…we are not here to hurt you and moreover we don’t hurt people,,, The King said you will be attending college with us so we came here to call you” Yvonne said, gazing at her.

“Okay, fine…let’s go” She said as she stared at them.

They left the room when they got outside, they entered the car and the driver drove off. Some minutes later they got to the college, Tilley gasped as she glanced around, as soon as she remembered that she is still in the vampires world, she became scared.

“Don’t worry I am with you, nobody dares to hurt you” Gigi assured and she nodded slowly.

They went to the class. Getting inside the class they met some ladies bullying a lady.

“What are you guys doing?” Gigi said and the two girls turned back.

Immediately they saw Gigi, they walked towards her and hugged her with a smile.

“Gigi, you are back” One of the girls said with a smile.

The other girl was about to say something when she spotted Tilley that was when she noticed that she is not a vampire.

“Gigi, you brought a human to the vampire world” The girl said and everyone turned to me.

Two girls stood and walked towards where Tilley was standing, they were about to touch her when Gigi held their hands.

“How dare you touch my best friend” She said, furiously.

“Hey Human, welcome to the vampire world. Is she parvenu or needed” Melinda asked.

“You don’t need to ask about that, Melinda,,, as you can see she is with me so she is not needed and moreover she is Damon’s wife to be” She said and a gasped tore from everyone.

“You must be joking, everyone here knows that Damon is my boyfriend” Melinda said and scoffed then she folded her arms.

“Yes, that’s true Gigi” The other girl named Quinne said.

“Well, she is not… Damon is getting married soon and he is getting married to her” Yvonne said and pointed at Tilley.

“What? No way” Melinda said.

“I am not…”

“Gigi, stop it” Someone shouted and they students all turned back to see Damon walking towards them.

As soon as they saw him, they looked away and continued what they were doing. Damon stood in front of Gigi with a frown.

“Did I ask you to inform everyone about the marriage? And you Melinda who is your boyfriend… do you think I love you, hell no way,,, you are just my fu**king b**h that I only when I am ho**y” He said as he turned to Melinda.

“Damon, is true you are getting marry even though we haven’t been in a relationship yet, you can’t do this to me just because of the b**h” Melinda said and strangled Tilley’s neck.

“Melinda, leave her alone” Gigi said and pushed her away.

She fell down landing her butt on the floor, Melinda screamed, Damon glared at Gigi then left.

“Tilley, I am sorry” Gigi said and held her but she yanked it away.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she ran away, Gigi was about to follow her when Quinne stood in front.

Tilley ran away until she got to the garden, she glanced around.

“Where am I?” She muttered and wiped her tears away.

She spotted a bench near her and sat down then she burst into tears again. She was still sobbing when someone showed up and gave her a handkerchief, she collected without thinking twice, she wiped her tears away. When she raised her head up, she was shocked to see a lady standing in front of her and not Gigi. She stood up and moved back.

“Hey, don’t be scared… I can see you are not a vampire,,, oh shit, humans are so weak” The lady muttered.

“Please don’t hurt me,,, pls stay away from me” She shouted and the lady chuckled.

“I am Etta and you” Etta said with a smile.

“Stay away from her” Gigi said, walking towards them.

Immediately Tilley saw Gigi, she hugged her and tears streamed down her face. They disengaged and Gigi wiped her tears away.

“Tilley, I’m sorry for everything you have gone through” She said and Tilley nodded.

“Etta, what do you want? I know you are only pretending to be friends with her just to feed on her blood” She said with a frown.

“Yes, you are right…you know human blood make us stronger, I want to be stronger so that I can be the one to control the school” Etta said and smirked.

“You must be insane,,,Etta, I am warning you right now if I see you near my best friend or you try to hurt her I am gonna let you rot in the prison” She said.

She glared at her then dragged Tilley out of the garden.

Immediately the class was over Melinda headed straight to Damon’s mansion. When she got there, she met him chatting with Gold and laughing, she frowned and sat down next to him.

“Melinda” Gold called and she glared at him.

Gold rolled, he stood up then went upstairs.

“Damon, is it true that you are getting married to that witch?” She said, angrily.

“Melinda, how many times will I tell you that it’s true,,, please stop stressing me” He said and sipped from his glass cup.

“Should I get you a wine?” She asked.

“No,,, I know what you are trying to do so don’t even think I will fall into your trap” He said and smirked.

She hissed and sat down on his lap. She began to unbutton his shirt, she rubbed his chest seductively then kissed him.

“Damon, I want you…I love you so much and I don’t want you get marry to that b**h” She said.

“Stop behaving as if you are my girlfriend, if you know you want to keep talking about this, I think you should leave” He said and was about to stand up when she dragged him back, he fell down on the couch.

She kissed and he deepened the kiss, they were still kissing when they heard a knock on the door.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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