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The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 13 ⬅️

>She is Cr@zy<

Ms. Venessa and her husband were eating at the dining room when they heard a knock on the door. She glanced at her husband and asked if he was expecting anyone, he shook his head then she stood up to check who it was. When she opened the door, she met Roman standing in front of her. She was about to close the door but Roman stopped her before she could.

“What do you want again?” She asked.

“Darling, who is that?” Mr. Richard asked as he stood up.

“It’s Roman” She replied.

Roman came in and greeted him, he sat down opposite him.

“Roman, what you said is right but who will believe that vampires exist and moreover we have made a deal with them” Mr. Richard said, gazing at him.

“I know sir but do you think Tilley will be happy where she is… I want to meet her, sir” Roman said and he glanced at his wife.

“What did you just say? You must be joking…do you think we remember the place” Ms. Venessa said.

“Roman, we know you love Tilley so much but you can’t go and meet her” Mr.Richard said.

He sighed out loud and rubbed his hand on his head.

“I really missed her, I can’t live without Tilley…please find something to do” He muttered.

“I think you should get rid of the feelings you have because she will be getting married soon there” Ms.Venessa said and he was shocked.

“No, no, I know Tilley will never do such a thing…why would she get married to a person she doesn’t know and also a vampire?” Roman shook his head.

“Can you please stop all this? Do you think we are happy that she is a vampire? We had no choice because a deal is a deal” Mr Richard said with a frown.

“It’s okay, if you don’t listen…I have evidence” He said and brought his phone out.

“So you have been recording everything “ Ms. Venessa said with anger.

“Out of here now… next time you come here, you won’t expect what I will do to you” Mr Richard shouted.

“Don’t worry, I will try to save Tilley from those vampires” Roman said then left.

Immediately he left Ms.Richard called one of the cops and informed him about it.

“Did we give him a warning not to come to your leave again? Why did you guys allow him to enter?” The cops said.

“We didn’t know that was what he came here to do, we thought he wanted to apologise for what he did before” Mr Richard explained.

“Don’t worry about it… is it true that vampires truly exist?” The cops asked.

“Yes” Mr Richard replied.

“I don’t believe it, maybe when I see one” The cops said then hung up.

Mr Richard dropped his phone on the table and sighed out loud.

“That idiot want to make it worst, if the king of vampires knows about, we don’t know what they would do” He thought.

“Darling, do you think our daughter is safe where she is?” Ms. Venessa asked, gazing at him.

“Sweetie, she will be fine…the king promised us he will take care of her” He replied and she nodded.


Tilley was in the class chatting with Yvonne when Etta entered, she walked towards when Tilley was sitting and grabbed her hand tightly.

“What are you doing with my Damon?” Etta asked as In a whisper.

She doesn’t want anyone to ear because nobody knows she is crushing on Damon.

“Your Demon, I don’t understand…. wait, are you crushing on Damon?” She asked and Etta frowned.

“If you don’t release my hand right now, I’m gonna shout and let the students know that you are crushing on Damon…you know Melinda must not hear about this” She threatened.

“Are you threatening? What can they do to me when they hear? I am Vesper’s sister so they dare not hurt me” Etta said.

“Vesper is your brother? Oh, I see…but that doesn’t count, have you forgotten that Damon and Vesper are not on good terms” She said and Etta was about to slap her when Yvonne held her hand.

“Etta, can you please stop this? What do you think you are doing?” Yvonne said in anger.

“What do you think I am doing?” Etta said and yanked her hand away.

“Stay away from Damon or else I’m gonna make…”

“What do you wanna do? I’m not scared of you” She shouted and the students turned to them.

“You guys should continue with what you’re doing” Etta said, glaring dangerously at them.

The students immediately looked away. Not long after Etta left the class Damon entered the class with Melinda and Quinne.

“I hate to see his ugly face” She muttered.

Yvonne chuckled and she scoffed.

“Why is Gigi not here?” She asked as she faced Yvonne.

“I think she is in the Mansion preparing for the welcome party” Yvonne replied.

She nodded. They were busy chatting when someone called Tilley’s name, she raised her head up and saw it was Gigi, she frowned.

Gigi went to sit down next to them, she held Tilley’s hand and apologised for showing up late.

“I don’t why the King is throwing a welcome for you weak human” Melinda said with a frown.

“And who is the weak human?” Tilley asked as she stood up.

“Are you asking me? You should know it’s you” Melinda said then she slapped her.

A gasped tore from everyone.

“What did you just do? You slapped me” Melinda said, holding her cheek.

“If you say one more word, I am gonna slap you again…can’t you learn to stay on your boundaries. You are Damon’s side chick doesn’t me, I should be scared of you. Let me tell you something, Demon doesn’t like you, he only sees you as a slut… his heart is like a rock, he can never fall in love and moreover if he later falls for me, I won’t give him any chance” Tilley whispered into her ear.

“He loves me” Melinda shrugged off her words.

“I know you won’t listen now but very soon you will understand that he doesn’t love you” Tilley said and she slapped her.

Tilley got angry and slapped her twice.

“Don’t you dare raise your hand to slap me again, I am not scared of you” Tilley yelled and left the class with Yvonne.

Gigi burst out laughing.

“I told you she is not a person you can deal with…she might not be a vampire but she is very stubborn and always get angry easily, now that you have seen her anger, can you still deal with her” Gigi said with a smile.

She glared at her then left the class, Melinda went to sit down, she was shocked, she couldn’t believe that Tilley slapped.

“Melinda, why did you let her go when she slapped you” Quinne asked.

“Leave me alone, I need to think” She said.

“I guessed Melinda has seen who Tilley is now” Gold whispered into Damon’s ear then he nodded.

