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The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 7 & 8⬅️

>Lost In The World<

Another day, Tilley was still sleeping when Blair and Nana came in, to wake her up. She groaned as she opened her eyes, she sat up and looked at the time when she saw what time it was she cursed herself waking up late as she was already 30 minutes late for college.

After some minutes, she emerged from the bathroom and quickly got dressed, combing her hair into a neat bun, and she scurried out of the room. She met Gigi and Yvonne waiting for her outside.

“Hey, girls” She waved and smiled.

“Sleeping beauty, we have been here waiting for you” Yvonne said.

“It was the maids that woke you up right” Gigi asked as she faced.

She nodded slowly then Gigi pinched her cheek.

“Ouch!” She screamed and Gigi chuckled.

They hopped into the car and the driver drove off. Hours later, they got to the college and headers straight to their lecture class. Getting inside, the lecturer was already, they stared at the floor as they greeted the lecturer.

“Why are you guys late?” Prof. Raven asked with a frown.

“Sir, she made us late but it’s because she hasn’t get used to here” Yvonne said and pointed at Tilley.

“Okay, next time you are late I won’t allow you to step into the class” He said and they nodded slowly.

They went to sit down. Tilley turned back, glancing around as if she would see Damon but he isn’t in the class. She was so happy when she saw that he is not in the class.

Minutes later, the lecturer was done explaining the topic so he asked them questions none of the students raised their hands except Tilley. The students looked at her and scoffed, Prof.Raven asked her to answer the questions and she did.

“Correct” Prof.Raven said and everyone was surprised.

?”How did she know the questions”

The students murmured, Melinda looked at her and glared dangerously at her but she didn’t care, she ignored her.

“You guys will be having your projects very soon” He said and they frowned.

“Can we post prone the test?” one of the students asked and he shook his head.

Immediately Prof.Raven was done with the class, he left, Melinda and Quinne went to meet Tilley.

“How dare you answer the Prof.Raven question…it’s not as if some people don’t know the question but I have warned them to answer any questions from the professors if I don’t know it…I guessed I didn’t warn you before but now I am warning you” She said with a frown.

“Excuse me, why would say I shouldn’t answer the question when I know…you can command the students the way you like but me hell no way,,, I promise you if any professors asked questions, I will answer it, get that in your skull” Tilley said with anger lamed in her voice.

Melinda got angry and was about to strangle her neck when Tilley pushed her away, a gasp tore from everyone.

?”She is so brave”

?”How dare she kicked Melinda”

?”People said human are weak but I don’t think so”

The students murmured, Melinda was so angry at Tilley, she walked towards her with a speed and strangled her neck tightly. Gigi and Yvonn immediately went towards them, Gigi held her trying to free Tilley from her grips but she couldn’t.

“Nobody dare to face me, you are the first person to did and I will make sure I kill you today” Melinda said, angrily and hit her body on the wall, she was still strangling Tilley’s neck when Damon and Gold entered the class. Damon ignored them and went to sit, Gold went to meet them, he pushed Melinda away. Gold held Tilley’s hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked.


She didn’t complete her statement when she passed out, Gigi walked towards Melinda and slapped her.

“How dare you hurt her?” She said, furiously.

“Why won’t I? Didn’t you see what she did to me or are you blind?” Melinda yelled.

“Tilley” Yvonne called, trying to wake her up but she didn’t open her eyes.

“Gigi, we need to take Yvonne back to the palace so that the doctor can check on her” Yvonne said.

“Okay…Damon, I hate you” Gigi said and left the class.

Yvonne and Gold left the class with Gold.

“How is it my fault” Damon thought and scoffed.

Gold lay Tilley in the car and walked away, Yvonne and Gigi hopped into the car then they drove off speedily. As soon as they got to the palace, Tilley was taken to Gigi’s room then Queen Felicia called the doctor.

“Who hurt her?” King Kingson asked as he walked in.

“If I tell Dad, he is gonna ask the guards to arrest Melinda” Gigi thought.

“Can’t you guys say something? I said who hurt her…was it Damon” He asked.

Gigi and Yvonne both glanced at themselves.

“Uncle, it was Melinda” Yvonne said and he was furious.

“Guards, go and arrest…”

His sentence was interrupted.

“Dad, please calm… give her the last chance” Gigi pleaded.

“I brought her here not to punish her but to get married to Damon … why are they treating her this way? If any one dares to hit her again, they’re gonna see my worst” He said in anger and left the room.

After the doctor was done treating Tilley, he prescribed her some drugs then he left. Gigi sat down next to Tilley on the bed, she stared at her.

“Tilley, I am sorry” She muttered


Roman took the cops to Tilley’s parent house so that they could search Tilley.

“Roman, what’s all this? We’ve told you several times that our daughter is not missing so stop all this” Mr Richard said with a frown.

“Sir, the last time I was here with Tilley, a woman showed up and took her away… I think she is a vampire” He said and the cops chuckled.

“Hey, vampire doesn’t exist,,, I think we need to leave her Charles” One of the cops said as he faced his colleagues.

“Yeah, don’t you dare come to report about your missing girlfriend to us again…the parents of the girls said their daughter is not missing, why did you keep bothering them?” Charles said.

Roman glanced at Tilley’s parents and nodded slowly then he left with the cops.

Immediately they left Ms.Vanessa burst into tears, Mr Richard moved closer to her and hugged her.

“Richard, I missed her” She said in tears.