“I think Tilley is not that weak…I like her” Damon mutterd.

“What did you just say, bro?” Gold asked, gazing at him.

“I..I…I mean I like her boldness” Damon stuttered and looked away.

“Bro, I think you are already falling for” Gold whispered.

“No, she is not my type even if I want to fall for her” Damon shook his head.

Gold scoffed.


The ⬅️
Vampires ?‍♂️
World ?

Subtle: Two world, two lives

Theme; His Bride

By: Ghaniyah.M?

➡️ Chapter 14 ⬅️

>His Feelings<

Immediately the class was over the students started leaving the class one after the other, Tilley glanced at Melinda then left with Gigi and Yvonne.

“We have a project tomorrow” Tilley said as they walked away.

“Yeah” Gigi nodded.

“I don’t know vampires also do this… you guys are so nice except for this bitch” Tilley mutterd.

“Don’t mind them, they are only jealous because you are getting married to my handsome brother” Gigi said and she scoffed.

“Handsome indeed. Your brother is the leader of them and he is also the one that put me in this mess, I don’t know he has so many girls crushing on him” Tilley said.

“That reminds me, I heard Etta threatened you today, is that true” Gigi asked, gazing at her.

“And who told you that? I was the one that threatened her and not her, don’t you trust your babe… I’m not more scared about them, they should do what they like but they shouldn’t cross their boundaries” Tilley said.

Yvonne nodded.

“They thought you were weak and afraid of them but they didn’t know you… you show them what you got there” Gigi smiled.

They hopped into the car and the driver drove off. Hours later they got to the palace and a guard informed them that the Queen asked them to see, they nodded then they headed straight to the Queen’s room. Getting inside they already met Damon there, Tilley was surprised but Yvonne and Gigi weren’t surprised because they knew he already left the college before the lecture was done in the class.

“Mom, why did you wanna see us?” Gigi asked as she sat down next to her.

“You guys are back, how was class today?” Queen Felicia asked and they responded.

“Tilley, I got you a shining pink gown for the welcome party… Do you like it?” Queen Felicia asked, showing it to her.

“I love it” She smiled.

Damon was lost staring at her, he didn’t hear when his mother was calling until she tapped him.

“Tilley, you must be tired…I think you should go and take a rest before the party starts tonight” Queen Felicia said and she nodded then she left the room, smiling.

“Mom, what about us?” Gigi asked.

“Are you jealous of your best friend? You know we need to take care of her very well because she will be getting married to brother soon” Queen Felicia said.

“Mom, I already told you…”

His sentence was interrupted.

“Damon, I know you like her so stop pretending” Queen Felicia mutterd.

“When did you start developing feelings for her, bro” Yvonne asked but he ignored them and left the room.

Immediately he left Gigi and Yvonne burst out laughing.

“He is in love with her” Gigi said with a smile.

“Yes, he is only pretending” Yvonne chuckled.

“I’m not sure yet If he love her… Gigi, did Tilley love him?” She asked, gazing at them.

“No, mom…Tilley, doesn’t want to give him any chance in her heart” Gigi replied.

“Mom, so many girls are crushing on Damon in college, even Vesper’s sister Etta… she fought with Tilley today because of Damon but Tilley threatened her” Yvonne said.

“I love Tilley, she is very bold…she is not scared of anyone” She said and they nodded.

“Mom, I’m going to my room to rest” Gigi muttered then left the room with Yvonne.


Immediately Damon left the palace, he headed straight to Gold’s Mansion. Getting there, he met Melinda sitting on Gold’s lap, he smirked and proceeded to the stairs, ignoring them.

“Damon, is not what you think” Melinda said as she stood up.

She stood in front of him and he scoffed.

“What do you know that I am thinking? Leave the way” He said, glaring at her.

“Damon, I love you… I mean you alone” She held his hand and yanked it away.

“Don’t you dare touch me again, you said you love me…why would you fall in love with me, do you think I love you, I only see you has slut, we make out everyday because we both enjoy it” He said and pushed her away then he climbed the stairs.

“Bi***h, you thought he likes you, don’t you have any shame at all, you are making out with my best friend and I…get out of here” Gold said, walking towards her.

“You knew he was coming here and you didn’t tell me, why?” She asked with a frown.

“Why should I let you know? I thought you like me too” Gold smirked.

“Don’t worry, Damon is gonna forgive me and I will make sure you regret what you did today” She said and flipped her back, swaying her butt out of the Mansion.

Gold locked the door then went upstairs to check on Damon.

“Bro” He called as he got inside.

“What is it?” He asked, facing him.

“What are we putting on to the party? I wanna look cute and I also can’t wait to see Yvonne”’He said and Damon glared dangerously at him.

“I thought you are still in a relationship with Quinne so what do you want with my sister?” Damon questioned, checking out the clothes in the closet.

“We’ve broken up, you know she is a slut just like Melinda” He said, gazing at him.

“Birds of the same feathers float together” Damon muttered.

He nodded.

“But still stay away from my sister, I need to confirm if you have changed before I give you a chance and moreover I don’t think Yvonn likes you” Damon said.

“Who did she like?” He asked with a frown.

“Calm down… I think she likes Vesper, she has been crushing on Vesper for a very long time, I don’t know the reason why she can’t get rid of the feelings she has for him” Damon said.

“I know what to do” He mumbled.

“Gold, don’t do anything foolish…is this good” Damon asked, showing a white T-Shirt and a trouser.

“I don’t know” He replied and sat down on the bed angrily.

“If you want Yvonne to fall for you, be nice to her and change your behaviour “ Damon said as he left the room.

“I will do anything to get her, she is mine and mine alone” He mumbled.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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