“I missed her too…don’t worry, she will be fine” He said and she nodded.

He patted her back and wiped her tears away.


By: Ghaniyah.M

The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 8 ⬅️

>The Night Club<

Tilley woke up in the night and met Gigi laying next to her, she tapped her, Gigi opened her eyes, immediately she saw Tilley awake, she hugged her.

“I’m sorry, Tilley… I’m sorry for everything you are going through here” She said.

“It’s not your fault, I’m hungry” She muttered.

“Okay, let me go and check if there is food in the kitchen” Gigi said and was about to get down on the bed when Yvonne came in holding a tray of dishes.

“I’m so happy you are awake, babe” Yvonne said as she dropped the dishes on the table.

“Why did you dress this way, are you going somewhere?” Gigi asked, gazing at her.

“Yes, I am going to the club. It’s been a while we went to the club,,,will come along” Yvonne said and winked at her.

“You know Tilley is not feeling well so I need…”

Her sentence was interrupted.

“Gigi, I think we should go together,,, I’m bored here” She said and Yvonne smiled.

“I guess our princess is okay, you guys should go and dress up please” Yvonne said.

Immediately after Tilley was done eating, she rushed to the washroom to take a shower, a while later she came out with a towel wrapped on her body, Yvonne chose a crop top with a bum shower and packed her in a ponytail, she did cosmetics on her face. As soon as they were done, they sneaked out of the palace and went to the club.

Getting to the club, they saw a guy and lady making out, Tilley looked away.

“They don’t have shame” she muttered as they went inside.

They got inside the club and met everyone partying,they glanced around if they would see where to sit when they spotted Gold and Demon.

“Your brother can never change…he is kissing another person” Yvonne whispered into Gigi’s ear.

“He is our brother” Gigi scoffed.

They sat down next to them.

“Hi, guys” They said, except Tilley, who was staring at Demon.

“Hi, you guys came to the club today… you sneak out right” Gold asked and they nodded.

“Brother, don’t you see us” Gigi smirked.

He glanced at them and continued kissing the lady.

“Tilley, let’s go and dance” Gigi said.

Tilley shook her head and Gigi dragged her away, they were dancing when a guy moved closer to Tilley and kissed her neck. She became angry and slapped him.

“How dare you kiss me” She shouted.

“I only kiss you so what’s there” The guy said and spanked her butt.

Someone held his neck, they turned back to see a dark guy standing in front of them.

“Vesper” Gigi called and he glanced at her.

“How dare you touch her” Vesper said as he squeezed the guy’s hand.

The guy groaned in pain.

“Please let him go”’Tilley said and Vesper released the guy then he ran away.

Vesper was about to leave when Tilley held his hand, he turned back and she smiled at him.

“Thank you” Tilley said then he nodded.

He left.

“Vesper, wait” Yvonne called as he ran after him.

Tilley turned to Gigi, she asked her to tell him more about Vesper.

“Don’t tell me…”

Her sentence was interrupted.

“No, I’m not falling for him… is he attending the same college with us” Tilley asked.

“Yes”‘Gigi nodded.

Someone coughed, they turned back to see Damon standing in front of them, Tilley rolled and smirked.

“You guys should stay away from him” Demon said and Tilley scoffed.

“I would rather stay away from you” Tilley mumbled.

“Brother, are you jealous?” Gigi whispered.

“No, why should I be jealous…is not as if I like Tilley, It’s dad that wanted us to get married” He said as he walked away.

Gigi scoffed.

“I think he is already falling for you” Gigi muttered.

“Do you think your brother will fall in love with her, is heart is like a rock, he doesn’t even want to see me near him…even if he later fall for me, I won’t give him any chance because I hate him” She said with a frown.

She sat down next to Gold.

“Thank you for what you did today, Gold” She said and Gold nodded as he poured himself wine.

“You guys drink this” She asked.

“Yes, I feel like sucking your blood when you are next to me” Gold said and wrapped his hand on her neck.

Tilley immediately moved back.

“You don’t need to be scared, I can’t… if I do that the King is gonna bury me alive” Gold said and she chuckled.

“Tilley, you left me there just to meet him” Gigi said as she sat down next to her.

“No, babe” She shook her heard.

Gigi rolled and yanked the glass of wine from Gold, she gulped it, she inhaled and exhaled.

“It’s been a while I have fun” Gigi mutterd.

She stood up and started dancing, she twerked and Gold stared at her.

“Are you falling for her too?” Demon whispered in his ear.

He looked away.

“Gold, this is why I don’t want you to be in a relationship with any of my sisters… you are a playboy” Demon said.

“Not only me and you too. You are getting marry and your wife is here, you don’t even care about her” Gold said and he scoffed.

“She is not my wife, I am not ready to marry anybody” He stood up and left with the lady.

Gold ruffled his head and poured himself another glass of wine, he gulped. He kept on drinking until he was drunk.

“Gold, are you okay?” Tilley asked.

“I need blood” Gold said and immediately Tilley stood up, she went to meet Gigi.

“I think Gold is drunk, he wanted to sucked my blood” Tilley said, gazing at Gigi but she didn’t hear.

She tapped her and dragged her out of the club.

“Let’s go home, you are drunk” She said.

“Girls, why are you here?” Yvonne asked, walking towards them.

“Yvonne, she is drunk. Let’s go home”’She replied.

“Okay” Yvonne nodded.

They hopped into the car and the driver drove off.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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